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15 Jun 2014
It’s time to revisit the performance of Deportivo’s players during the league season that has ended. This first part presents the analysis of the two goalkeepers and the eleven defenders that played for Deportivo during the campaign 2013/14

Redemption campaign at Deportivo, once again the relegation was immediately corrected sealing a spot in direct promotion. The defense was the more reliable section at the team; after all Depor were the second best team in the league with only 36 goals allowed plus 19 clean sheets, definitely the keystone that helped to secure the results. The following is the summary of the two goalkeepers and the eleven defenders that performed with the team during the season.

German Lux –Cerberus- (3,280 minutes in liga) His continuity was vital in a season where the team needed security at the goal and he brought that feeling of secureness and even some leadership on the pitch. The Argentine keeper only allowed 29 goals in 36 games and his ratio of 0.81 goals per game was the second best in the league, only behind Eibar’s Irureta (0.67). His number of saves (81) wasn’t among the highest on the season, because he skipped five games after suffering a knee injury, and also because the defense protected him pretty well, but the important thing is that he was there to make key saves when Depor needed it. Just to highlight that he stopped the 73.6% of the shots on target with him at the goal.
RCDLC.com rating: 9.0

Fabricio Agosto -Fulfiller- (410) It was a surprise during the summer as nobody expected to witness his return to Depor after his controversial exit. But the Canarian goalie was more mature now; he fulfilled his role with perfection, firstly as the substitute keeper on the bench and later as a starter when Lux got injured. Fabricio was the starter in both games in Copa and later in the five liga games disputed between matchdays 23 & 27, which coincided with a good moment for Depor as the team only lost once. Fabricio left a positive impression and was even debated if he should have stayed at the starting formation. He also played the final game visiting Girona FC.
 RCDLC.com rating: 8.0

Manuel Pablo –Multifaceted- (1,939) New role for the most veteran player at the team, the captain lost the starting spot since a couple of seasons ago, and on this opportunity he became a multifaceted player performing in different positions depending on the coach’s needs. He began the season as the starting left-back defender, later it seemed he was going to be a bench warmer with the entry of Luisinho, but the injuries of Laure and the suspensions of the Portuguese brought  him a starring role, to the point that he was a starter in 16 of the 21 matches of the first round. He only made 9 appearances in the second round as Seoane and Laure turned to be the starting full-backs, but it was the first choice at the moment of having a casualty. The Canarian even performed as a centre-back –his third different position on the season- in the game against Real Madrid Castilla (2-0, matchday 33) and surprised with his performance. Also to notice that on this season he became the second player in the history of the club with more official presentations.
RCDLC.com rating: 7.5

Laure –Silent- (3,129) It was his sixth season at the first team and, despite not making too much noise, the true is that his contribution was very important. The Madrilenian was the starter at the right side of the defense, only missing six games –mainly due to an adductor injury sustained in November- and was the second player with more interceptions (78) plus the third man with more blocked shots (12). But also to notice that he was very important in attack, a face that was never valorized before. He not only scored once and provided three assists, but was also the fourth player with more passes (1,442) having a respectful passing ratio of 83% and was also the second player with more crosses into the area (107). Perhaps the most surprising stat is that he was the third player with more created opportunities (28), which is explained by his continuous entries by the right flank, however his weakness continue to be his low crossing ratio success, because only the 15% of his crosses met the target. Laure’s best moment was to score the winning goal at Real Zaragoza (0-1 win, matchday 35), though helped by the woodwork and the errors of the Aragonian defense.
RCDLC.com rating: 8.5

Insua -Rock- (3,374) He finally landed at the first team and did it in style. The former academy player was a fixed starter at the centre of the defense and a reference at the team, to the point that Fernando Vázquez had to seat experienced Marchena in order to allow his progression. Secure, fast and constantly well-positioned in the field, many analysts believe he was the best centre-back at Liga Adelante. He played in 39 of the 42 liga meetings, being the player with more interceptions (92) and clearances (199). In order to round out his performance, he was also solid in set-pieces, on this season he scored three times, including the winning goals against UD Las Palmas (1-0, matchday 01) and Recreativo de Huelva (0-1, matchday 13).  If Segunda was high-school, then he is now ready to attend to the college of Primera División.
RCDLC.com rating: 9.5

Marchena -Boss- (1,540) The former World Champion with Spain returned to put the experience on the field. However it was a bittersweet season for him, the physical problems sidelined the defender from the first games and Vázquez had to improvise with Álex. He finally returned on matchday 12 and became a fixed starter, even scoring goals against Real Madrid Castilla (2-0, matchday 12) and RCD Mallorca (3-1, matchday 14). The arrival of Lopo put him on the background, though he stayed at the starting formation as long as the coach was playing with a line of three centre-backs. Then he only played as a substitute in three opportunities during the final frame of the season, but the best part of him is that he was always encouraging the team from the outside, constantly yielding and ruling his team. Fate wanted to put him as the hero as, taking advantage of Lopo’s suspension, he was a starter in the game that meant the promotion and it was him who scored the winning goal against Real Jaén (1-0, matchday 41).
RCDLC.com rating: 8.0

Lopo –Redeemed- (1,169) The Catalan man returned to Deportivo during the winter window looking for redemption and to feel valorized again after playing less than 200 minutes with Getafe at Primera. At the beginning Vázquez tried to force his entry during the games as third centre-back, it didn’t work, but after scoring a late goal that meant the victory at AD Alcorcón (2-1, matchday 27) he became a natural starter performing alongside Insua. He scored one more goal during the home game against CD Tenerife (1-1, matchday 32), but he seemed slow and out of form for the last games. He confessed at the end of the season what it meant to help Depor on the way back to Primera, ”With the promotion I’m correcting the relegation. It was hard to remove the thorn.”
RCDLC.com rating: 7.5

Kaka –Useful- (746) The Brazilian stayed at Depor as a request of Fernando Vázquez in order to be a backup for the central positions, and the true is that he was very useful in a relative short squad as he covered the constant absences of Marchena during the first round. He had a family problem and requested for an exit, which was fulfilled during the winter window. In the end Kaka played in 11 games and the team only allowed 8 goals in those meetings.
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0

Uxío Marcos –Hopeful- (101) It wasn’t a good year for the 21-year-old player, but at least he had the experience to debut at Segunda. He played twice in liga covering the casualties at the first team, once as a starter against Real Murcia (0-1, matchday 04) and later as a substitute against CE Sabadell CF (2-1, matchday 24). He played in Copa Del Rey against Córdoba CF, but only lasted 27 minutes on the pitch due to a nose fracture, problem that was going to affect his performance in the rest of the season. A lot of things are expected from him.
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0

Quique Fornos –Youngest- (0) He was the youngest player that performed for Depor in an official game during this season. The 17-year-old centre-back didn’t have the chance to perform in liga, but played the last three minutes of the regular time plus the extra-time of the Copa march against Córdoba CF, and he even scored one of the penalties during the shootout.
RCDLC.com rating: 7.5

Stefan Deák –Unfortunate- (0). The Serbian defender never felt comfortable at Depor. On this season he had the chance to be picked by the first team, but it was more due to emergency reasons rather than award for his performances at Fabril. His only official game was in the Copa meeting Córdoba FC replacing injured Uxío, but was sent off during the extra-time, just an example of the unfortunate things that happened to the centre-back during his stage in A Coruña.
RCDLC.com rating: 6.0

Luisinho –Indomitable- (2,544) Finally Depor found a left-back after the last disastrous signing for this position. His performance was so solid that Vázquez ended using him as a winger, a position that he doesn’t like. He only performed as a left-back in 12 of his 30 league appearances; The Portuguese was moved forward after the exit of Culio. The true is that his stats demonstrate his importance. The Portuguese scored three goals and provided four assists. He was the player with more crosses into the area (143) and the fifth with more passing attempts (1,346), and had a decent passing ration (76.40%). His problem was his strong character, which cost him a four-match ban after been sent off against Hércules CF (matchday 28) or his fights with team mates like the ones had with Culio and Juan Carlos during the training sessions.
RCDLC.com rating: 8.5

Diego Seoane –Recovered- (1,846) The left-back was ruled out by Fernando Vázquez during the pre-season, however he stayed as the club didn’t find a destiny to him and for the shortage at the club. In 2013, he only played six times in liga, plus twice in Copa (he scored one of the goals against Córdoba CF). However his luck changed in 2014 as Fernando Vázquez had to advance the position of Luisinho after the exit of Culio, then the Ourense-born player entered into the starting eleven performing at the left-back position, a spot that he was used to cover at Fabril despite been right-footed. In the end Seoane played in 23 league games and provided two assists. He was also the fourth player with more crosses into the area (57)
RCDLC.com rating: 8.0



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