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25 Aug 2014
The papers emphasized the big differences between the performance of Depor in both halves; the media also expects the team will improve with the passage of time and the arrival of the last signings.

Deporte Campeón: It was too long for Depor. Deportivo could not star the dreamed return to the elite of Spanish football because, after arriving to the break ahead on the scoresheet, it succumbed at Los Cármenes in a second part in which it was deflated. With just pressure and fouls, the visitors claimed the lead despite they barely appeared in attack. But it’s that Granada didn’t even exist.

The story took a 180 degree turn after the break. In the second half, Deportivo paid the price for the tremendous physical effort of the first half and sank. The Andalusian squad, meanwhile, was more intense and started to harass the visiting goal. Depor tried to react within the last ten minutes, but the only opportunity created was a shot by Medunjanin from the edge of the area that went out. Israel Zautúa

La Voz de Galicia: Depor lack time for cooking. The ‘work in progress’ of Deportivo suffered a setback in Granada, place where, despite taking the lead and its predisposition for playing with the ball, the Galician team fell apart in the second half as the opponent tightened the screws. Depor allowed a comeback at Los Cármenes after two goals that should have been defended in a better way, goals that neutralized the one scored by Cavaleiro at minute 20.

Victor Fernandez’s men had the game under control in the first half, but were overtaken by Granada, much more intense in the second act, and physically superior before a defense that faltered at the moment of truth. The entries of Medunjanin and Cuenca, with the result already against them, added another gram of hope to what is sensed from this Depor’s team that lacks cooking time. Depor lacked punch at the end of the game and allowed a comeback in the debut in liga. Granada reminded them of the work still to be done after a good promise in the first half. Miguel Piñeiro.

La Opinión A Coruña: The price to a poor planning. Deportivo paid at Los Cármenes the price of the poor planning during the pre-season. The team was disconnected and even in the second half it was noted that Granada was fresher. It also influenced the bad night of German Lux. In both goals he could have done more, especially in the second. Anyway, the result was what could be expected, because the Argentine goalkeeper had avoided with his saves to see the Andalusians scoring before.

But for me those two plays should have been saved by the goalie. Anyway, beyond the individual moves, the team showed that it lacks a lot of work and that needs the reinforcements to arrive once and for all, because with the players currently at the team it won’t be possible to reach the goal. In this match I highlight the work done in midfield by Jose Rodriguez, I enjoyed it, but the true is that you can cannot be everywhere. I observed little aids on the sides, with cracks at midfield, which allowed Granada to reach the area with a relative ease by the lack of support. However, we must be optimistic. There will be more training sessions, besides new players with more quality will arrive. Javier Bardanca

AS: Rubén Rochina signs his first major work in Granada. Los Cármenes has a new idol. Pina chose Rochina as his 2014-15 project flag and the exquisite left-footed player is assuming from day one his demanding role. The Valencian led the comeback of a less ferocious Granada than the one saw during the pre-season. Depor struck first and only bent its knee before the talent of Rochina and the defensive mismatches normal at this stage of the season.

Granada had the ball from the start. But without fluency. Depor, 14 months after its last match at Primera, needed a few minutes to settle and grew before the lack of depth from the red and white team. Rochina is the new franchise. Of his team. And that idea was caught on the grass. Everyone is looking for him. But he had to move his position to the centre and grab the ball to reach Lux’s area. Caparrós didn’t forgive the mistake of Yuste and changed the player with Iturra at half-time. The complaints of the Andalusian coach at the changing room changed the chip of Granada.

Man of the match, Rochina, no longer lost the control of the game, although the momentum of Granada declined with the passage of the minutes and the locals had to use the board. Víctor Fernández had a lot of work to do in set-pieces. First Mainz warned. And Babin punished the tremendous passive behavior of the defense. Granada have a new hero. Antonio Gallardo.

Marca: Granada already show the 'made in Caparrós' brand. Some decisions at the moment of setting the starting lineup of Granada caused surprise. Joaquin Caparrós decided to trust in five players that last season were at Segunda or lower. That may be the reason for missing the team's personality to be expected with this coach.

The 0-1 affected Deportivo. Until then they had shown some taste in the treatment of the ball. Juan Dominguez, Fariña, Toché or Cavaleiro collaborated in the creation of offensive game and caused some doubts on the rival’s defense. After obtaining the advantage, the whole Galician team became a rocky block that exceeded the misconduct. It had to do with a certain permissiveness by Vicandi Garrido.

The lack of push caused urgent changes in Granada during the break. Ortuño and Iturra entered the field for Juan Carlos and Yuste. Holy hand. The stand finally found what they expected, a team that, with more or less luck, will fight for any game against any opponent. Ángel Liceras

El Ideal (Granada): Regenerating comeback. Granada was debuting at Los Cármenes with all the enthusiasm in the world. The intention was to give back to the fans the will of football after a summer of reflection. It showed up before aDepor with many new faces and a starting eleven plagued with debutantes. Up to four players (Dimitrievski, Sissoko, Babin & Yuste) were starters without any minute accumulated at Primera, but with the confidence of his coach Joaquin Caparrós, the project leader. The first part led at times to think that nothing had changed, but after the break the message finally stalled and Granada was able to react.

The general feelings are very positive, especially since there was a reaction. That should not mask that numerous errors were committed at the back, errors that with a more damaging opponent would have been adequately punished. Many debutants leave on a high note, others should improve. Three points to start. Camilo Álvarez.



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