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09 Jun 2014
The papers pointed out and criticized the poor performance of Deportivo in the last game of the Segunda season, but also preferred to judge it as a consequence of last week’s achievements and celebrations.

Deporte Campeón: Pending task after the festivities. Depor lost in Girona in a meeting in which there were two very different intensities, the local one with the strength carried by the fight for a goal and the one of the visitors, hangover, and with little to contribute after achieving the promotion and been left, literally, physically and mentally melted. Vazquez opted for a 1-4-4-2.  There were many novelties with the coach’s approach for the final game on the year. Judging by the lineup it looked like the coach wanted goals, the victory, but the team showed a low intensity.

Vazquez put at stake a starting eleven formed by names to not distort the competition, but possibly the lads from the academy would have put more courage. In any case, yesterday's meeting doesn’t matter. The important thing starts on August 24 and will be at Primera. The hangover of Depor passed by Girona, and no one should forget it, it is from Primera. Alberto Torres

La Voz de Galicia: Without intensity in Montilivi. The week of celebrations for the promotion became very difficult to Deportivo, team that suffered horrors to get plugged before a Girona much more pressed by the necessity. The Galician team failed in its vague attempt to assault the title at Segunda and only witnessed the party in Montilivi, which celebrated the permanence of its team in the silver division for another year. Depor, formless at the start and unresponsive after being behind on the scoresheet, was only saved by the desire of a substitute like Arizmendi, who enjoyed his last minutes to score his second goal in the day of his more than probable farewell from A Coruña.

Only the entry of Arizmendi replacing Bastón changed the things in a game that was already decided. The Madrilenian assisted Toché, who couldn´t beat Isaac one-on-one. Soon after, a bad pass to the Girona’s goalkeeper found Arizmendi pushing Isaac. The hurried clearance from the goalie hit the striker, who in a bizarre way scored the goal of his honor. Little more can be highlighted from the game, in the strictest sense of the word, from a Deportivo that barely played in Montilivi. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: Anticipated vacation. The game was going to have the storyline wanted by Girona, relegation-threatened in the last day of the season in which Deportivo were only playing for the possibility of becoming the league champion. It can no longer aspire to the title after the romp that was suffered at Montilivi, which leaves Eibar as the best team of this course in the Segunda Division. Los Blanquiazules  are now on vacation with the promotion under the arm, a reward they already had before traveling to Girona and that enthusiastically celebrated for much of the week. So, there was no incentive to visit the Catalan side, except the honorary title of the league. Perhaps only saving the honor of the team, the prestige of the club and any other matter of character more emotional than practical.

The team never showed the will to give everything as if it were a game of major consequence. Coach Fernando Vazquez, recommended to be professional and not go much further. Arizmendi placed the goal of the honor, which is the good-bye in a season in which the promotion became the most important thing and that was obtained before a decaf game played yesterday at Montilivi. The meeting barely had history, quite the opposite of a campaign that would write an entire volume with all the setbacks faced by a squad that reached the final day with the duties already accomplished. The championship was not enough incentive to open the appetite of some players that gave their best on last Saturday. M. Otero

El 9 (Girona): Epic installed at Montilivi. That script of the final day lived four years ago, at the time a penalty by Kiko Raton that only by the misfortune of goalkeeper Alberto ended entering and saving Girona, it seemed incomparable to any other miracle. After just two years, Girona was back playing with fire and got to be much more sunken, but it appeared the unexpected decline of Villarreal, which dragged its B squad, which ended pushing a team clearly in progression since Salamero and Javi Rubio were guiding the ship.

And after two years, and after living the greatest season in its history, the epic has returned to Girona in order to avoid the fire. The team was eight points below the safety when there were only eleven matchdays left, and installed between the last four ranked clubs since the final game of 2013, Girona avoided all the drama just in the last day. The win against Deportivo, team that came with the job done and without forcing the machine, and with the tranquility that was coming from other fields that provoked ecstasy -there was a time when only one combination prevented the miracle, though Madrid B needed to turn a 1-0 into a 1-2 away to Murcia- Girona will continue competing at Segunda A as part of the select group of clubs in the professional football league. J. Danes

Diario de Girona:  The flame is still alive. Very alive. Girona will continue in the second division next season after another afternoon of glory in the history of Montilivi. A happy epilogue in the form of easy victory against Deportivo (3-1) which, combined with the defeat of Jaén, is leaving the red and white team one more year in the silver category. Yes, it has been a bad year, poorly planned, with three coaches and a handful of misfortunes, but the celebration party will be the only remembered thing. Girona is from Segunda A, it already spent six years there, like in the seventies. Girona left the relegation places at the best moment, accurate to ensure an objective that seemed impossible when Pablo Machin took the team. In the end, despite what should be a day of tension, everything was perfect, from the early goal of Murcia against Castilla and the ninth goal of Ortuño that paved a road that was eventually of roses.

Deportivo didn’t work at all and neither complicated Girona, team that was in command during the second half. Jaén’s provisional victory meant that if Castilla was able to turn back the score, then Girona was going to Segunda B. It wasn’t like that, so in the end the more than 8,000 spectators that filled Montilivi celebrated the salvation, although prohibited, with the traditional invasion of the field. The cries of "Ortuño quédate!" and the bolero Dos Gardenias forAntonio Machin, in honor of the creator of the resurrection of the team, didn’t miss the celebration. And yes, as I hear a fan on the way out, "next year we will come and see Osasuna and Betis." Marc Brugués.



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