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24 Jun 2014
The club released the first list of players leaving Deportivo B. The main surprise was to witness the departure of Uxío, while the club won’t extend the loan of Tonći Mujan. There will be other exits in the coming days.

The facelift at Deportivo B began on Saturday as the club released the first list of players leaving the club. In this first cut the club listed eight names: playmaker Manuel Romay, centre-back Uxío Marcos, goalkeeper Marc Martínez, left-back Aarón Rama, winger Juan Pablo Barros ‘Juanpa’ plus strikers Marc Nierga, Tonći Mujan and José Joaquín Bertua ‘Chiño’.

The biggest surprise is the exit of Uxío, one of the promises that even made the debut with the first team. According to La Voz de Galicia, the centre-back wanted to have minutes after barely playing on last season, he was thinking in the possibility of a loan, but instead the club decided to release him.

The cases of Romay and Marc Martinez are different; truly the playmaker was among the best players on last season, but he will be 24 on next month, and with Fernando Vázquez unimpressed with his performances the only way out was to release him as new boss Manu Mosquera wants a young squad.

On Sunday it was known that Romay signed for a second division club in Austria (SC Austria Lustenau). Meanwhile, Marc Martinez is already 24 and returned to Depor just to cover a punctual problem after the injury of German Lux.

The exit of Tonći Mujan might be also surprising, but the club didn’t reach any agreement to extend his loan spell. In the case of the other four players (Aarón, Juanpa, Nierga and Chiño) they didn’t impress on last season and the club decided to release them.

And there won’t be more exits, the club is expecting to release Serbian centre-back Stefan Deák, goalkeeper Felipe Ramos and centre midfielder Oumar Sidibé. For now the club is still negotiating with them.

In the case of Javier Abruñedo Fernández ‘Bicho’, the playmaker remains under contract despite been linked with a possible exit to FC Barcelona. Together with Deák, these are the only two cases in which Depor could obtain something in case of allowing their exits, this since the Serbian is negotiating with a foreign club.

Meanwhile, winger Álvaro Lemos could also leave Depor, but in this case it would be a loan to a Segunda club. He has a contract lasting until 2017 and currently he’s negotiating with the club an extension and also where he wants to play.

Deportivo are also planning to make signings for the B squad. For now the club has been linked with two players: centre-back Iago López (21, UD Somozas) and left-back defender Jorge Fernández (21, Laracha CF).

There are also promotions from the Juvenile teams. The club announced that the list will be released on the coming days. Among the candidates to be promoted on a permanent basis are centre midfielders Gabi Sanin and Ángel Martinez, plus centre-back Hugo Díaz and winger Óscar García.

Two players have renewed their contracts: captain Adrián Martínez and Portuguese winger Miguel Cardoso, the latter is the only winter signing that will continue at the team. Both signed a one-year contract with the winger having the option of three extra years. At the same time the club is negotiating contract extensions with playmakers Marcos Remeseiro and Álvaro Queijeiro.



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