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23 Sep 2014
Both coaches want to stay away from the label of “favourites” ahead of the derby; Berizzo understands that the key is to avoid errors, while Fernández says that his team is going out for the victory.

 Manuel Eduardo Berizzo is a young coach that has just began his European career after accepting the job at RC Celta during the summer. This former centre-back had a long career as a player, making 101 appearances with RC Celta during the first years of this century and also played 13 times with the national team of Argentina.

He retired in 2006 and launched his career as a coach working in South America. His first success was to cinch the national title in Chile with O'Higgins F.C. (2013). On May 19, 2014 he was surprisingly named as the coach of RC Celta after the departure of Luis Enrique to FC Barcelona. This is just his fifth game at the top-flight in Spain and is also his first meeting against Víctor Fernández, who was his coach during his playing stage in Vigo.

It’s a special game for Víctor, after all RC Celta lived its best years with the Aragonian man on the bench. He was the boss at the Galician team in four straight seasons between 1998 and 2002. He coached the team for 152 Primera matches-the highest number at the club- adding 64 victories and 44 draws, plus suffering 44 defeats.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Monday’s evening and after the training session held at the Riazor. He talked to reporters for eighteen minutes. He was feeling sorry for the injury sustained by Juan Dominguez, "It was a disgrace. It occurred at the last moment of the training match as he was attempting to shot on target. I am not optimistic with his injury. He wasn’t looking good and is out of tomorrow’s game. I hope he won’t be off for a long time, but it seems he could be out for two weeks.”

The Aragonian coach didn’t want to give clues about the lineup,  “I won’t say anything of the lineup, because the players don’t know yet the plans. I would have preferred to have Juan Dominguez on, but football is like this. We haven’t trained yet any specific lineup. Yesterday it was  recovery session and today we were only assessing if all the players have recovered after the effort done on Saturday.”

About the current mental state of the players, he commented that Depor are wishing to get a victory, “We want to fight for the victory, always knowing we are playing against an important rival, and that this is a derby. It’s a different game. We will try to play the game with the heart and also with the head. We must be responsible at the moment of making the decisions. The derbies are special games, because the teams' form & the statistics aren’t counting. We're convinced we can get a positive result.”

He isn’t expecting any special welcome in Vigo, “Nothing special happened in the day I played there with Betis. I don’t know what could happen and neither have stopped to think about it. I guess they will welcome me, but I am not thinking of it. My head is only focused in doing the best for my team.”

The former coach of Celta was still insisting that he got positive reviews after re-watching the game with Real Madrid, “I watched again the game and the observation reaffirmed the ideas that I expressed when I was answering your questions. In a football matter we completed the best 27 first minutes of the tournament, this about organization and intention, but we lacked  more decision in the final meters. We had a reaction that I wasn’t expecting after half-time. We were fine after been losing 0-3 against Madrid, but it’s also true that later we had 23 or 24 horrendous minutes in which we surrendered after the fourth goal. It left us with an ugly result. What I want to say is that I got positive and negative readings from the game. “

Víctor was asked if Fabricio is going to play as a starter, this since the Canarian was tested as a starter during the last training held at the Riazor; and  the response was, “Tomorrow you will see it. Tomorrow you will know it.”

Then he praised Berrizo, “I’m not surprised to see him as a coach. He [Berrizo] is doing a great job commanding Celta. He was a great lad and was always asking why we were doing one thing or the other, it was clear he was going to be a coach.  He has been influenced by Marcelo Bielsa as he was at Chile’s national team.”

He doesn’t give importance to the fact that Celta is the favourite for the game, “I never label a team as the favorite, especially in a derby. Possibly you can see Celta as the favourite due to the moments lived by both teams, but I don’t see any favourite side in a derby. If Celta want to have that level then I’m careless. I know how I’m going to play. I know what a derby is as I’ve lived many derbies at other cities.”

The coach neither thinks that the derby of the pre-season is a measure to predict what can happen in this match, “I doubt that more than five players are going to repeat their presence compared to the game at Pasarón; later the physical aspect is different. They were flying on that game and we were unable to walk. It coincided with the period of time when we were coming back from Portugal and was after the Teresa Herrera. Now we are much better.  Surely both teams are more equal now.”

Back to the game against Real Madrid, he said that Depor only lost three points, this after been questioned if the club’s officials told him anything after the heavy loss, “The permanence isn’t passing through defeating Madrid or Barcelona, but through defeating the rivals at our same height. The result against Real Madrid won’t move me away from my thoughts, but truly we lost three points.”

Finally, Víctor Fernández was explaining the situation with the injured players, “Insua is fine and in two days will join the group and will receive the medical okay. It’s about working each day and gaining pace. About Lucas, we have to wait. The scarce is fine, but we cannot assume risks. Possibly we’ll have to wait ten or twelve days to see him joining the group. We have to wait. About Salomão, on this week he will train with the group, but without having physical contact. He is only integrating into the group.”

Celta’s coach addressed the media on Monday’s morning; he refused to accept that his team is the favourite for the game, “We aren’t the favourites, it wouldn’t be positive to look at ourselves in that way. It’s a meeting where we can extract positive things, but in order to win it we need to make the best possible game.”

“We don’t feel like the favourites and I neither think that’s good to feel that way. It’s more an external appreciation rather than an internal thing. We are coming after a game that left positive things as we completed a great performance before Atlético Madrid, a match in which we showed maturity and the capacity to suffer in order to hold on the result.” He added.

The Argentine coach was warning of Depor’s virtues, “It’s a good team with players that know how to manage the ball, just like his coach likes to propose; besides their wingers are fast and dangerous. We have to neutralize their wingers, because these are fast and very dangerous players, and from that moment we have to put pressure at midfield in order to get the ball and then play quickly.”

Berizzo doesn’t think that the game against Real Madrid is a reference to judge this game and neither thinks it will be a similar match to the one played on the pre-season, “The reference for this game is more located with the games played against Real Madrid or Eibar and not with the match of the pre-season. Depor is coming after making a great game at Eibar, with a strong performance, and before Real Madrid they suffered more punishment of what they deserved.”

He didn’t give clues of the lineup as he hadn’t decided yet the team for the match, “We still have 24 hours before the game and we’ll define the lineup tomorrow, but the physical condition is intact and will try to add the highest intensity to the game. Saturday’s game left us the lesson that we must use the intensity in any field, especially playing at home. As soon as I choose the lineup for the game the ideas will be the same. Anyone can play and we must respect our game. I hope to be able to distribute the minutes and see everybody happy, even if they are not playing. Nobody one here is complaining for not playing.”

The coach was asked for the reason why Hugo Mallo was a starter instead of Jonny in the previous game, “Mallo trained at the top and sometimes you make choices depending of the kind of game you are playing. I choose a player that’s having some determinate characteristics depending of the rival that we are facing.”

For him it’s very important to not make mistakes, “We must try to reinforce our ideas with the game and especially to not make mistakes, because in the meeting we are about to play the errors affect the morale and the development of the game. We need to be serious having the ball. Obviously to lose a derby it means frustration, but people are connected with the team and no matter the result we are going up.”

Finally, Berizzo talked of Víctor Fernández, his former coach when he played for Celta, “He was the coach that brought me to Europe and we had great seasons. I keep great memories of Víctor, who was a very respectful coach in his relations with the players. He was always near to the player. His game has always been offensive and has been coherent throughout his career. My respects for a coach that, despite been on the opposite bench, was always very close to us.”




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