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22 Sep 2014
The media listed the miseries of a Deportivo that suffered an historic defeat, but also reminded the big differences between both clubs due to their budgets. The papers also praised the punch of Real Madrid.

Deporte Campeón: Hard punishment at the Riazor. Deportivo suffered one of the toughest and one of the biggest defeats in the history of la liga. Eight goals conceded are many, too many. Five of them can be explained due to the defensive errors, but with a 0-3 at half-rime, and playing against the white talent, it is what can happen. Depor didn’t give up in attack, but the failures at defense weighed the plan trying to reduce the difference.

Yesterday’s game was an accident. Not to see Madrid winning, but that all the lines, keeper, centre-backs, full-backs, midfielders, committing so many errors at defense, -possibly-if the team would have been strong enough to not allow the opposing players to shine then the outcome would have been different. There is no point in lamenting. The nightmare is over and now it’s time to dream again of next Tuesday's derby. Alberto Torres

La Voz de Galicia. Softness in the defeat. Deportivo failed to execute its plan to seize the doubts at Real Madrid and went off with a huge result (2-8). The significance of the defeat points more to the morale of the troops ahead of the Galician derby than of what the standings can reflect. Madrid seized the softness of the Galician team and the debut with mismatches of the new couple composed by Sidnei & Diakité to heal some of their wounds. It was a game of low intensity, far from what was habituated in the visits of Madrid in recent years, it was a match in which the punch of the white stars settled the dim resistance of a Depor that were able to score twice, but that had little weight in the match.

Between James, Cristiano and Benzema they burst the plan of Depor pursuing a surprising result if you look at the figures and potential of both teams. As much as the vaunted and cyclical crisis of Madrid after losing two games would feed the ambition of a team with problems, Ancelotti’s men remain higher on paper and shaped it into the field. Deportivo have two days to forget the big loss and face the Galician derby against Celta. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: Incoordination. It has been shown that the system itself does not fit all rivals. In this case Víctor Fernández sinned that things went right at Eibar trying to do the same against a very different opponent like Real Madrid. Perhaps the change of centre-backs caused a significant imbalance. It was saw that they weren’t coordinated in their movements. There were several plays where they didn’t’ do well the line for the offside and a couple of goals came thus.

Depor lacked aggressiveness throughout the game. The intensity was completely lost after the fourth goal. It’s necessary to notice the excessive individuality of Cuenca. A team consists of eleven players and one of his losses ended in a goal of Madrid on the counterattack. In the 0-1, I think he doesn’t help on the left and let Arbeloa alone enough to release the cross to Cristiano. On that side Madrid made a lot damage, because every time Bale moved to the centre, Luisinho was following him and big gaps were opened to see Madrid taking advantage very well. However, we must also consider the huge difference between the two squads. With the wages of one player at Madrid you can pay all the players at Deportivo and this was shown on the pitch. Javier Bardanca

El País: Hell it's a garden now. Maybe only a few underworlds are still alive in this standardized football of the XXI century, time when it’s impossible to live the adventures starred by Deportivo to create a legend at home against Real Madrid, a success story that’s about to turn into a war story of veterans. In the league that no longer fills stadiums, and that has fostered a lonely single player to exceed the salary of the whole team that he’s facing, there’s hardly any space for the epic. For the little clubs, of course. That footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, had never scored at the Riazor, but yesterday he did it three times.

Beyond the solidifying quality of the products he uses on his hair, Cristiano didn’t give the impression of making a big effort. In that way Real Madrid won in A Coruña, with eight goals, the biggest win in its history playing outside the Bernabéu. The result made it clear that for Deportivo, as for so many other teams who fill the ever growing lower-middle class of the league, to compete against giants like Real Madrid is a chimera, something that maybe one day you will tell the grandchildren as a faint memory. Juan L. Cudeiro

Marca: Goal scoring machine. Real Madrid was hiding. At the Riazor it discovered and unleashed itself with fury on what was previously an old swamp land. Deportivo, team that ate eight goals, was killed by the machine of Ancelotti. It turned on and worked like a charm. It thrashed its opponent without mercy.

The score was outrageous. Madrid clinched an historic win. Not even in black and white managed to score eight goals away from home in a league match. Cristiano scored three goals in a stadium that was pending to conquer, Bale signed two, and Chicharito had time to join the party with another pair of goals. The other goal was scored by James, who’s entering into the game of the team. He was the man of the match in an afternoon in which not only the scorers were the stars. Deportivo was hit by a freight train. Deportivo, however, had the merit of revealing, at least trying. Medunjanin scored a penalty and believed. Then it came face to face with reality. Delfín Melero

AS: Galactic orgy by Madrid. There’s one type of crime absolutely induced by the events. Fate does everything but to pull the trigger: loads the gun, put the fog and alienates the mind. It happened to Depor before shooting its foot. Until Madrid's third goal (40 '), Victor Fernandez's team had nothing to reproach itself. The first two goals were indefensible, that kind of goals that opposing coaches are able to forgive, "If we do everything right and score, then we applaud them."

No one applauded the goal of Cristiano, but the stupefaction equals a heartfelt ovation. I insist that Deportivo saw itself with the 0-2 without making mistakes. All the errors were concentrated soon after, in a defensive mistake involving the centre-backs and the goalkeeper, who poorly measured the play. You can match Madrid in football, but in strength is almost impossible. Normally, the white team plays downhill in the second parts.

When the field became a racecourse, Bale scored the fourth and fifth goal, winning the back of the centre-backs. The next two goals were the work of Chicharito, who joined the game with 14 minutes left. The seventh was a fantastic volley with his left leg. The eighth was a shot with his right leg that was diverted by a defender. Thus the eight goals arrived, one after another. And so it was that we deleted the sentences in which we encouraged Depor despite the defeat, one word after another. Madrid have returned and Depor will do it another day.  Juanma Trueba



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