14 Jun 2014
The new director of planning at Deportivo offered an interview to newspapers La Voz de Galicia and La Opinión A Coruña. Barral talked of the job, the reasons for his return and also explained the situation with the singings.

Q: Does your signing mean a return home?
A: It's a return to the club from my city, which means more to me in the sentimental aspect than in a professional sense. I'm happy, mentalized and looking forward to returning to Deportivo.

Q: Was it difficult to make the decision?
A: I was feeling comfortable where I was. Actually, I was surprised with the call, but after valorizing it, I decided to accept with all the consequences.

Q: Do you still have a contract with Udinese?
A: Yes, two more years.

Q: Why did you decide to return to Deportivo?
A: It's a major sporting challenge. It supposes to seek consolidation at Primera once the promotion was achieved. Athletes are also moved by challenges. It’s a motivation and we are used to compete, we see it as a challenge.

Q: Fernando Vazquez said a few days ago that the future of the club goes through a strong academy and a strong technical secretariat. A greater responsibility if it’s possible.
A: Obviously. One aspect of the viability of the club is to be able to make a competitive team, it means to get the permanence and at the same time managing an academy that in the future can provide the first team with a significant number of players. The players here know that it also has a sentimental component and their presence would mean a lower cost than making signings.

Q: Is the academy one of your responsibilities?
A: Ours work is the first team and Fabril, and in some specific cases a player from Juveniles. The responsible persons from the academy will capture the lads.

Q: Is there enough academy to feed the first team?
A: With the passage of time Juan Dominguez, Pablo Insua and Alex Bergantiños already have a weight at the first team. Others will come behind them and will take their place and will be a very important part of the team.

Q: You have to be careful to sign, because there is little money and you have to buy good, nice and cheap, like the major part of the  clubs
A: Exactly. We all look for the same, because we all know the crisis is there. We must try to anticipate, avoid mistakes and sign the best possible team.

Q: Depor announced that you were the Director of Planning and Ernesto Bello the Sporting Director. Two heads?
A: The Sporting Direction has two visible heads, Ernesto and I, are the ones ruling the technical secretariat. Two heads? No, everything is more normal, more natural. It’s about working together, without having compatibility problems. Ernesto and I are working in the same. We are friends for many years and there’s no mistrust between us. We work together, as we have been doing on these days. The work of both is complementary.

Q: Is your job to watch videos, go to the fields, talking with agents?
A: A technical secretary is working in all fields, but most people don’t know the resources we have today. Before, for a certain player, you had to spend months in that particular country and saw the matches, with a huge cost and a minimum return. Now, with the technology you have programs through which you see players of all teams in the world. So you can make judgments and when you travel you go for specific things. It represents a significant cost savings and you also have a better understanding of the market. And for the nearby leagues, you can follow them daily and live. We’ll work with daily viewing of the respective games and then travel to search for specific things that will allow us to certify the opinion that we have through the videos.

Q: What brings Richard Barral to Deportivo?
A: Work, hope and, with all my years in the job, a good knowledge of the market.

Q: You only need to be from home to endure more criticism.
A: It happens. Away from home you are forgiven more frequently when it should be the opposite. Your own city should protect you a bit more, but I’m not worried.

Q; Forever at Primera. That's the slogan.
A: Exactly. For the viability of the club it’s important, people are excited and is good for all the sectors of the city.

Q Have you met with Fernando Vazquez?
A: We already have had two meetings. We know each other for a while. The harmony and mutual respect is total. At the end of the day, I'm a coach and I understand his work and the stress to which it is subjected.

Q: But who decides at the moment of making signings?
A: The club is the one that makes the signings. Each one has their responsibility, but the decisions and signings are from the club. If things go wrong we know where the eyes will be .upon... the coach and the technical secretariat. It comes with the job, but that doesn’t add pressure and more responsibility.

Q: Unlike two years ago, it gives the impression that Depor return to Primera División with more sporting deficits at their squad.
A: Of course, we are coming from Segunda División and will be necessary to make more signings than if we already were at Primera. Of course it will take more than little changes. But there are players that will be useful; the number depends on many circumstances. Whatever comes must be to add and improve what we already have.

Q: Will there be exits of players that remain under contract?
A: We don’t have it clear yet. These decisions cannot be made yet, we have to see how everything evolves, to be more flexible and wait.

Q: With Lopo pending of signing, you already have an agreement and Aranzubia could be next.
A: At the moment, I prefer not to mention names. What I can say is that there is nothing closed yet, at least not at hundred percent. We maintain many contacts, but nothing is closed.

Fernando Vazquez wanted a short squad, and you?
A: We talk about 18 field players and 3 goalkeepers. Fernando prefers a squad with fewer players and more competitive level before a large squad. I think it’s a good criterion. The technical secretariat has the same opinion.

Q: But 12 million to build the first and second squad, the coaching staff… it doesn’t look like much.
A: I repeat the same. It’s what it is and we believe in doing it well.

Q: When can we expect for the first news?
A: I know that the fans are expecting the news, but we need some time. We prefer to sign and guess right. Actually, it is the market the one that sets the times.

Q: To find the strikers seems to be the main goal.
A: The goal is expensive and will allow you to make a jump. Hopefully, with what we already have and, with what's coming, we can resolve these situations.

Q: Can any of the reinforcements excite the fans?
A: It’s clear that football is hope and if a player that can fit in what we want and has a name and excites, then it’s much better. But we cannot say anything about it.

Q: Will Fernando Vázquez have the squad ready for July 14 in Monforte?
A: We hope to have the major part of the players, but I insist that the market will mark the timing.



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