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08 Jun 2014
Bittersweet taste in the last game at Segunda; Depor were too relaxed and committed too many errors before a rival that was nervous, but already calmed at the middle of the second part. Arizmendi created three scoring chances in only 15 minutes.

In the end coach Fernando Vázquez chose to play with a 4-4-2 formation, the second time on the season in which he decided to play with two attackers, at least at the initial formation. Another novelty was to see Manuel Pablo at the starting eleven. The captain could say good-bye on next week, this was his liga game number 375 at the club.

Fabricio was the starting goalie, Manuel Pablo covered the right-back position, Luisinho played for the first time on the second round at the left side of the defense. Lopo and Insua were the centre-backs, Álex Bergantiños and Juan Dominguez were the centre midfielders, Juan Carlos and Rabello played on the wings, though moving to the centre, while Toché and Borja Bastón were the central forwards.

Girona FC were playing for their life and coach Pablo Machín presented the expected 5-2-1-2 draw, with the novelty of Felipe Sanchón joining Alfredo Ortuño in attack, a lethal duo in the aerial game, while Jandro and David Timor were the main threats for the set-pieces.

Apathy at Deportivo as the Galician team only had one chance to score in the first part despite playing with two strikers. Girona only pushed at times and found the goal after Depor failed with the offside trap. The Catalans had five corner-kicks in the first half, and only one of them ended with a shot on target.

The start of the game was peaceful; Girona were tenser and Depor were holding back, waiting to release a counterattack. The Catalans didn’t feel comfortable with the fact they should have the initiative, besides they were looking nervous, to the point they strangely failed to capitalize their first corner-kick (6’)

Despite the absence of Sissoko, Depor were looking fine up front, at least within the first twenty minutes, always without creating scoring opportunities, but stepping into the rival’s area with Toché playing behind Borja Bastón and with Manuel Pablo unusually active on the right wing.

Then Girona had the first two chances in the game; the first was a big error of Depor’s defense as a long pass from Iván López went into the path of Felipe Sanchón, who collected the ball with the chest and ran 20 meters while Depor’s defenders were looking to each other waiting for an inexistent off-side, and later the striker failed with his crossed shot when he was alone before Fabricio (13’)

This action was replied with a long-range attempt of Timor after a corner-kick that missed the target (15’). Suddenly Girona FC noticed they could dominate the game and at the same time create scoring chances, so they started to have the initiative. Their next chance was the first shot on target in the game, it was after a new corner-kick; Juncà drilling the ball into the area and Iván López was searching for the near post with a low shot, but Fabricio was there to make the save (19’).  The Catalans had five corner-kicks in this half and this was the only one that ended with a shot on target.

Depor’s first opportunity in the game came at minute 22, Juan Carlos made a great play eluding two rivals and assisting Borja Bastón, who released a short and low cross from the right corner of the area, Toché barely touched the ball with the heel and it went over the crossbar.

The game lost pace in the next 10 minutes, with both sides exchanging the ball possession and without scoring chances. And the Galicians were going to claim control of the actions since minute 32, having the ball and reaching the edge of the area, though without completing the plays with shots.

It seemed the situation was under control, but the locals were going to reach half-time with a valuable advantage. Jandro had the ball at the edge of the area and put it inside the box taking advantage of the inopportune slip by Insua, Ortuño was there to score the goal chipping the ball over Fabricio.

The Galicians feared the set-pieces from Girona FC, but in this game they didn’t create too much damage using this resource, instead it was the errors using the offside trap what caused the defeat, because the best two chances in the half came with a confused defense trying to provoke the offside. There were no reaction from Depor before the pause.

Girona FC only needed fifteen minutes to secure the permanence before an pathetic Depor; the entry of Javier Arizmendi revitalized the game of the Galician outfit as he created three chances, including scoring a goal.

The final part began with Girona FC feeling comfortable with their role: waiting at the back supported in a line of three centre-back trying to define the game in the counterattack. It was a different picture to the first half, time when they were very nervous. Neither the Catalans put pressure up front, so Depor feel comfortable having the ball possession, though always missing depth. At minute 50, a drilling cross by Juan Carlos reached the box, but local’s goalie Isaac Becerra got the ball first.

And then Girona FC pushed again and scored a second goal; first Jandro was close to score with a drilling shot saved by Fabricio (52’), and just three minutes later the Catalans scored the second. A high ball was perfectly controlled by Ortuño at the left corner of the box, he later assisted Felipe Sanchón, who scored with a drilling shot into the near post of Fabricio.

The second goal unleased the party at Montilivi, it was clear that the Catalans were going to clinch the permanence without hurries. At this point Deportivo was at the mercy of Girona FC, Felipe Sanchón had the chance to score the third goal, but his strong shot from short-range hit a partner and went out (58’). The first chance for Depor in this half came with a great pass from Juan Dominguez that Borja Bastón couldn’t capitalize (58’)

But the third goal arrived for the locals and it turned to be one of the best goals in the Segunda season, centre-midfielder Eloi Amagat led a counterattack and made a great play eluding Álex and Luisinho, who were the improvised centre-backs, then he scored the goal stylishly chipping the ball over Fabricio. The goal uncovered the lack of concentration at defense, because Lopo and Insua didn’t react in time to be placed at the centre of the defense and block the move.

Depor was an irreconcilable team, not in offense as this was the normal picture throughout the campaign, but at defense as it committed too many errors, which was the novelty. Then Vázquez made the changes with Seoane and Núñez replacing Álex and Rabello and later with Javier Arizmendi claiming the spot of Borja Bastón. The latter was the only modification that worked out as the Madrilenian was involved in three key plays

However the picture didn’t change at defense and Depor continued to commit errors; at minute 72, another error with the off-side trap allowed Ortuño to attempt from close range, but this time Fabricio blocked the shot.

With the party unleased at Montilivi, the show of Arizmendi started, first he assisted Toché, who ran 20 meters to end losing the goal in the one-on-one action against Becerra (83’), and three minutes later seizing a bad pass from Juncà to Becerra, the keeper tried to clear the ball, but it only smashed the body of the Madrilenian attacker and the ball ended in. It was the last goal of Depor at Segunda and the second on this season for the ex-Getafe man.

Depor pushed within the last five minutes, Juan Carlos missed the target (87’) from long-range, one minute later Toché didn’t arrive on time to collect the drilling cross from Arizmendi, which was the third scoring opportunity created by him, and the game ended with Insua heading off a corner-kick (90+1’). After the final whistle there was a pitch invasion as the locals celebrating the permanence.

Ugly game by Deportivo; the Catalans felt pretty comfortable in the second half after they were too nervous in the first, they didn’t need set-pieces to win the game as the errors at defense marked a game that was the last meeting of the Galicians at Liga Adelante. The players are already on vacation and return in July. Fifth time with Depor ending as the runners-up at Segunda División: 1940/41, 1945/46, 1947/48, 1990/91 & 2013/14

Girona: (5-2-1-2) Becerra – Iván López (Juanlu 80’), Ramalho, Chus Herrero, Richy,  Juncà – Timor, Eloi (Matamala 83’) – Jandro – Felipe (Tato 75’), Ortuño
Deportivo: (4-4-2) Fabricio – Manuel Pablo, Lopo, Insua, Luisinho – Juan Carlos, Álex Bergantiños (Núñez 68’), Juan Dominguez,  Rabello (Seoane 68’) – Toché, Borja Bastón (Arizmendi 72’).
Goals: 1-0: (41’) Ortuño, 2-0: (54’) Felipe Sanchón, 3-0: (64’) Eloi, 3-1: (85’) Arizmendi
Referee: José María Sánchez Martínez. He showed yellow card to Insua (65’) & Matamala (86’)
Venue: Municipal de Montilivi (8,000)





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