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28 Sep 2006
A commission in la liga has determined that Trist�n and Scaloni are free to play with their new clubs. It was a tight decision and Depor could try to present now the case in a sporting court. Meanwhile, Espanyol is menacing to take Lopo's case to a civil court.

Diego Trist�n and Lionel Scaloni are free to play with their new clubs, Mallorca and Racing Santander. On Wednesday, a commission in la liga established that both men were free players on August 31st, a condition that let them sign for any club in Spain. Deportivo protested their inscription in la liga, because the Galician club believes that both players obtained their freedom until the first days of September.

The decision was taken with eight votes in favour and six against the motion. Depor's lawyer, Germ�n Rodr�guez Conchado, was surprised with the decision and he made an ironic comment when the reporters asked about the case: "It seems that there's some people with more information than us. Maybe they have good friends, the ones we don't have."

But it seems that this will not be the end of this story, newspaper La Opini�n A Coru�a informed that Deportivo might take the case to the Spanish Committee of Sporting Discipline (CEDD), this is the sporting court that analysed on the past season the conflict with Valencia during the copa del rey. The club hasn't made any comment about this possibility yet, but is probable that Conchado will try to reach this instance.

Espanyol's director,  Pedro Tom�s, said that his club still asking for a economic compensation in the case of Albert Lopo. The Catalan defender arrived to Depor in a free transfer during the summer, but a deal signed between the Primera clubs forces to make a payment in order to cancel the formation rights of a player 'created' in the young categories.

Deportivo have argued that this deal isn't valid and Espanyol is trying to obtain �5.5 million, a compensation that was calculated according to the player's salary and the number of years that he spent in the Catalan club. Espanyol sent a fax to Deportivo on the past week, and they gave a period of seven days in order to respond. No answer has been made yet and Espanyol could take the case to a civil court during the next days.

Meanwhile the cases with Roberto Acu�a and Adri�n L�pez continues to be stopped. The mediation commission that's handling the case with the Paraguayan midfielder will have a meeting during the next days, and the Spanish Federation hasn't announced yet any decision about Adri�n L�pez. The Asturian striker signed for Depor on the summer, but Real Oviedo protested his inscription since they believe that the player still under contract with them. For the moment both players still training with the squad, Adri�n has even played a couple of friendly matches.

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