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25 Aug 2014
The coach and the players believe that Deportivo deserved a better outcome in this game; some players complained about the heat. Caparrós was happy with the reaction of his men.

Coach Víctor Fernández was content despite the defeat and didn’t think the debut in liga came too early for the team, “I believe we have competed. It left me positive feelings about the intensity and I believe we did the merits to get the draw. We were capable to react and locked them at their area within the last ten minutes. Evidently we would have liked to play the game having a closed squad, but I’m sure that there are other teams having the same problem. So, we cannot give that excuse.”

About the game, he believes a draw would have been fair, “It was a good and competed game, both teams aren’t at their best regarding the tactical and physical display, there are some mismatches and we are lacking synchronization. The game was equal, maybe with Granada having the ball possession. They are strong and it was a pity to allow a goal in a set-piece coming from midfield. It was our deficit, but clearly it was an equal game. The best phase of Granada coincided with the chance of Luisinho to increase the lead. I believe the draw would have been the fairest result.”

The Aragonian coach also commented the error defending the set-pieces, “Evidently it’s a deficit due to the physical characteristic of our team. We don’t have strong and tall players and we can suffer with this. What happens is that there are zones on the field where these actions cannot take place. It was a foul at midfield and the team was too delayed trying to defend the play. We must keep working and training, trying to hide our errors and maximize our virtues. This is football.”

Finally, Fernández is optimistic regarding the closure of the summer transfer window, “We knew the team was incomplete since some weeks ago; we are working for it and still have eight days to close the group. We are doing our best and I don’t have any doubt that some of our negotiations will bring results, so we can get the 3 or 4 players that we need.”

Toché believes the draw would have been the fairest result, “We are disappointed with the final result. We lacked intensity in the second half. The draw would have been the fairest thing. We now think of the next game as we need to be strong at home.”

The Murcian attacker was also commenting the second goal allowed by Depor, “The set-piece was a punctual error. The heat affected us and the field was slow, apart from that both teams were having an equal performance. In the second part we retreated and it could have affected us. We are screwed for losing the three points.”

Álex Bergantiños was another player thinking Depor deserved more in this game, “The game was equal, but it escaped from our hands in two punctual plays. We lost, but I believe we have competed well if we analyzed what happened throughout the ninety minutes.”

The Galician midfielder was also complaining of the heat in Andalusia, “The true is that the heat was strong, but neither is an excuse. We lowered our performance in a physical sense during the second half, that’s also true.”

Debutant José Rodriguez didn’t want to hurry an analysis of Depor’s needs, “We must go step by step and this is the start of the season. We cannot hurry trying to obtain conclusions as this is just starting. We were fresh in the first part, but later the tiredness affected us in the second half and Granada were able to comeback in the score.”

The scorer of the goal, Iván Cavaleiro, said that he was sad for losing the game, “It was a good debut, though the main thing was the team. I’m sad for suffering the 1-2 loss. The result was more important than scoring a goal. We controlled the game within the first 30 minutes and the last 10, but were too soft at the beginning of the second part. It was a reward to me to be able to debut as a starter in Spain.”

This was the first official match for Luis Fariña in Europe; he was analyzing the match, “Deportivo did a very good first half, we ended with a clean sheet and ahead on the scoresheet, but in the second half we lowered the performance and are returning home empty handed. Still, the attitude was good. If we keep playing like this then I’m sure we will add more of what we will lose in the coming matchdays.”

At Granada CF, coach Joaquín Caparrós was content with the reaction of his team during the second half, “It seemed during the first half that we weren’t playing for three points, it seemed like another pre-season game. In the second part the team pressed, it scored the goals, it created opportunities and they didn’t create danger against us. It isn’t easy to clinch a comeback at Primera.”

The best player at the Andalusian outfit was Rubén Rochina, he commented that, “I’m happy, because we knew how to react. My goal brought me a feeling of joy and now we will work in order to score more. We were bad in the first half, but later we had more control and completed more passes, so we were better.”



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