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09 Jul 2014
First big controversial decision by president Tino Fernández. Fernando Vázquez has been fired after his declarations regarding the signings. There was a meeting on Tuesday in which the board of directors expressed their lack of confidence.

The first complete season of Tino Fernández at Deportivo is starting with a big surprise: the exit of Fernando Vázquez. The coach criticized the signings during a public act on Sunday; it provoked an earthquake as some of the targets in the transfer window were offended with the comments.

And the decision of the board of directors was to fire the coach, who just weeks before was benefited with a two-year renewal after clinching the promotion to Primera División. On Tuesday’s morning there was a meeting between the president, sporting advisor Fernando Vidal and Vázquez, and the club’s officials informed the coach about their decision.

One hour later the coach was allowed to say good-bye in a press conference, while the club posted a note at canaldeportivo.com in which they explained that the board of directors had lost its confidence on the coach. They also informed that the quest for a replacement has begun and that the president is going to address the media in the coming days.

As everything related to the Castrofeito-born coach, there are multiple reactions to the decision. Some fans didn’t like it, while others were content. And this has been the situation with Vázquez within the last year, a coach capable of inspiring a team to fight for the permanence and later lead the project of the promotion, but at the same time capable of not assessing his words or to cause a lack of satisfaction with the way the team was playing in the last games.

In recent days there was also a sense of unbalance inside the team after men like Marchena and Teles expressed in public that they were upset with the coach’s decisions. It invites to think that the board of directors, beyond the latest declarations from the coach, were aware of this lack of satisfaction and decided to move now before starting the season.  It was a dismantled castle that lost its last brick with what happened on Sunday.

No matter there were enough reasons to criticize the coach, it must be also recognized that El Profesor arrived in a complicate moment, with the team fighting to avoid demotion at Primera and stayed despite the endless problems and turned to be a key factor that kept everything together during the dark first days on last season.

Vázquez landed at Depor on February of 2013 after the surprising exit of Domingos Pacięncia. At the time he became into the first Galician coach in charge of Deportivo’s first team since José Manuel Corral (1998). Now he leaves the club with this balance in terms of results:

Season Club Games Wins Draws Defeats
2012/13 Deportivo 27 6 9 12
2013/14 Deportivo 44 19 13 12
71 25 22 24



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