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19 Sep 2014
Marca printed a report with the salary caps at Primera and Segunda; there are big differences between the two big clubs and the rest. Depor have the 5th lowest cap at Liga BBVA. The case with Pedro León might change the things.

Sportpaper Marca presented a report calculating the salary caps of the Primera and Segunda teams for the season 2014/15. There are no surprises as it’s the limits established by the LFP are the expected ones and clearly reflect the current situation of the clubs participating in the top two divisions.

The salary cap system was established since last season by the LFP in order to avoid the big losses by the clubs as a product of signings players that they later couldn’t paid. This system has been criticized as it, despite controlling the losses, it doesn’t correct the problem of seeing the big clubs expending big fortunes in players while the majority barely has the chance to complete their squads, sometimes forced to pay very low wages, which leads to a lack of competiveness.

The limits are calculated according to the incomes reported by the clubs. The LFP established a limit of 60% of the total incomes as the money the clubs can spend in their first and second teams, which is known as the salary cap.

FC Barcelona is the leader in this list with €347.90 million, followed closely by Real Madrid (€328 million). The third place on this list is current champion Atlético Madrid (€105 million). It’s important to notice that these three clubs alone have more room for the signings that the 22 clubs at Segunda combined.

There are two clubs slightly above the €70 million: Sevilla CF (78.6 million) and Valencia CF (€73 million). Then, “the middle class” is composed by five clubs that are between the €50 and the €25 million. The half of the 20 clubs at Primera are located at the bottom, in the frame between the €23 and the €10 million.

RC Deportivo La Coruña is 16th in the list of Primera clubs. Marca reports that the salary cap of the Galician outift is €15.3 million, though last week president Tino Fernández was saying that it’s slightly above the €14.6 million.

The salary caps at Primera

The salary caps at Segunda

The Segunda clubs combined have a salary cap of €85.6 million. On last season the situation was really equal, this time there’s a balance, though Real Betis is above the rest with a salary cap of €13.6 million, which curiously is higher than the one of three Primera clubs: SD Eibar (€12.8 million), Elche CF (€12.5 million) and UD Almería (€11.7 million).

The rest of Segunda club are below the €10 million. The club among the top two leagues with the lowest salary cap is UD Llagostera (€1.9 million), which is one of the four teams that clinched the promotion from Segunda B on last season.

The issue of the salary caps is on vogue on these days due to the case with winger Pedro León. Getafe CF couldn’t inscribe the player during the summer window as the Madrilenians exceeded their salary cap; they protested and took the case to the Spanish Federation.

On Thursday the RFEF authorized the inscription of the player. This was a dangerous situation as it was allowing the other clubs to skip the limit of the salary cap using this precedent. For this reason the LFP reacted quickly and just a few minutes later released a statement saying that the measure of the RFEF was invalid and that the player cannot take part of any official game with Getafe, this since the LFP is the only entity that can validate the inscription of a player.




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