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02 Jul 2014
The club informed about the first games in the pre-season. The South American tour is still pending, which is also affecting the stage at Monforte de Lemos. Among the friendly games there’s a meeting against RC Celta.

The LFP World Challenge is currently affecting the planning of Deportivo for the pre-season. The idea to play in South America at the middle of July, but so far nothing is confirmed. The indecision is affecting the stage in Monforte de Lemos, originally scheduled for the last week of the month.

Now the club seems to be moving following the path of LFP, because it has scheduled friendly matches in Portugal for the dates in which the stage in Lemos should take place. On Tuesday, the club informed about the visits to Académica de Coimbra (July 31) and Sporting Braga (August 1), both clubs from the LIGA Zon Sagres.

The club also informed of a friendly meeting against RC Celta scheduled for August 13. This match is part of an agreement with the Galician federation, the stadium is still to be announced and it should be the last friendly before debuting in the new league season.

It means that Deportivo have practically completed the calendar for the last stretch on the pre-season; the only thing left is to decide is if the club will participate in the LFP World Challenge and when the stage in Lemos will take place, at this point is even possible that this stage could be cancelled due to the busy calendar of Depor.

The current calendar for the pre-season:
July 31: At Académica de Coimbra (Efapel stadium)
Aug 01: at Sporting Braga (Axa stadium)
Aug 09/10: Teresa Herrera trophy
Aug 13: Vs. Celta (stadium to be decided)



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