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12 Aug 2014
A change in the draw, a new signing that’s promising to be the leader, adaptation problems with the major part of the signings, the Fabril’s players, plus the roles of Álex and José Rodriguez. Those are the conclusions from the Teresa Herrera.

The Teresa Herrera is always an important exam to determine the situation of Deportivo’s team ahead of the start in the season. In this opportunity there were two games played at the Riazor that are helping to understand how Depor will begin the new campaign at Primera División. The following are the five conclusions of the Teresa Herrera 2014.

1- Change in the draw: Coach Víctor Fernández has used a 4-2-3-1 figure in the starting formation after seven friendly games, but his plans are to switch the system into a 4-3-3. In both games there was a switch in the draw as the coach wants to see his players adapting to the new strategy. This is the reason why he’s insisting in the signing of two additional centre midfielders with the capacity of running between both areas, the so called “box-to-box” midfielder.

The coach’s idea is to perform with two centre midfielder joined by a playmaker. The difference with the 4-2-3-1 is that these three midfielders have more responsibility in defensive tasks, reason why they have to run a bigger distance on the field converting midfield territory into a line of three players. Probably the new draw will be used in the starting formation at the middle of the first round in liga as the concepts aren’t yet fully assimilated by the players.

2- The leader is Fariña: The less anticipated signing is turning to be the main reinforcement. No one was expecting for the arrival of Luis Fariña as his signing was announced two weeks ago without any previous warning from the media, but in just a few days he turned to be the favourite player of the fans after scoring three goals in five friendly games and especially after showing his skills in the Teresa Herrera.

Just in the game against Sporting Gijón it was noticed the big difference of having Fariña on the field after he entered the game at half-time. With him on the pitch the team has more depth and ideas to create scoring opportunities. The Argentine playmaker is called to be the reference in attack and for now he’s even scoring the goals.

3- José Rodriguez is an important player in the scheme: The new system gives a more starring role to the midfielders and during the Teresa Herrera the one that impressed the most was José Rodriguez, who is also the youngest player at the team (19). There were big doubts on how this young player coming from Segunda was going to adapt to Primera, but at least during the Teresa Herrera he shined with his defensive capacity and also with his passing skills, which meant a refreshing new look to midfielder territory. Víctor Fernández likes him a lot and José could end to be one of the players with more minutes on the liga season.

4- The new signings need time: As it happened in previous seasons the new signings will need more time to adapt. Apart from the cases of Fariña and José Rodriguez, the rest of new arrivals haven’t adapted yet to Deportivo. Starting with the fact that at least three new arrivals haven’t been signed yet despite the league competition kick-offs in two weeks.

Cuenca and Lucas Pérez are expected to become into important players, but their injuries haven’t allowed their adaptation to the team and both showed a poor form during the Teresa Herrera. Cavaleiro showed interesting things in the first game, but needs more time after been a little lost in the second match. Salomão is injured and won’t be available until November, while Canella was the first one that arrived during the summer, but looked out of place during the whole pre-season.

5- Álex Bergantiños could end as a centre-back: Last season there was an injury crisis that forced former coach Fernando Vázquez to used centre midfielder Álex Bergantiños as a centre-back, a role he fulfilled with positive reviews. Now the centre of the defense is the weakest position at the team as there are only two players for the position and new coach Víctor Fernández is seriously thinking in using Álex on that function.

In the game with Sporting Gijón, the Galician player performed the full 90 minutes as a centre-back and after the meeting the coach told to reporters that there are real chances of switching the positon of Álex for the new campaign, “Yes, because I only have two centre-backs and in midfield I’ve more players. I’ve Juan Carlos, I‘ve Wilk, Dominguez and José Rodriguez. I like him, because he’s a lad that knows to focus.” It’s even probable that the club will only sign one more centre-back and that Álex will complete the quarter of choices for the position.

6- No room for Fabril’s players: The Teresa Herrera confirmed that Víctor Fernández won’t be using Fabril’s players during the Primera season. He will probably pick some of them for the training sessions and even for Copa Del Rey, but clearly it will be difficult to see them having minutes in liga. In the two games of the tournament only centre-back Iago López performed and in both games it was only to perform the last minutes, even in the game against Sporting it was an emergency solution after the injury sustained by Luisinho.



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