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13 Jun 2014
Despite only playing for seven months at Deportivo, Juan Culio was chosen as the best signing of the season. His importance was so big that, by the end of the campaign, his name was still present in the stats of the team.

Juan Emmanuel Culio landed at Deportivo with big expectations after a chaotic pre-season stage. The Argentine was supposed to be the left winger that was going to cover the spot left by the departure of right winger Bruno Gama. In the end he turned to be a playmaker that guided the ascent of the team until reaching the promotion spots.

By the end of 2013 the ex-Galatasaray man was already considered as the best player in the league, leading several stats at the club, like more assists and crosses into the area. Those were great times for Depor as the Galician outfit reached the first position at the standings.

But in January he received a big offer from Al Wasl FC; he didn’t think twice and accepted the deal; neither Deportivo give too many problems and allowed the exit, which helped to improve the number of players at the team after signing four winter signings (five with Ifrán, who was the replacement of Salomão).

The true is that Fernando Vázquez struggled to find the balance after Culio’s departure; there were more players, but the team missed spark in attack.  And his influence was still noticed by the end of the season, for example the fact he was still the player with more crosses into the area (174), plus been among the players with more shots and fouls received.

Culio was named the best player in November and was very popular among the fans; his departure was understood as a “natural thing”, but the player is no longer welcome among the public, though he was at the Riazor to celebrate the promotion during the game against Real Jaén.



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