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02 Sep 2014
The papers pointed to the defensive errors as the main problem of Deportivo at this moment on the season. The unfortunate performance of Abdoulaye Ba was also mentioned by the media as a key factor for the draw.

Deporte Campeón: Double gift by Abdoulaye. A penalty from Isaac Cuenca at minute 94 saved Deportivo from repeating the film of Granada during its debut at the Riazor, place where Primera football returned nearly fifteen months later. Inaccuracies transformed the first half into a tracking field, with two very intense teams that converted the speed and the pressure into their main weapons, but they forgot the most important thing: moving the ball with order and calm.

Moving forward but without success, the Galician squad overturned in attack, looking for a tie that looked like it would never come. But the story changed at minute 93. Abdoulaye, who starred in a game to forget, stopped the ball with the hand when he was inside the area and before a shot from Medunjanin. The referee awarded a penalty and Cuenca took advantage of it.  Israel Zautúa

La Voz de Galicia: Depor saves its first point. The faith of a Deportivo that was lacking ideas and that was physically exhausted, together with the cold blood of Isaac Cuenca unchanged before the pressure to take a penalty at the 94th minute, allowed the Galician team to avoid its second straight loss and salvage a draw in extremis against Rayo Vallecano, team that was penalized by its errors in defense. Again the Galician team took the lead on the scoresheet and again saw the lead evaporating, suffering in their flesh at the moment of losing the ball and without the needed offensive production in its promising brain at midfield.

It was again a dual Depor, effective when its quality men played together, but limited physically and permeable before good passing teams like Rayo, side that turned over the initial goal by José Rodriguez with two goals from Bueno. But a lucky penalty that crowned the fateful night of Abdoulaye Ba allowed Cuenca to bring the first, maybe limited, joy to the fans. The hands allowed Cuenca to rescue a point at the 94’. Now the break in liga arrives, Depor expect to see the arrival of signings and to continue prompting a project that’s too fragile despite their good base. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: Too many concessions. Deportivo needs reinforcements. Clearly the team needs to be strengthened at the back. It’s a team that concedes too much on defense. Only two specific actions with the errors of Abdoulaye allowed Los Blanquiazules to rescue a point, when the three seemed lost. Two goals in two very isolated actions. Other two conceded in elaborate plays, in actions with errors in the mark and anticipation of the adversary. Too many opportunities for the rival’s attackers -Aquino and Manucho- that they forgave before Lux in the first minutes of the game and also in the second part. But an error was needed to see the Madrilenians equalizing.

It is the error located at the back, among the last men, not the preliminary. For example, in the equalizer Canella allowed Aquino to comfortably release the cross, because another opponent was entering by his side and was forced to retreat.  Rayo had achieved numerical superiority, the necessary thing to allow the Mexican to release the cross with great tranquility. Aquino was also the one that generated the second goal and found the same header: Bueno.

Too many concessions at the back before a solid rival with the ball at the feet, a team that managed with criterion and that never despaired. The opposite happened to Deportivo, side that never kept the possession and neither knew how to set the pace of the match. Medunjanin had touches of excellence, but didn’t manage the ball enough time. Neither his team mates. Fariña had few balls. As any of the attackers. If this team has quality up front, then these players need to be served with the ball, not to receive long passes, so they can create. It happened throughout the game. So Toché will be remembered for not completing a shot that could have meant the second goal and not for the hard work that he did during the time he spent on the pitch. Finally there is a reference. M.M.

Marca: Ba destroys what Aquino and Bueno created. The victory escaped from Rayo at the Riazor (2-2) due to the bad night of Abdoulaye Ba, who first gave for free a goal to José Rodríguez and later, in injury time when his team had reached a comeback in the match, committed a penalty stopping the ball with the hands when he was on the ground. Cuenca transformed it and left almost in nothing the great connection between Aquino and Alberto Bueno. The striker scored twice thanks to the passes from the Mexican, who is determined to be a star in Vallecas. The final tie leaves a taste very different to both teams. Deportivo salvaged a point at the last minute, and even adding 1 of 6 possible points, it tastes good. In the case of Rayo they have played two good games, but only added two points. Seems too little, but suspect that it’s on the right track. Manuel Malagón

AS: Abdoulaye gives for free the tie to Depor at the last minute. There are football nights where magic reigns, in other it’s the errors. The night at the Riazor witnessed the latter, and it’s that Bueno with his brace was smelling to be the great protagonist. But he lost the title before Abdoulaye, who started the game with a serious failure in the 1-0 and finished it with a silly penalty at the 94’ and that meant the tie to Depor. By the way, Luisinho also had a lot to do in the 1-2, showing that overconfidence is a mortal sin at Primera.

As it happened in the first matchday in Granada, Depor took the lead on the scoresheet, and it was running out of gas and the rival clinched the comeback. Rayo were walking walked quietly into their first win at the Riazor until Abdoulaye again appeared to crown his disastrous night touching the ball with the hands and the play ended at the penalty spot. Cuenca, coolly managed a draw that tastes better to Víctor Fernández, coach that will live with anguish during the fifteen days of the break. Luis de La Cruz



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