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27 May 2014
Anger at Deportivo after losing a big chance to secure the promotion; the coach admitted that the team is living a bad moment, while the players want to think that everything can be settled on the last home game of the season.

Coach Fernando Vázquez talked after the game and before knowing that UD Las Palmas were going to lose their game; he admitted that Depor are living a dark moment on this season, “The team isn’t living a good moment; truly the team isn’t reaching the needed level to allow us winning a game. The chances are almost ending; the other teams are winning, but we depend on ourselves and need to win the next game; let’s see if we can do it. The distance at the standings is now shorter, it’s evident, but I trust in my team.”

He was trying to explain the change of Marchena, who ended playing as a centre midfielder, “In those minutes we were holding back the rival, because their only scoring opportunity was the goal. I wanted to bring the capacity to regain the ball with this change, this in order to provoke a counterattack, but we didn’t have the needed clarity to score a goal.”

Since the press conference was really short (3 minutes) the journalists requested to talk with him before leaving the stadium, and if was then that he realized that UD Las Palmas were losing. Still, the Galician tactician was sending the same message, “We still depending on ourselves. I hope we can win the next game; we need the support of the fans. We hope to carry away with the match.”

Finally, Vázquez admitted the bad game of Deportivo, “We went out pretty bad. The pace of the rival was higher. We suffered an expulsion, but the team was fine until the 2-1. There are multiple diagnosis. Evidently we aren’t living our best moment on the season. We are facing several issues and need to fix them.”

The players were feeling disappointed with the tenth defeat on the season; Carlos Marchena was really upset and barely attended the reporters. He was asked twice about the tactic for the game and he responded that, “I am not a coach, so I know nothing of this. The coach is the one that should be questioned about it. We planned the game like this and we lost.”

Then the veteran centre-back sent a warning for his team mates ahead of the last two games, “If we cannot take the pressure now, then we don't deserve the promotion. The pressure is good and we need to manage it to clinch the promotion. Now we face a key game at home and need the tree points. We must win."

For Pablo Insua the expulsion didn’t affect the game, “We didn’t suffer after the expulsion. They didn't create danger and it was through an isolated play that we failed. We couldn’t create too many scoring opportunities during the second part. We conceded a new goal in a set-piece; we knew it was their strongest point and our weakness, and there’s not much we can do about it.”

His partner at the centre of the defense, Albert Lopo, was preferring to focus on next game, “The important thing is to win on next week. We cannot be pending of what the others will do. Apart from our results and games the true is that we aren’t paying attention to what others do.”

Borja Bastón didn’t have an explanation for the current negative streak of Depor, “We don’t have an explanation as we were fine before. We have spent some matchdays without adding the victory and we hope we can clinch the promotion on next week. It wasn’t a good game and we must keep working, thinking of next Saturday and win. I came out to the pitch and in the next play Antonio was sent off, which moved us to change the draw as we had to defend.”

Luisinho scored his fourth goal on this season; the Portuguese player commented that, "We tried to win and it wasn't possible. It was a hard game and we couldn't won. It's normal to suffer these problems as this is the last part of the league. We wanted to win and we are leaving with the feeling of sadness for losing three points, now we must win the next game. It isn’t passing through our head anything different from achieving the promotion on this year.”

Álex Bergantiños was sad as Depor are conceding too many goals in the last part of the league tournament, “We are allowing too many goals compared to what we were used before; we are still allowing goals in set-pieces. We suffered an expulsion and it was hard to create danger later.”

But the Galician midfielder assured that the promotion isn’t in danger as the team is feeling strong enough to clinch the goal, “We are aware that the fans are angry, but we just need then to win the next game. I don’t think the promotion is in danger. The team is still confident in doing it.”

German Lux was the most tranquil player as he was analyzing the game, “The result was bad, but we depend on ourselves and we hope to clinch the win on next weekend at the Riazor. We were unable to win today. The last games have been difficult, we lost the ball too many times. It was hard for us and we must turn off the page. We hope to celebrate once and for all on next weekend. We were convinced of going out in order to win, but things aren’t working out."

For Laure the expulsion marked the fate of the match, "We must rely on ourselves, our work and we must win the next game. The feelings aren't positive enough and must move forward. We are trying of everything. The games are complicated. I believe the expulsion marked the game as we never knew how to attack them. The intention was to go out for the game. They dominated having the ball and it was difficult having one less man.”

At CD Numancia, coach Juan Antonio Anquela was feeling satisfied as his team clinched the permanence, “It was a suffered win and it cost our life, because football was chasing us as it wasn’t normal what was happening to us, been better than the rival, but today we clinched the mathematical salvation and will enjoy it for a couple of days. Today we have made a very solid game before a good rival and deserved to win.”



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