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22 Aug 2014
Haris Medunjanin conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the Bosnian player gave a long explanation of his sad experience at Valladolid and also confessed that he isnít totally fit for Saturdayís game.

Q: What happened to you at Valladolid?
A: I was coming from the second team of Alkmaar and it was a great change. For me this is what happened. The first year is useful to know and understand things. The second was better, but in the last games it happened something weird, because they said I was a drunk. And when a reporter says that and people read it, then they think it's true, but I never in my life drank alcohol. Nothing. Never. Off course you go out, everybody goes out and so do I, but I donít do it before a game, I do it later, to relax. But I never in my life drank alcohol and that was written by the newspaper. They said that before a match I was drunk. And that day I was at home playing Playstation with my friends and donít know what happened. I think they wanted to put the blame on some players because the results werenít very good. So I didnít play anything within the last ten games, because all the fans were against me and couldnít play. When you go to the field and everybody is whistling at you then you cannot play.

Q: How do you like to play?
A: I like having the ball, distribute it, and play with other partners, to make the team better and to touch the ball. I like to come and open the game into the wing or find a pass through the middle, something like that and thatís what I try to do now.

Q: From 0 to 100, how are you?
A: At 80, or something like that, or less. I donít know. I'm not totally fit. Itís always difficult when you get into a new team and do it a week before the first game. And when you come from a pre-season that hasnít been goodÖ you are not okay and you miss something, because thereís a high level and you need to be physically fine. I think I am not ready. I need to train very well and will improve with every game.

Q: You know that the team needs you that the club is seeking for signings, the coach trusts youÖ
A: (He interrupts). That's the most important thing: when a coach trusts you and you have to answer to this confidence. If you donít do well then you go to the bench, it's normal. You cannot play five bad games. If you play one they give you another chance, but it cannot be five. Football is not like this. Therefore itís very important to me to play well and help the team.

Q: Do you perceive fear ahead of the first matchday? Do you feel ready?
A: The first game itís always difficult. I had  pre-seasons in which we were winning everything and then were losing at the moment of the official competition. That doesnít mean anything. Of course there are doubts, but most of the teams have it. All coaches want the better preparation and confuse that will with the anxiety and doubts. Itís important in the first game to go out, in our case to Granada, and know that you have to defend well, because Granada have very fast players who play very strong, so you have to play the ball and pass it. Itís the most important thing, but you still donít know what will happen. We need more games to know where we stand.

Q: What is VŪctor FernŠndez asking from you? Is it as challenging as it seems?
A: He doesnít yell to punish someone, but to make you understand. He shouts because he doesnít want something you're doing, he knows that you know how to play and when you do something wrong then he cannot understands it. Thatís why he yells, until putting things at their place. Heís a coach who has a very clear idea, someone that understands football and that has been in this for many years. He cannot be on the field and we have to talk and help each other.



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