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25 Sep 2014
The coach was satisfied with the reaction of the team during the second part and understands that Depor deserved to pick up a point. The players were also emphasizing the reaction of the team in the second half.

Coach Víctor Fernández understands that his team deserved a point, “It was a very intense and exciting derby, with two very different halves. In the first part Celta seized a throw-in when the game was just starting and it caught us out of place. It was hard to react. The second half was ours, it was a different story. We were braver and were ending the plays. Celta ended locked at their area and asking for the final whistle. Each team dominated one half and we did the merits to have picked a point in a game with a high intensity and that, at times, had great football.”

“In any derby you have to win, no matter you are playing as a visitor. We are leaving with the impression that we had a good reaction. They ended asking for the final whistle and putting more defenders. We had the feeling we could have achieved the comeback. You end dissatisfied with the result, which is what matters, but you have a positive feeling with the team. This is a team under construction and I’m convinced that in a few weeks, as soon as some man can adapt, we will improve. And you cannot deny that our attitude was great and that we knew how to compete before a rival with an ascending performance in the league.” He added.

About the play of the penalty, the Aragonian coach said that, “The penalty was an unfaithful play for us, we have a good specialist like Haris, but the keeper made a great play and Sergio ended as the hero in the game. He brought two more points for Celta. You end screwed, but also with a positive feeling as we reacted pretty well, we showed character and courage, something we transmitted into the pitch and it’s hard when you have it in your hands. It was a merit of the goalkeeper.”

Finally, Víctor explained the situation with Lopo, “I reserved him against [Real] Madrid due to a physical situation. He isn’t the kind of player that can perform in three games in one single week. The rest was good for him and, logically, he’s back into the team.”

Fariña was commenting the game, "We improved in the second part and the result isn't what we expected, for this reason we are returning home with sadness. In the first part they pressed us a lot, in the second they were tired and we improved seizing the situation. There was an improvement in the second part and we reacted thanks to our pride.”

“We remain calm as we are giving everything. We lost the previous game by a big score, but we our pride is keeping us alive. We will try to leave Depor as high as possible. We can only ask apologies to the fans for the defeat. I'm feeling hurt for the play in which I couldn't connect the ball properly." The Argentine man added.

It was a complicate game for Sidnei Rechel; the Brazilian failed in both goals, but also provoked the penalty. He commented that.  “It was complicate as they scored an early goal and the result could have been better. I believe the whole defense made a great job despite the result. We must lift the head and think of the next game. We are feeling screwed and need to be strong and work harder."

Meanwhile, Álex Bergantiños was saying that it was an equal game, “I believe it was an equal game, disgracefully the score wasn't in our favour. The first goal was too easy for them, and the second came in a set-piece. We had the chance to equalize and we failed. The 1-0 was a key play as we had doubts. We missed depth in the first part. The first goal allowed them to have more confidence, but we reacted pretty well. Fariña had a clear one-one-on action and we had the chance to tie with that penalty. Now we cannot fail against Almeria. We cannot fail at home.”

At RC Celta, Eduardo Berizzo admitted that his team suffered in the second part, "We were more hurried than the situation required; it was the product of an anxiety that has to do with the importance of the match. We were in a rush in the moment of attacking. In the first half we could have made a difference. In the second the game was broke. We should not have allowed the 1-1, because the game was quiet. Fortunately we found the goal in a set-piece.”

"In a derby, a win is a big boost, a mood booster. It hasn’t been easy. The penalty brought a special drama, but the important thing is that we won. People wanted to win, we wanted to win, and we got it. We were too delayed in the final minutes, because Depor damaged us with their long balls. We had the counterattack with Larrivey to kill the game, we failed and then came the penalty. Fortunately Sergio stopped it. I’m delighted to find my people happy, to see the celtismo celebrating this victory, because I know how they enjoy what matters and the important thing is to win the derby. Today we can say that we are the owners of Galicia.”



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