27 Sep 2014
Fabricio Agosto was interviewed by newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the Canarian goalkeeper waits for his moment and says that Lux is fine despite allowing fourteen goals within the first five matchdays.

 Q: What a tough job being goalkeeper!
A: Itís very difficult to see a goalkeeper playing, because I donít know any coach who removes a keeper to waste one change during a match. But we have to train and be prepared as well as possible for whatever the coach decides.

Q: Is it more difficult to change a goalkeeper than any other player?
A: Yes. The goalkeeper is the player who needs more confidence, both with the coach and with team mates. It isnít easy to take that step, because you cannot remove and put him as a forward or as a field player. It requires that confidence.

Q: You mean that not only affects the performance, but how the rest appreciate you?
A: Yes, in order to change the keeper you must assess several things: confidence, how well they know you, to already have games playing with the defenders, because if there is a long cross, they should know if you will go out or if they should be giving you the ball, because you're there, in the output of the ball. There are many things that make you conscientiously study the decision to change the goalie. Itís easier to put an outfield player. In the case of the goalie, however, is always one man whoís more used due to the pace required in the games.

Q: Have your time arrived?
A: I feel good physically and train at the top to be ready when the coach needs me. It could be on Sunday, last week or at the beginning of the season. Iím only focused in training and improve every day to yield in full measure.

Q: The pre-season showed a mature Fabricio and also a fit player
A: I'm very happy with how the pre-season went. Hopefully when I debuted some years ago I would have been the Fabricio that I am now. I have changed a lot, I've grown my way of life; it was a little crazy. I wasnít respecting my nutrition, neither the rest and now Iím a professional and Iím delighted to have taken this turn.

Q: In which things have you changed?
A: Now I analyze more the matches, you know when you have to stop the pace, when you have to make a long throw, when you must go out for the ball... You also earn experience and earn confidence with the colleagues, which is important on the field. Itís something brought by experience and that's what I've matured, because my sacrifice in training has always been the same. I give everything and thatís the only thing that I havenít changed.

Q: How do you see Lux?
A: I see heís fine. I think he has been key this year and last year too, and is working well. The pity was that injury during the pre-season, which stopped him a little, but I see heís fine, looking forward and involved one hundred percent. It's a great goalie, just need a pinch of luck, to not see the rivals scoring more goals, because he has done well and is very important for this team.

Q: Do you recognize that fourteen goals conceded in five games is too many?
A: Yes, but the game in which we didnít concede a goal we won it and we have to stay with it. We have saw how Villarreal suffered to get a tie in Eibar, Real [Sociedad], which is a great team, lost there... But we won, so we have to insist on that path. It isnít easy, we are a team under construction; we are understanding better what the coach wants. I see my colleagues having with more confidence and I think we are missing the little details that mark the matches, small mismatches or even misfortune and that cost us some points.

Q: Do you suffer more with a defensive line playing in an advance position as your coach is ordering?
A: You have to watch the balls put at the back of the defense. To suffer more or less? Well, when we have the ball and we play in an advance positon, we donít suffer, but we must be vigilant and almost play as the last defender. Itís important that the goalkeeper can avoid dangerous moves, beyond making saves. Molina was an expert. He often avoided those actions and read very well those plays. Neuer did well in the World Cup. I think Lux has cut many times these actions and did it well.

Q: What are the feeling inside the changing room?
A: We're very strong and are morally intact, because the fans are closer than ever with us. If we give everything, they are going to be with is until death. After losing 2-8 they were cheering us up with their scarves and applauding, later to see them going to Vigo to support us, it was the nicest thing that can happen to us. Our fans are on our side, as long as we leave everything on the field, which is what we are doing.




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