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11 Jun 2014
The 42 pictures to describe the 42 matchdays disputed by Deportivo at Segunda División. Many joys mixed with negative moments, but everything with a happy ending.

A picture is worth a thousand words; the liga season was hard and mainly long for a Deportivo that ended securing the promotion back to Primera. There was happiness, sorrow and a final joy after clinching the goal. Depor’s players expressed a lot of feelings throughout the season; anger, joy, ecstasy and sorrow; and the best way to understand it is watching the best moments of the team during the liga matches.

The following is a summary of the best 42 pictures of the liga tournament; 42 portraits that could resume what happened throughout the year.

Matchday 01: Las Palmas 0 – Depor 1. A goal of Pablo Insua allowed the first win of the season. In the picture the centre-back heads the ball home after the error of keeper Barbosa.  

Matchday 02: Depor 0 – Córdoba 1. First defeat on the season. Depor played with several youngsters and only fell down in a polemic play during a free-kick action. Juan Dominguez protested a possible foul during that play.  

Matchday 03: Sabadell 0 – Depor  3.  Big debut for Borja Bastón scoring a brace. In the picture he’s celebrating the second goal after been assisted by Álex Bergantiños.

Matchday 04: Depor 0 – Real Murcia 1. Another defeat at home. Deportivo protested a possible penalty over Culio that wasn’t whistled. There were many complaints on referee José Ramón Piñeiro. In the picture Álex is trying to talk to him.  

Matchday 05: Sporting 2 - Depor 0. Another robbery in Gijón. Referee Iñaki  Garrido whistled an inexistent penalty of Luisinho over Ismael López. It changed the game as it meant the first goal for the Asturians. Second straight loss in liga.  

Matchday 06: Deportivo 1 – Alcorcón 0. First home victory on the season. Juan Dominguez scored the goal, in the picture he looks amazed after realizing his powerful and crossed attempt is going into the top left-corner of the net.  

Matchday 07: Hércules 0 - Deportivo 2. The second brace of Borja Bastón on the season granted a new away victory for the Galicians. In the picture the Madrilenian striker is scoring the first goal.  

Matchday 08: Deportivo 0 – Mirandés 0. Another game with Depor missing to score goals playing at the Riazor. Fernando Vázquez getting desperate as his men cannot find the path to the goals.  

Matchday 09: Barcelona B 0 - Deportivo 1. New away victory for the Galicians. In the picture Culio is celebrating his first goal in Spain, which turned to be the earlier on the season (1’).  

Matchday 10: Deportivo 1 – Zaragoza 1. Depor were close to suffer a new defeat at home, but a last-minute goal of Borja Bastón rescued a point. In the picture he’s celebrating his first goal at the Riazor.  

Matchday 11: Tenerife 2 - Deportivo 0. One of the worst games of Depor in the season. A poor presentation before a team fighting to survive. Once again a goal was allowed in a set-piece. In the photo the Canarians are scoring the first goal in a corner-kick action.  

Matchday 12: Depor 2 - Castilla 0. Marchena scored the goal of the season with his bicycle-kick, but the best photo was the celebration of Luis, his first goal with the first team.  

Matchday 13: Recreativo 0 - Depor 1. Solid game of Deportivo visiting the leader, team that was undefeated at home until this match. Insua scored the goal through a header after a corner-kick by Culio.  

Matchday 14: Depor 3 – Mallorca 1. Great game of Deportivo, though helped by the errors of the rival. In the picture Luis is scoring the second goal.

Matchday 15: Ponferradina 0 - Depor 1. The Galicians reached the leadership at Segunda thanks to a new solid presentation of the defense and Lux. Culio scored the goal seizing the first penalty of the season.  

Matchday 16: Depor 0 – Lugo 0. The second goalless draw of the season, but Depor had several opportunities to score, including a shot of Luis that hit the woodwork. In the picture the striker feels sorry after hitting the right post.

Matchday 17: Depor 2 – Alavés 1.  Depor continued with the positive streak with a victory at the Riazor in a game that was complicated after a penalty committed by Culio. In the picture Juan Carlos is screaming the first goal.  

Matchday 18: Eibar 2 –Depor 1.  The fifth defeat on the season.  Deportivo had the ball possession, but it barely created scoring opportunities. Kaká and Marchena discuss after allowing the second goal.

Matchday 19: Depor 3 – Numancia 3.  The craziest game of the season. Depor passed from the 0-1 to the 2-1 and then it went back to a 2-3. Luis scored the equalizer at the final minute. In the picture he´s heading home a free-kick of Culio.  

Matchday 20: Jaén 0 - Depor 0. Boring game in which both sides couldn’t capitalize their chances in set-pieces. In the picture keeper René is about to make a big save before the free-kick of Culio.  

Matchday 21: Depor 0 - Girona 0. Another goalless game for Deportivo. The hero for the Catalans was keeper Isaac Becerra, who made nine saves. In the photo he’s clearing he ball before Arzimendi.  

Matchday 22: Depor 1 – Las Palmas 2. Everyone was so busy with Valerón’s return than nobody paid attention to Aythami, who scored the winning goal for the Canarian in a controversial play as Depor asked for an offside.  

Matchday 23: Córdoba 0 - Depor 1 . A late goal of Borja Bastón brought three needed points breaking a streak of five games without wins.  

Matchday 24: Depor 2 – Sabadell 1 . The match for the new signings as two winter reinforcements sealed the goals. The first was netted by Salomão. In the picture his celebration.  

Matchday 25: Murcia 1 - Depor  0. Another set-piece cost the three points to Deportivo. Dorca celebrates after heading a corner-kick. Depor’s players are upset after this new distraction.  

Matchday 26: Depor 1 – Sporting 1. Miracle at the Riazor. After an ugly game, Deportivo managed to score the equalizer at the last minute. In the picture Fabricio tries to head the ball on target, somehow it was Toché the one that netted the goal.  

Matchday 27: Alcorcón 1 - Depor 2. Another late goal brings a positive result for Depor. This time Lopo scored to add three important points. In the picture he has just pushed the ball in.  

Matchday 28: Depor 3 – Hércules 2. New dramatic game at the Riazor. Depor were close to waste a two-goal advantage, but a header of Toché six minutes before the end saved the day.  

Matchday 29: Mirandés 1 – Depor 0.  Another poor game by Depor. A late penalty of Álex over Pablo Infante defined the game. Depor’s players cannot believe what referee Pedro Cuenca has just whistled.  

Matchday 30: Depor 0 – Barca B 0.  A defensive Deportivo missed the victory at home before a talented, but ineffective rival. In the picture Lux saves the lonely shot on target completed by the Catalan youngsters.  

Matchday 31: Zaragoza 0 - Depor 1.  Solid performance of Deportivo with a little help in attack as Laure scored the goal after the ball hit the post and keeper Leo Franco. In the picture the ball is going in.  

Matchday 32: Depor 1 – Tenerife 1.  More points flying away from the Riazor. The earliest goal of Depor on the season was counteracted by a penalty transformed by Ricardo León.  

Matchday 33: Castilla 0 – Depor 2.  New away win for Deportivo. The Galicians played a tidy game and seized their chances. In the photo Juan Dominguez has headed the ball to score the first goal.  
Matchday 34: Depor 2 – Recreativo 0.  Easy victory for Deportivo; the rival barely gave problems and the team was winning since the first minutes with a goal scored by Juan Carlos  

Matchday 35: Mallorca 0 – Depor 3. New victory for a solid Deportivo at defense and deadly in the counterattack. Juan Carlos and Borja Bastón are celebrating the third goal.  

Matchday 36: Depor 0 – Ponferradina 3.  The worst game on the season carried the biggest defeat in the tournament. Berrocal has just scored the third goal. Lopo and Marchena cannot believe while Lux lies on the ground.

Matchday 37: Lugo 2 - Depor 2.  Deportivo wasted a two-goal lead at half-time after a terrible second part. In the picture Lux and Juan Dominguez have collided, which allows Rennella to score the equalizer at the 87’  

Matchday 38: Alavés 1 - Depor 1.  Another late goal to rescue a point. A goal by Borja Bastón at minute 90 was useful to pick up a point in a tough game. In the picture Borja Bastón has sent the ball past Iván Crespo  

Matchday 39: Depor 1 – Eibar 1.  Another draw at home after taking the lead, but Deportivo was at the door of promotion after the defeat of UD Las Palmas. In the picture Jota is scoring the equalizer.  

Matchday 40: Numancia 2 - Depor 1.  Deportivo missed the chance to secure the promotion after losing in Soria in a grey game for the Galicians. In the picture Regalón is about to score the first goal heading a corner-kick.

Matchday 41: Depor 1 – Real Jaén 0.  Deportivo finally clinched the promotion. In the picture Marchena is scoring the winning goal, pushing the ball in after the keeper saved a free-kick taken by Ifrán.  

Matchday 42: Girona 3- Depor 1.  No desire at a Deportivo’s team that just fulfilled the calendar with the promotion already secured. In the picture one of the saves of Fabricio, this one before allowing the third goal.



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