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06 Jun 2014
Carlos Marchena addressed the media on Thursday; he clarified that there are no negotiations to extend his contract and believes that heís living, for this reason he wanted to talk to reporters in order to thank the fans for their support.

Sincere press conference by Carlos Marchena; the centre-back wasnít scheduled to attend the media on Thursday, but requested it to Deporís spokesman, Rafa Carpacho. Heís convinced that his contract wonít be renewed as the coach doesnít want him, so he felt forced to address the public and thank the fans for their support.

He started talking of the love of the fans on this week after scoring the winning goal against Real Jaťn, ďThey have been great with me, because behind me there was a lot of work in order to be in the same level than the partners, so I am satisfied in that sense. I never surrendered and always tried to be fine. I am content, happy for achieving the goal that we had. This was an atypical week, but it was normal.Ē

Then the veteran defender started talking of his situation as his contract is lasting until June 30; he firstly said that there are no negotiations to extend his link with Depor, ďI donít know anything. For now I am on the street, I am unemployed [he laughed]. Iíve a contract lasting until June. Itís complicated to continue on here. One thing is what I want and the other what I can do. Nobody has told me anything about my continuity.  I have been contacted by other clubs, which is normal as they wanted to know how the situation was, but my intention was different. Nothing happens. ď

The Valencian centre-back denied that heís thinking of the retirement after been asked by a journalist, ďHow hard it sounds, isnít Barros? [Joking and talking to Deporís spokesman] Iím fine and willful. I donít know what I will do, it depends on the offer that I can have. For now I am not closing any door, but if the projects that could be offered to me donít convince me, then I will rethink my future.Ē

Marchena was remembering that he made a big sacrifice in an economic sense in order to return to Depor,  ďMy priority is to continue in the place where they want me, and if I see that at any place they donít want me then I wonít continue. Last year I made a great effort and almost ended on my knees in order to come, and on this year it isnít that I am not eager to continue, but that I think this wonít continue. I can hold on for one year, but no more, please.Ē

He was not happy with the treatment of the club regarding his possible continuity, ďI am not disappointed, but realistic. I came here in order to help and add things, and Iím satisfied with my contribution, but thereís a person thatís responsible for this and if Iím not in, then Iím out and nothing happens. That I would have liked another treatment? Possibly yes, but this is life and nothing happens."

Then he explained that his relation with Fernando VŠzquez wasnít good, this after been asked if he has asked the coach about a possible continuity at Depor, ďI donít have to ask anyone, I neither am a fool. I am 34 and am not a fool. I see what there is and see the whole situation. Watching from the start of the season I can see the coach has no confidence in me. And I can tell you that I wonít be in the place where they donít want me. Itís clear that the only one that wanted me was the president and not the coach. The coach never did anything to bring me here, and when I was already here, he never demonstrated that he wanted me. Oltra wanted me here and since then the club always showed their love.Ē

ďI am not ruling out the possibility of staying, but if they donít say anything then I start thinking that they donít want me, and I donít have a problem with that. Iím satisfied with everything. Before coming Oltra phoned me and told me that he wanted me. I didnít like the idea, because I was coming from Valencia and there was always a confrontation on here with them, but since the first day the love was huge. At the time I thought: I should have come before. Everything has been fine since then. I felt huge during the celebrations, but people arenít the ones that decide, but the coach and if he doesnít want it then nothing happens. Iíve never been in a place where they didnít want me and wonít do it now. Iím just thankful and will never forget for been here. I believe Iíve changed the image the fans had on me. Iím proud of what I did on here and will always be thankful to all the DeportivismoĒ He added.

The centre-back even stated that he played at Segunda only to help Deportivo, ďI would only play at Segunda for Depor. Many friends told me that I should have never returned as it didnít suit me to play at Segunda, but I always said that it didnít matter, because I always considered that Depor isnít a club from Segunda, but a club from Primera that should be playing at Primera. Everything worked out and here we are.Ē

Finally, Marchena described the season as a positive experience for his career, ďIt was a season with a lot of experiences, a season to grow up. I always tried to help, at any moment. Playing or not, because I always considered myself as important. I was always respected by the partners and felt valued. It was a very pretty experience. I had doubts at the beginning as the league was new for me, but everything was fine. I feel loved by everyone and can only thank the fans for their support. Iím proud for have been here.Ē



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