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04 Jun 2014
Tino Fernández will make the first big changes in the structure of the club, while Fernando Vázquez talked to reporters about the planning ahead of the new Primera season. He wants a short squad with 18 field players.

With the ticket to Primera already inside the pocket, Deportivo can already start thinking about next season. Firs to all to notice that the promotion has automatically extended the contract of coach Fernando Vázquez for two more seasons. He’s now linked to the club until 2016.

The club is also ready to make a facelift with its organizational chart; it will be officially announced in the coming weeks, but it’s already know that the new sporting structure will be based in three figures. Fernando Vidal will continue to be the sporting advisor, the main figure of the project and the person that will be reporting to president Tino Fernández.

The first big novelty is that there will be two sporting directors, Ernesto Bello will be joined by Richard Barral, the latter is a former coach of Juvenil A that’s currently working with Udienese Calcio and who controls the South American market.

Many changes are expected at the academy, a lot has been commented about the next director and it seems that the chosen one is Alberto Gil, who’s currently the director of the academy at Valencia CF. The plan includes to establish a scouts director, who should be José Luis Devesa, the current coach of Deportivo B. Manuel Mosquera should land at Fabril’s bench, while José Ramón could return to the club in order to coach Juvenil A.

A facelift is also expected to occur at Deportivo’s first team; coach Fernando Vázquez advanced some things on Monday as he addressed the journalists during a breakfast organized by the press association in A Coruña.

Vázquez during the press conference

Vázquez hinted that the salary cap will be around the €12.5 million and that he wants a short squad as the quality will prevail over the quantity, “I want a short squad, having 18 field players and I will like to have it since early in the pre-season. It will be a competitive advantage in order to have a solid start and not relive what happened on this pre-season. We will invest more in quality rather than in quantity. It won’t be easy, because the loans usually take time. The future is in June and early in July. Probably the next month and a half is more important.”

He warned that there will be big changes at the first squad, “We’ll have a huge renewal, that’s for sure. We already did it on last year, and now I don’t know if it will match that level, but evidently the squad will suffer a renewal, it is clear. We must look for a striker, that’s for sure, centre midfielders and a lot of stuff.”

Of the 22 players currently at the squad, eight are ending their link with the club on June 30; four are loaned players: Sissoko, Ifrán, Salomão and Rabello, while the other four are ending contract: Lux, Marchena, Lopo and Núñez

Depor’s coach confirmed that he’s interested in the continuity of Lux, Sissoko Ifrán and Salomão, though he warned that the case with Ifrán might be more difficult as Real Sociedad will want the player to join their pre-season, which could extend the negotiations until August. He was also asked about a possible return of Bruno Gama and Culio and he simply stated that “It’s almost impossible as their clubs are counting with them.”

El Profesor also talked of the dates for the pre-season, “Nothing is closed yet and I don’t know if we will travel outside the country. It’s about to be defined. We should start on July 12, 13 or 14. It means that it will be between July 8 and 15. We are about to define it.”

Another thing that called the attention is that the name of Manu Sotelo, the current goalkeeper’s coach, came out as the possible new second coach, “I’ll have a second coach. I gave several names that were in my head and the club gave the okay. There are several names and it could be Manu Sotelo, though it isn’t the only choice.” The coach said.

Finally, Fernando Vázquez assured that the goal for next season is the permanence, “You are a recently promoted club and you will try to make a team to clinch the permanence, which means pure life to Depor. Humility is a great virtue in football. If later things are fine, then we won’t resign to anything. To stay at Primera is the most important thing. We are here and will enjoy it. The playing style will depend on what I could have. I don’t understand football without been defensively strong.”



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