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02 Jun 2014
Happiness at Deportivo for the promotion to Primera División; the coach and the players coincided that it was a big joy and also that it was a suffered year for all the things went through since the pre-season.

Joy and happiness after Deportivo clinched the promotion back to Primera División. The final whistle unleased the party over the grass of the Riazor. An hour and a half after the final whistle Depor’s coach, the president and the four captains addressed the media at the press room.

Coach Fernando Vázquez said that he was dreaming of dedicating the promotion to the fans, “I am calmed now. Before I was in a trainer mode and now I’m in a fan mode. The fans infected me. It was my dream. Seeing the happiness of the people and the city, I feel like been rewarded. I knew that it was vital to return to Primera. I couldn’t disappoint anyone. Many people trusted in me.”

“I am calmed now, happy, excited, exhausted… It was a hard year, but fantastic. In the inside there were many decisions to make, many things to change. I had to fight with many footballers, to see if they were leaving or staying. The squad never felt comfortable.” He added.

Suddenly a group of players –Bicho, Seoane, Álex, Bastón, Marc Martinez, Lemos, Juan Carlos & Núñez- got behind the coach and started chanting “corre la banda Fernando!” [Run on the side Fernando]. The Galician coach laughed and simulated that he was running to later say, “I had a great group of players. Despite the transformation there’s a group that assimilated everything. It’s a fantastic group of friends that did incredible things.”

Vázquez ended the press conference thanking Macario Bravo, the psychologist of the club, “I especially want to dedicate the promotion to a person that’s one of my contributors. Someone that always pushed me despite all the personal problems that he lived [he began to cry]… Macario Bravo.”

Before the press conference the coach had already talked with many radios and TV stations, the more interesting declaration were given to Radio Voz, “It was the goal of the beginning. I was demanding the promotion to the team. I am exhausted. I gave everything. Maybe it was the most difficult year in a sporting sense. For me it was the most important promotion achieved in my career, the prettiest and the last one. You are big when you have a big group of fans, and Depor will always be big for this reason.”

Back to the press room, Tino Fernández expects that Deportivo could be able to consolidate it’s position at Primera, “We are where we belong. We must think of the consolidation. It doesn’t mean there’s no ambition as we don’t resign to achieve big deeds, but we must be realistic, a big challenge is ahead of us. We always said that Deportivo needed Primera, and fortunately we achieved it. Now it’s time to work hard.”

Then it was time for the four captains; Manuel Pablo was saying that the promotion is more important than the titles that were clinched before, “This is more difficult and the most important thing for the club. In July the situation was more complicated and we still have to work hard, because we need to return to Primera and settle. We all know the importance that this season had for the club. It’s more worthy than everything that was achieved before.”

Juan Dominguez said that, “You valorize the achievement taking in mind what we went through during this season and now it’s time to celebrate it. There was a lot of work behind this, a lot of sacrifice and hard work.”

Then Laure also remembered all the problems lived throughout the season, “We remember a lot what happened at the beginning of the season and also of what happened in December. It looked impossible and for us it is a dream come true. We are all excited for what happened to us.”

The last captain that addressed the media was Álex Bergantiños; he was feeling liberated, “There were club’s employees that lived a bad moment during the season and the feeling is of liberation, something I expect the whole city can understand and enjoy. I believe ti was a suffered year. There were a lot of changes and this group remained strong; the true is that the team deserves it for its work. It’s a different year compared to two years ago, but it was meritorious.”

The rest of the team talked to reporters when they were over the grass of the Riazor celebrating the promotion. Diego Ifrán was commenting the play of the goal, “We were lucky after the loose ball reached Marchena; the important thing was to score the goal and win. Now it’s time to celebrate it.”

Albert Lopo was remembering the relegation that forced him to leave and later join Getafe CF, “This is a big joy and the fans deserve this. I am content and for us; this was a dream for us. I feel a big joy. A couple of years ago, when I left, it was a very different feeling.”

Juan Carlos was happy and felt to be fulfilling a dream, “This is a dream from your childhood, to be able to play the game. For me, being from A Coruña, to take Deportivo to Primera División is something that every kid will like to do. I was lucky to do it and enjoy it, because we suffered a lot on this season. It tastes better in this way.”

Luis Fernández was accepting the decisions of the coach during the season, “I am content for everything that happened, because in the end the club and the fans deserve this. We are very content. It’s also true that you would like to play for all the minutes, but in the end the coach is the ones that decides. It was the best decision as we are promoted to Primera División.”

Sissoko was the soul of the celebration, jumping all over the pitch despite he left the game injured. The Ivorian man was saying that he wants to stay, “No, no. This cannot be my last game on here. I want to stay. I'm happy on here.”

Carlos Marchena was on the spotlight as he was the one that scored the winning goal; he said that, “We are all satisfied for the year that we have lived. This has been one of the biggest joys in my career. People should enjoy it, because I believe that we deserve it. This is dedicated to the fans, it was the perfect night, besides the weather is good, so we’ll celebrate it with all the people.”

Bryan Rabello said that, “Without doubt this was one of the prettiest moments in my career. This is the goal that we planned throughout the year, which was intense. I am glad for taking part of something big like this triumph.”

German Lux also emphasized the suffering of the team to clinch the goal, “We have suffered a lot; this team is wonderful and humble, we faced thousand problems and we always beat them. Now we’ve to enjoy it with the fans, they deserve the Primera División and not face a new relegation.”

The players that left the club in the middle of the season (Rudy, Teles, Culio & Salomão) were all present and even celebrated on the pitch. Diogo Salomão stated that, “It was a complicate season, for the injury and for the difficulty after arriving in the middle. It was a pity for not contributing with my football, but it wasn’t possible. But this game was decisive and are already at Primera ahead of next season.”

Former Depor players also congratulated the club; Pizzi wrote on his Instagram account that, “Congratulations to my Depor. You are, and will always be, from Primera División. Congratulations to all the players, coaches, physiotherapists and officials for putting that great club where it deserves.”

Victor Sánchez de Amo, who currently is an assistant coach at Olympiacos FC, twitted that, “Congratulations to Deportivo and congratulations to the whole Deportivismo; we are celebrating in Athens the return to Primera División.”

Meanwhile, Bebeto wrote a letter in Facebook, “I have received the big joy, the better news, because my Deportivo returned to Primera División. When we face our fears, we can go farthest. The dark days are over for Deportivo. We return to the position that we never have left. There are no bounders for success. May 31 will always remain in history, though we’re far in a geographic sense, but are close in our heart. We are champions!” He even uploaded a video at Youtube congratulating the fans and the Brazilian sung the anthem of the club.

At Real Jaén, coach Manolo Herrero was disappointed as his team is now penultimate with only one matchday left, “We are living a complicate situation. Right now we don’t depend of ourselves in order to clinch the permanence. We must focus in winning our game and later see what the others will do. We must win to have options.“

“We had three or four opportunities. It wasn’t’ easy to create scoring opportunities against Deportivo and we had our chances, but missed aim to score a goal. We did what we could and what they didn’t allow us. The last matchday won’t be easy for anyone.” He finalized.






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