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09 Jul 2014
Sad and bitter good-bye to Fernando Vázquez. The Galician coach offered a press conference and said that he feels betrayed. He believes his declarations weren’t enough to cause his exit. He also thanked the fans for their support.

After been fired, Fernando Vázquez had the opportunity to say good-bye in a press conference, at some point he began to cry, but never admitted that he was wrong with his declarations; instead the coach assumed that he was misinterpreted.

“I never criticized Deportivo and neither the technical secretariat. I am not that kind of coach. I always say that my players are the best and defend them until death. With those declarations I was trying to explain the process in a club with limited resources. It was some kind of praise and a way to show my support. Maybe the language was too colloquial. No one at Arzúa thought that I was criticizing Deportivo.” Were his first words.

Later Vázquez said that he felt hurt with the decision, “In what did I fail? I earned with blood and sweat to train Depor at Primera. I worked almost for free during the toughest year in my sporting career. I bet on Deportivo and Deportivo bet on me. In what did Fernando Vázquez fail as a coach? Was it for been cheap? What I did wrong? They are denying me something that I earned. They aren’t firing me for sporting reasons and neither disciplinary.”

About his polemic declarations on Sunday, El Profesor didn’t want to apologize, “If someone was feeling hurt for what I said of the option 2, 3, 4… I didn’t want to say that they are worse than the option number one. I also was the option 2, 3, 4 at other clubs and didn’t feel offended. What did those footballers think? How do they think this works? It would be ridiculous to say that we are going to sign everything we want. I always considered myself as disciplined and a man from the club.  I have spent one and half year at Deportivo and I believe to have enough record to judge my behavior with Deportivo. I helped to cheer up people.”

The coach also confirmed that Lucas Pérez, a target of the club, complained about his behavior and sent a message to him, “Hey Lucas, the players of Deportivo are chosen by the coach. And I chose you one month ago, but you can do whatever you want.”

Depor former coach even assured that he believes that the dismissal may have other reasons, “I don’t see the relation between my words and the dismissal. I suspect there’s something more on here. They could have asked me on Saturday or Sunday. They heard the declarations and the interpretations made by the media. I never said that I was unhappy with the signings. People surrounding me were hearing things, but the president was telling me other things and I believed in the president, but not in what he told me. It’s a little surprising. Probable it was because I wasn’t his coach and would have loved to hear it before. If I would have had any doubt then I would have signed a contract at other place. I don’t leave due to bad results, but for words that were misinterpreted.”

“And since you steal a sausage they give you 50 years in jail. Only the ones that were friends can betray you. When he told me the news I felt that they were stabbing me. I worked almost for free for Depor. It was the most difficult year for both, me and Depor. I am grateful with the fans. They should tell me what I did wrong. Depor aren’t dying on here and Fernando Vázquez will return strongly” He added before starting to cry.

Fernando Vázquez saying good-bye before leaving



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