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25 Jul 2006
One more time, the media criticises Deportivo's performance outside of Riazor. The final result isn't the main fact that worries the reporters, it's the poor image left by the squad. Depor managed the ball during the game, but the Galician team never created a real danger against Molina. Sportpaper AS even wrote that Deportivo is a squad that doesn't scare anymore.

La Voz de Galicia: From hope to the doubts. Depor outside home is a shame directly proportional to the two games already played in Riazor. With only two away matches, it's difficult to affirm if this will be the tendency, but this team has big holes. Against a rival that gave the ball, the squad didn't know what to do with it -the possession was extremely huge for Deportivo. Levante, a rival aspiring to maintain the spot in Primera, based its game in the physical condition of some players. Velocity, counterattacks and a little more. But Caparr�s' men never found the way to Molina, If at the Riazor this Depor is an example of how to play a vertical game, at the Ciutat de Valencia this image disappeared. It was a shame, because the calendar gave a good chance of been at the top places, specially if we think that Real Sociedad is the next visitor in Riazor. This new match will be the opportunity to confirm if what we saw in the past home encounters is real, it will tell us if this will be the tendency of Depor during the 2006/2007 campaign. Fernando Hidalgo.

AS: The Galician squad scares more for the package than for the content, more for what they were than for what they are right now. They only have a few arguments to worry the rival. For this reason, the debut of Molina was very placid. We don't know yet the level that he possesses at this point, because Depor never attacked him. The merit is for Levante's defensive zone, they only had some troubles on the left side, but they have �lvaro, a 'Kaiser' that multiplies himself against the adversity. L�pez Caro won the challenge against Caparr�s, who with his Babydepor only had a physical presence, but nothing of football. M. �. Vara.   

La Opini�n A Coru�a: Yesterday a lot of things didn't work out in Valencia; in fact, we can only rescue a few things. The sensations are really poor. It's true that the situation in the table is good, this defeat isn't alarming us, but it should worry Caparr�s. Because the image left was really bad, specially the one in the defensive sector. We already knew about the offensive problems, and yesterday we just confirmed the situation. There are two principles that this squad is missing: organisation and pause. Both are related. And the big mistake in this Depor happens in the second principle. More than the absence of Valer�n, the coach continues to miss somebody with the capacity to accelerate or restrain the rhythm of the game. For that reason, the possession of the ball doesn't help to create football, as we saw it in Valencia. We are missing a general reference capable of been adding creativity. People says that Verd� is an alternative. Iago already did it on the past year. Both of them were out of yesterday's game. Rodri Su�rez.

El Ideal Gallego: Depor crashes in Valencia. Joaqu�n Caparr�s showed its cards since the beginning. He left Duscher on the bench, and bet with the same lineup that defeated Villlarreal. He sacrificed the solidity in midfield for a more offensive option, with Cristian and Arizmendi on the wings and Riki on the striking zone. At the end, it was L�pez Caro who won the challenge, because the movie ended according to the script wrote by Levante. Depor had a 60% of possession over the ball. Yes. But they never made a shot on goal against Molina, the ex-Deportivo keeper was just an spectator. The Valencian squad made little noise, but they obtained a big result. The attacks of Ettien, Meyong Z�, Riga and Kapo confused Depor's defenders, sometimes they don't even knew where the pitch was. Israel Zaut�a.

El Mercantil Valenciano: Levante UD celebrated its finally takeoff in the returning season to Primera. In two weeks, the team passed from been a vulnerable rival to provoke a big celebration at the Ciutat de Valencia. Yesterday L�pez Caro's group played a great game against one of the most important rivals in the competition, demonstrating that its evolution is a fact already confirmed. Today they are a serious team, solid and with clear ideas. And the main think calling the attention: the class of the French Kapo. J. Bort Obiol.

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