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21 Sep 2014
Historic defeat for Deportivo; for the first time the Galician outfit allowed eight goals at the Riazor. Many errors at defense and it could have been worse as Real Madrid completed thirteen shots on target.

The lineup was the expected 4-2-3-1 with the novelties of Luisinho playing at the left-back position and Isaac Cuenca performing on the left wing. Modibo Diakité was debuting in an official game, which meant that the four signings made on deadline day were starters in the match. Totally there were four changes compared to the team that defeated SD Eibar on Monday.

German Lux was the starting keeper, Laure covered the right side of the defense, Luisinho played on the left, while Sidnei Rechel joined Diakité at the central positions. Álex Bergantiños and Haris Medunjanin were the centre midfielders, Juanfran Moreno attacked from the right wing, Isaac Cuenca did it from the left and Hélder Postiga was the centre forward.

At Real Madrid, coach Carlo Ancelotti presented the expected formation with the novelty of ex-Depor Álvaro Arbeloa performing at the right side of the defense. Marcelo was playing on the left. In attack, the Madrilenians were playing with their best men: James Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema.

Heavy burden for Depor after allowing three goals in the first part. The true is that the team was playing well within the first 25 minutes, but the punch of Real Madrid killed the game before half-time. Cristiano Ronaldo finally got the chance to score at the Riazor.

The game was fast since the kick-off, with both teams moving quickly the ball and having depth, though without completing shots on target within the first eight minutes. But soon the script of the game was clear: Real Madrid had the ball possession and pushed in attack, while Depor were locked at their side of the pitch waiting to release a counterattack.

Depor’s first approximation came at minute 9, Cuenca got the ball at the left wing and before entering the area he released a drilling shot that missed the target. Cristiano Ronaldo appeared for the first time at minute 11 in order to head a cross from the left, but it was an easy catch for Lux.

The first big chance in the game came at minute 15, Benzema drilled the ball into the far post and Bale arrived on time to try to chip the ball over Lux, but the Argentine man deflected the attempt.

Until this point Deportivo seemed to have things under control. Diakité and Sidnei were pretty solid at the back and, despite not creating too much in attack, the defense wasn’t suffering. But suddenly the game turned into a nightmare.

At minute 27, Ronaldo sent his first warming after picking the ball at the edge of the area, his shot was saved by Lux, but one minute later the Portuguese star was going to score his first goal at the Riazor. Arbeloa released the cross from the left, Sidnei arrived late and Ronaldo headed the ball on target, his attempt turned into a perfect volley past Lux.

Benzema was close to double the advantage at minute 30, but his effort was stopped by Lux. The goal brought calm to the Madrilenians, while Depor started to suffer with the long and quick plays by Los Blancos. The only response by Depor was a long-distance shot of Fariña that missed the target (32’).

The show of Real Madrid wasn’t over; at minute 35, James Rodriguez scored the second goal with a great shot from long distance. The Colombian picked the ball at the right corner of the area and his shot went into the right corner of Lux. He was assisted by Benzema.

The chaos was surrounding Depor and the Galician team turned to be a broken team, to the point of allowing a third goal that was really weird. Benzema was leading the counterattack before no opposition and Lux had to come out, the Frenchman fell into the ground at the edge of the area before the pressure of the keeper, but no foul was called as the ball went into the path of Ronaldo, who placidly sent it into the back of the net with a drilling attempt.

The only reaction from Depor was a quick play in a set-piece in which Cuenca didn’t find the way to assist a team mate after facing Casillas one-one-one (42’). Very hard punishment for Deportivo, team that paid a high price for its defensive errors in this half.

Another disaster in the second half; Depor tried to react, it scored a goal and even dreamed of been losing only by one goal, but the defensive errors pulled the team back into the ground. Diakité had a terrible game, but the rest of the team also failed at the moment of putting pressure over a rival that didn’t forgave any chance.

The final part started with Víctor Fernández making two changes as Juan Dominguez and Cavaleiro entered to replace Juanfran and Postiga. In this way the draw was switched into a 4-1-4-1 with Fariña playing on the left.

It seemed Depor were set to react in the second part as the referee whistled a doubtful penalty after Sergio Ramos touched the ball with the elbow when he was inside the area. Medunjanin scored his first goal at the club firing from the spot.

And Depor had three chances to score the second goal and add excitement to the game, but the attempts of Cuenca (52’), Fariña (57’) and Cavaleiro (59’) weren’t successful. The clearest one was the attempt of Fariña firing from the edge of the area, but it was saved by Casillas.

And then a new distraction at defense cost the fourth goal. Marcelo drilled the ball into the area and Gareth Bale scored his first goal in the game crossing Lux from close range. Diakité arrived late to the play. As it happened in the first part, the team fell down after allowing the first goal in the half. Depor neither attacked and neither defended properly.

Toché replaced Fariña and Real Madrid, without doing too much, scored again in a counterattack in which again the defense was bad placed. Substitute Isco drilled the ball exactly to the same point of the previous goal and once again Bale was there, this time to chip the ball past Lux.

Just four minutes later Los Blancos scored the sixth goal, Diakité continued with his dreadful performance and lost the ball inside the area before the pressure of James, then the Colombian assisted Cristiano Ronaldo, who completed his hat-trick with a low shot.

The only good news at this point was that the public at the Riazor, instead of whistling, were cheering up their team. Depor pulled one goal after Toché headed home a cross from Cuenca. But the evening was going to be completed with two wonderful shots from substitute Chicharito Hernández.

Both were pretty goals as the Mexican fired into the left top-corner of Lux from the edge of the area, but those goals also naked the big defensive errors of Deportivo as nobody put pressure over the attacker. A clear demonstration that Primera, for now, is too big for Depor.

Truly Diakité in his debuting match failed in at least three of the goals and also Sidnei failed, but it was also true that the defense was playing in an advance positons and neither the wingers nor the midfielders provided the needed aids to stop the bleeding.

Disaster for Deportivo. Coach Víctor Fernández was dreaming with a perfect game, but it turned to be the opposite to end establishing a negative record. The errors at defense are normally really expensive for any team, and if a team commits these mistakes against a powerful team like Real Madrid, then the situation is to end breaking records. It happened that way as Real Madrid scored for the first time eight goals playing on the road, while Depor also conceded eight goals for the first time playing at the Riazor.

A heavy burden that should awake the coach and the players about the lack of level of the team at this point of the season. There’s not too much time to react as on Tuesday there’s a new game, and it isn’t a simple match as it’s the visit to RC Celta for the first derby on the season (Balaídos, 22h00 CET)

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Laure, Diakité, Sidnei, Luisinho – Álex Bergantiños, Medunjanin – Juanfran (Juan Dominguez 46’), Fariña (Toché 73’), Cuenca – Postiga (Cavaleiro 46’).
Real Madrid: (4-2-3-1) Casillas – Arbeloa, Varane, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo – Modrić (Isco 70’), Kroos – Bale (Hernández 76’), James, Ronaldo – Benzema (Illarramendi 58’)
Goals: 0-1: (28’) Ronaldo, 0-2: (35’) James Rodriguez, 0-3: (41’) Ronaldo, 1-3: (51’) Medunjanin (penalty), 1-4: (65’) Bale, 1-5: (74’) Bale, 1-6: (77’) Ronaldo, 2-6: (83’) Toché, 2-7: (87’) Hernández, 2-8: (90+1’) Hernández.
Referee: Pedro Jesús Pérez Montero. He showed yellow card to Sergio Ramos (49’) and Sidnei (64’).
Venue: Riazor (27,685)
Other statistics: Ball possession (40% - 60%); Attempts to score (6 – 15); Total shots (14 - 19); Shots on target (5 - 13); Saves by the keepers (5 - 3); Corner-kicks (2 - 3); Offsides (3 - 3); Fouls committed (8 - 9); Passing accuracy (87% - 92%)




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