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03 Jun 2014
Deportivo celebrated the promotion to Primera División with several acts at the headquarters of the sponsors, later they celebrated with the fans at the María Pita square. The message of the players was clear: no more relegations.

Monday was the chosen day to celebrate the promotion. The players gathered early in the afternoon at the Riazor; firstly they took the official photo of the promotion at the pitch of the stadium, later they visited the headquarters of the sponsors getting on board of the same bus used during Saturday’s celebrations; firstly the players visited Estrella Galicia’s headquarters and the factory.

During this stage president Tino Fernández addressed the media and said that, ”For Deportivo it's a pride to wear the logo of Estrella Galicia. I don't want to come again to Estrella Galicia to celebrate a promotion. I want to return again to celebrate titles." It was a speech that was going to be repeated later.

Deportivo at Estrella Galicia’s headquarters

Tino Fernández after his speech

Later the players visited the headquarters of El Corte Inglés and Novagalicia Banco, places where they signed autographs and also took an official photo. The main act of the day took place at the María Pita square; first the players presented a tribute to Our Lady of the Rosary, patron saint of A Coruña city (Los Dominicos Church). Then the players took the bus and went to the Riazor ending the celebrations.

Deportivo at El Corte Inglés

Deportivo at Los Dominicos Church

At María Pita, the major of the city, Carlos Negreira, congratulated the club for the promotion. Then Tino Fernández addressed the crowd at the square repeating his previous speech, “One of the icons of the city, Deportivo A Coruña, is celebrating and, as I said it before, we hope to not celebrate more promotions, but many more deeds. The slogan is Primera forever and we are working hard for it. We hope to be able to make people happy, because this business is about that. “

Then the coach and the players talked and repeated the message: no more relegations. Fernando Vázquez said that, “We want to celebrate new deeds. I just want to ask you for one thing: to fill the Riazor every game, because these players deserve this support. Forza Depor and Primera forever!”

Juan Dominguez said that, “I only want to thank you for your support, not only for this season, but for the past. We already clinched two promotions. This is the last promotion that we will celebrate, because we aren’t moving away from Primera.”. Finally, Álex Bergantiños, said that, “Thanks. It’s a pride to be from A Coruña. We suffered together and let’s enjoy it. Let’s hope that Deportivo will remain forever at Primera.”

The squad arriving to Maria Pita

The Maria Pita square during the celebrations

Then the players went to the square and danced together with the fans. Artist Gandhi, who presented the first version of the club’s anthem, was the band performing in front of the fans and the players. Sissoko was among the more enthusiastic players, while Vázquez was very happy and even began running across the square.







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