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26 Aug 2014
Boring game at Abegondo; Depor B did nothing before a rival that hit the woodwork twice. New coach Manu Mosquera debuted with a team leaving a poor impression, though it rescued a point to launch the Tercera season.

Coach Manu Mosquera was debuting having problems with the absentees, the main problems were located in attack. Dani Iglesias and Álex Pérez are injured, while Marcos Remeseiro was off as he was picked by the first team. Centre midfielder Álvaro Queijeiro was out injured too and centre-back Iago López was called by Víctor Fernández for the visit to Granada CF.

Mosquera presented a 4-4-2 figure, with David Gómez covering the goal, Toni Insua performed at the right-back position, Jorge Rodriguez was one of the two signings debuting as starters. He performed at the left side of the defense, Deák and Róber were the centre-backs. Santi Taboada was the other new face at the squad, he joined captain Adrián at midfield. Cańi and Cardoso were the wingers, then the improvised attacking line was composed with two Juvenil A players: Óscar García and Juan López. The first is a winger and the second was more used as a playmaker at Juvenil A and was debuting with Depor B.

At CD As Pontes, coach Iván Rodríguez was debuting and there were some surprises at the starting formation as veterans Adrián Laureda, Chicho and Sergio Arias were sat on the bench. Santi Fernández and David Amado were the references up front.

There were some scoring opportunities, but the true is that the opening game at Tercera was boring. More was expected from a meeting between two candidates to the playoff zone. Depor B had the ball possession, but never created a sense of danger, while the visiting team had the better occasions and should have won the game after hitting the posts in two different opportunities.

Like it happens with the first team, the B squad of Deportivo is a team that remains under construction. Truly many players from last season remains at the team, but it’s also true that key players were out of this match, especially in attack. After all, coach Mosquera played with two Juvenil A players up front –Óscar and Juan- and the true is that the team noticed the lack of a reference.

Fabril had the ball in the first part, but didn’t complete any shot on target within the period. Instead, the visiting team was more dangerous and in this way the figure of the match was goalie David Gómez thanks to his saves. At minute 10, Iván González had a one-on-one action before the local keeper and he cleared the ball to corner-kick.

The game lived thirty minutes of boredom as nothing was happening on the pitch, and suddenly things turned to be exciting for the final ten minutes, period of time in which As Pontes hit the woodwork twice. Iván Gónzalez was the first that met the post with a shot from the edge of the area (38’) and the clearest chance in the game came at minute 42. David Amado released a shot from short-range, David Gómez deflected the ball into the path of Dani Fernández, who was alone enough to have scored the goal, but instead he hit the far post with his volley.

Things didn’t change for the second half, Depor were still having the ball possession, but there was no depth in attack. It was until South Korean winger Kim Woo-hong debuted that Depor found some punch up front. Kim replaced Óscar and placed himself on the left wing, while Cardoso moved his position and became the second striker in the formation.

The Asian winger showed his speed on the left and had a chance to score with a header that missed the target after a cross by Cańi (65’). But As Pontes still was a dangerous team, three minutes later Fidi had a new one-on-one action beforeDavid Gómez and once again the keeper cleared the danger, this time deflecting the ball with his foot.

At minute 75, Fabril’s keeper had a new key intervention clearing a free-kick released by Pablo Dominguez. Deportivo B pushed within the last ten minutes and Cańi had the best chance to score with a crossed shot from inside the area that passed close to the far post (82’).

Fabril lacked pace and ideas up front and were unable to win the first home game of the season. Truly the team added a point, but more is expected from one of the favorite teams for the promotion. David Gómez was the best player thanks to his four key saves, while South Korean winger Kim Woo-hong demonstrated that he can be an interesting player for Deportivo. On next Saturday, the team visit Alondras CF (O Morrazo, 18h00 CET)

Comment by Manu Mosquera: “I’m happy, because we competed. We were too thick and nervous. Too many new and young people that were debuting at Tercera. And we were facing a tough rival with a better physical presence. The two clearest chances were for them, so I’m content. It’s true that later Cańi could have won the game, but David made big saves. If you cannot win then it’s good to not lose. I’m content and am convinced that we are going to grow up. The game was difficult and sometimes you have too many things in the head during the first game.”

Deportivo B: (4-4-2) David Gómez - Toni Insua, Róber, Stefan Deák, Jorge Fernández - Cańi, Adrián Martínez, Santi Taboada (Ángel Fernández 70’), Miguel Cardoso - Juan López, Óscar García (Kim 59’).
As Pontes: (4-1-4-1) Marcos - Javi Rochela, Chote, Aitor Díaz, Pablo Domínguez - Jorge Nano - Iván González, Dani Fernández, Fidi (Diego Chis 81’), David Amado (Chicho 81’) - Santi (Sergio Arias 62’)
Referee: Saúl López Parga. He showed yellow card to Santi Taboada (15’), Róber (68’) & Adrián Martínez (74’).
Venue: Abegondo (800)





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