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28 Jun 2014
German Lux has signed a contract extension with Deportivo. The keeper will spend two more years at the club. It’s the four time the Argentine man signs a renewal, and the first in which the new deal last more than a year.

On Friday the club confirmed that German Lux has signed a two-year contract extension with Deportivo. The Argentine man accepted the offer despite he will receive less money due to the new tax regime. It’s the fourth time in which he signs a renewal with Depor.

According to La Voz de Galicia the new contract has a clause in which the player will be released in case of suffering a new demotion. In this way the club closes the goalkeeping position ahead of the season 2014/15 as it will continue to be defended by Lux and Fabricio Agosto.

Lux arrived to Deportivo for the season 2011/12. At the time the Galician team had suffered the relegation to Segunda, but the Argentine keeper thought it was a good choice to continue with his career in Spain. He signed a one year contract, which was extended for the campaign 2012/13 after the team clinched the promotion to Primera.

Daniel Aranzubia was the starting choice at the time, so Lux only played 14 official games in those two years. Last season he renewed for the third time despite the last relegation of the club, this time seduced by the fact he was going to be the starting keeper after Aranzubia left Depor to join Atlético Madrid.

And it turned to be the right move as he was a key piece to clinch a new promotion. Lux was vital in a season where the team needed security at the goal and he brought that feeling of secureness and even some leadership on the pitch. The Argentine keeper only allowed 29 goals in 36 games and his ratio of 0.81 goals per game was the second best in the league, only behind Eibar’s Irureta (0.67).



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