12 Sep 2014
Roberto Canella conceded an interview to Sportpaper Deporte Campeůn. The fullback talked of the signings made by Depor, the upcoming visit in liga to SD Eibar and the relation between Depor and Sporting.

Q: How is the adaptation to A CoruŮa?
A: Fine. Itís very similar to Gijůn and I am pleased. Since I arrived, the partners treat me very well and Iím also very pleased and happy to be here, because in the end itís a city like Gijůn and things donít change much.

Q: Yes, there are sea, temperature, rainy days...
A: Practically the same, especially on rainy days. When I arrived I was told the rain was even longer on here, so itís a little worse. Iím just kidding. I'm happy.

Q: You were the captain at Sporting, has your role changed much inside the changing room of Depor?
A: When you're captain things change a little. You have to know how to lead the group, almost another script to when you arenít the captain. Here at Depor, things changed a little, the environment is amazing and the captains are very good too.

Q: Is it a weight that you have removed?
A: No, because being captain at a club like Sporting, my team since my childhood, itís always an honor. You know you have to do more than normal, you will be ahead of the team mates, and it isnít a burden but an honor.

Q: The relations between Depor and Sporting fans havenít been the best. Will your arrival at Depor help to soften the situation?
A: I donít know. Those things, to me, are in the background. I'm here to help. My move to Deportivo was very good for all parties and therefore it was made. What happens outside is something in which I wonít be involved, but I hope that my move to Depor could help to cool off things a bit.

Q: When you signed for Depor, in the social networks there were messages from Sporting fans that, although they didnít appreciate the Galician club, expressed that they would follow the team just for you,
A: The fans of Sporting were always very good with people from home. They love me and itís very nice to follow a team they donít appreciate, as you say, just to follow you. That means they are very good fans, as the ones at Depor, because they follow you wherever you go.

Q: Do you remember that game that was practically the germ of all, in the last days of the season 2011-12?
A: Yes, yes, off course I remember. I didnít play it, I was left on the bench because of an injury and lived it with great intensity, a game of ups and downs, with many things and Depor had the misfortune that a couple of matchdays later they suffered the relegation.

Q: Do you understand the anger of Depor on that day?
A:  I understand the anger of Depor and the one of any other outfit. At the end, when you lose a game, you get pissed off.

Q: A penalty was whistled against Laure for a handball when the ball hit his back...
A: He remembers it every time he sees me. Especially in the early days, he was a bit pissed off with Sporting, but nothing more. He was kidding, but he was hurt by that game in which the referee whistled a penalty that wasnít.

Q: Which is your feeling of the squad?
A:  Very good. There are two players per position, all very good, a very good squad, at midfield there are players who move the ball very well. They have made a very good team and now weíve to prove it on the field.

Q: The two recent signings, Diakitť and Sidnei, is like to not mess with them, right?
A: Yes, I already heard some jokes at the changing room; that if thereís a fight then we should be at their side. Mother, what two animals! No one want to mess with them.

Q: Up front, Postiga. You are a defender, how do you see it?
A: I covered him when he was in Zaragoza and is a very good player. We are very calm, he fights a lot. He and Tochť play very well backwards the goal and are two very good strikers.

Q: Have you missed a better physical condition for what was saw in the first two games?
A: It could be. We got a lot of intensity in the first half and the second we were a little dead. I think we still have to improve a bit physically. When we do it, then you are going to see another Depor, especially in the second half. We must continue on this path.

Q: You have reached the break with a point, what are the feelings?
A: You always want more, of course, especially when you play a home game in which I think we could have done more and it leaves a bittersweet taste. We could have achieved the three points at home and away, against Granada, we made a decent game to get a tie, but there is still a lot of liga.

Q: Next stop, Eibar.
A: Itís a very difficult field, they play very well there and is a very competitive team as it has been seen against Atletico Madrid. Itís hard to beat them, they are solid at the back and surely weíll suffer there, but I trust us.

Q: You travel to Seville on October 5 at 12 AM. It will be hot, right?
A: If it's hot, then we will suffocate. Itís the same for both teams, although they are more used to it. But as we would have to play at 3 AM.

Q: Make a prediction, where do you see the team at the end of the season?
A: I donít like to make predictions, I like to go game by game, but I see a good squad, a committed team that wants to make things right, a very humble changing room and hopefully we will achieve the permanence.

Q: It's a squad for a year. That might generate some kind of doubt with the fans. What would you say?
A: That in terms of commitment Iím going to give one hundred percent. I donít like to waste anything, so imagine the commitment that I may have with Depor though I arrived on loan and without a buyout option. I come to fight for Deportivo. To stay at Primera is very good for the team and for us.



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