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06 Jun 2014
Vázquez didn’t pick any player from Fabril for the last game on the season; he wants to clinch the title, but will make changes to the lineup. He didn’t test any possible draw during the two training sessions on this week.

Deportivo target the Segunda title on Saturday as it visits Girona FC, a team desperate to add the three points in order to secure the permanence during the last matchday. It was speculated that coach Fernando Vázquez could give the chance to Fabril’s players, however El Profesor didn’t pick any lad from Deportivo B.

There’s one important casualty for the game as Ibrahim Sissoko wasn’t picked for the meeting as he barely trained during the week due to a knee problem. He was replaced during the past game against Real Jaén and, despite his enthusiastic celebration on the pitch jumping all over the place, he is not fit to play and the coaching staff won’t risk the player.

The Ivorian winger/playmaker has been a starter within the last eleven matchdays and was considered as the more constant player in attack. His absence could mean that Fernando Vázquez will finally rely in a scheme with two strikers for the starting formation, something he only did once on this season: 2-1 Vs. Alavés (matchday 17).

However, it’s hard to predict the lineup for the game, because Vázquez didn’t test any scheme during Wednesday’s and Thursday’s sessions. The Galician tactician will probably test the draw on Friday before the trip to Catalonia. He’s taking very seriously the game, but it’s expected that there will be changes, starting with the presence of Fabricio Agosto as the starting keeper. In the end draw could be a 4-4-2, a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-1-4-1, the three formations used by Vázquez during the season.

About the list of picked players, centre-back Albert Lopo and winger Antonio Núñez return from suspension, while striker Luis Fernández is out for tactical reasons. The two players out for injury reasons are centre midfielder Cezary Wilk and Diogo Salomão

List of picked players:
Goalkeepers: Lux & Fabricio
Defenders: Laure, Manuel Pablo, Luisinho, Seoane, Marchena, Lopo & Insua
Midfielders: Juan Domínguez, Álex Bergantiños, Juan Carlos, Núñez & Rabello
Attackers: Borja Bastón, Toché, Arizmendi & Ifrán



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