25 Jun 2014
Left-back/winger Luisinho conceded an interview to Pablo Barreiros from newspaper La Voz de Galicia. The Portuguese player talked of the near future and of what lies ahead for Deportivo at Primera División.

Q: Are you going to stay at Depor?
A: I’ve a contract for two more years. That's clear, but like I always said: if a good offer arrives for me and for the club then we’re here to talk and both sides will decide. Now I'm here and that's what matters most.

Q: Your agent was here last week, what did you talk about?
A: He came to stay with me; it has been a while since he isn’t here with me and took the opportunity to talk of some details with the club. Nothing special.

Q: You landed after a year without playing, what does Benfica say to you now?
A: When I came I knew it was a huge risk, because the club was about to close the doors, but people at Benfica are happy because I played a lot and my price has raised.

Q: Do you see yourself settled in A Coruña?
A: Yes, we’ll never know the future, but I quite like this club for the way they treated me and my family. It’s a very important opportunity. I’m 29, I am not younger anymore and who knows. It’s a club for the future and where I can settle.

Q: What do you expect from Primera División?
A: I expect a tough league, with very good teams that won’t allow too many things as it happened at Segunda. We know we will face difficulties, because this is a recently promoted club, which is slowly straightening, so you have to prepare well. The squad is mentalized in that regard.

Q: Do you find that this league is more and more like the Portuguese?
A: Yes, there are three important clubs and the rest play another league. On one side is bad, because you can never reach the level of the great ones, but Primera is a challenge and we must be prepared for that.

Q: What major rivals do you see for next year?
A: The first objective involves the permanence. We must be realistic and humble. But will try to make the best possible campaign, because the club deserves it. It’s a club that breathes footballs and lives it intensely. So, I see teams with which we are equal and I don’t see much differences.

Q: What have you been told of the derbies against Celta?
A: These are pretty games. It will be very different from Lugo, with whom there was more friendship. With Celta there’s a bitter rivalry, but it's nice and we're here to live it. In Portugal it's the same, I have lived a Benfica-Sporting and Benfica-Porto.

Q: Do you think there is a base to compete at Primera or there’s the need to complete the squad?
A: We had good players, but we must be realistic, because first you need to have a much more competitive squad. At Segunda, we had a pretty good squad, but now we've been promoted, so we need a larger squad and the club does well signing reinforcements, because the transfers that will come will be welcomed and the ones on here will also try to help.

Q: The team was criticized in the final stretch of the season for its defensive fondness, but next season this zone can be vital for the permanence.
A: I think that Primera is completely different from Segunda. The latter is much more even and closed, so at Primera there is much more space and we have some quality players who can make a difference as well. Now we know that the slightest mistake will be fatal, that it would cost us points. We must have a good strategy, keep the current base and guess right with the signings. That's the secret.



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