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18 Jul 2014
Deportivo are about to sign a contract with Mediapro for the television rights of the next two seasons. It’s for €46 million, though the club will only receive €36 million as the rest was already spent in past years.

Newspaper La Voz de Galicia reported on Thursday the details if the next television contract of Deportivo. The deal is negotiated with Mediapro, the same company that owns the rights of the club since 2007. The new deal is for the seasons 2014/15 & 2015/16 and represents €46 million (€23 million for each season).

However the club will only collect €36 million as €10 million were already spent in advance during the administration of Lendoiro. In the previous deal there was a penalization of €5 million for suffering the relegation in past seasons, but it was forgiven by Mediapro. The amount of the second year could be reduced to €3 million if Depor suffer a new relegation on the new season.

The contract includes the television and Internet rights of the 38 matches at Primera (42 in Segunda), the games in Copa Del Rey plus European matches that don’t belong to the UEFA. The deal also includes the rights of the female team, which Tino Fernández mentioned as a possibility. The deal doesn’t include the final in Copa Del Rey and neither the friendly games, including the Teresa Herrera.

La Voz de Galicia reports that the agreement is done and that the only pending subject is the sign of the contract. President Tino Fernández was the one that negotiated the new deal with Jaume Roures, who’s the president of Mediapro.



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