12 Nov 2005
Capdevila alone with Duscher and Molina are the only players that had participated as starters in all the liga matches of the squad. The Catalan defender admits that this is a positive fact for him, but he prefers to target a spot for the next European season.

Q: What’s the benefit of this break? 
A: The truth is that a good rest is always helpful, specially for us. We begun the pre-season before than anybody.

Q:  I suppose that wishing not to rest, but to be in another place, I mean with national squad.
A: Me and many others. Both ties are very important and we hope that everything we will be fine. 

Q. What's the opinion of the squad about all the rumours of players leaving like Aldo Duscher, or arrivals of new ones? 
A: Often things are spoken and later nothing happens. We're totally out of this rumours, but it's good to hear about it because it means that we're making the things in the right way. In my case, for example, I haven't spoken with Aldo (Duscher) anything absolutely. 

Q: This year you are a normal starter when in previous seasons you constantly entered and left the lineups. 
A: The past is past and it's necessary to turn the page. Yes, I must recognize that the things have changed to me and I'm more happy because I played in all the liga games, that's what I wanted. 

Q: With the absence of Duscher in Santander due to suspension, if Capdevila plays in that match it would be the only men alone with Molina performing as starter in the 12 liga games so far. It's that a pride? 
A: Yes, although it's only an anecdote for me. 

Q: - It will be necessary to allocate forces.
A: With Caparr??s the word relaxation doesn't exist. Who does it will pay the consequences. We must work and make our maximum effort in order to obtain our objective: to enter into European competitions for the next year. 

Q: It is possible after these last results and with the calendar ahead, to arrive at Christmas between the top four in the table? 
A: Hopefully that is thus.  It is clear that the game in San Sebasti??n was for us a flexion point. Since then we swore to come out ahead and everything is going well since then, we made seven points on nine possible. Now we must go to Santander and if we won, we will take an important step for our aspirations.

Q: What's your opinion about the frequent appearance of players coming from Fabril in the first squad?
A:  Of course it's good for young people the fact of having an opportunity. In the last years this didn't happen, but now it has changed for all. They don't have experience but they can contribute to us with other virtues. 

Q: Does this situation animates you 'the veterans' to continue working?
A: Yes for sure. They learn from us but we, those that have more time here also have things to learn from them. Here all of we are a group and what we are trying to do is to add things.

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