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29 Sep 2014
Third straight defeat on the season. Depor had the best chances, but Almeria was the most dangerous team in the major part of the game. It was a very hard hit as the goal came in the stoppage time and it was a very lucky play.

For the first time on the season coach Víctor Fernández was repeating a lineup in consecutive matchdays. Both German Lux and Hélder Postiga were starters despite they weren’t part of the team tested in the last training.

Lux was at the goal, Laure covered the right side of the defense, Luisinho played on the left. Albert Lopo and Sidnei Rechel were the centre-backs. Álex Bergantiños and Haris Medunjanin were the pivotes, Juanfran Moreno attacked from the right wing, Isaac Cuenca did it from the left, Luis Fariña was the playmaker and Postiga was the centre forward.

At UD Almeria, coach Francisco Rodríguez presented a 4-2-3-1 draw. Fernando Soriano was left on the bench, therefore the playmaker in the formation was José Antonio García ‘Verza’. Jonathan Zongo, Edgar Méndez and Tommer Hemed were the references in attack.

Mixed news in the first part; it was an equal half, at times Depor looked like the broken team that lost the derby, but in the middle of the half it had two clear scoring chances. Almeria was a dangerous team in the counterattack and Lux completed a couple of good saves.

Depor had the initiative in the first half, though it was Almeria the side that completed the first shot on target. It was a lateral free-kick in which Trujillo collected the loose ball at the edge of the area, but his attempt hit a rival and was later controlled by Lux (3’).

The Galicians were mainly attacking by the right wing, with the combination of Juanfran and Laure. But the first opportunity for the locals came by the left. It was a throw-in, Cuenca collected the ball at the left corner of the area, but his attempt missed the target (10’).

With the passage of the minutes the script was clear: Deportivo were trying to have the ball and attacked by the sides, while Almeria were relying in quick counterattacks searching for Hemed and Edgar, precisely the latter had the first big opportunity in the game. Laure lost the ball at the right side of the defense and the winger attempted a shot that Lux cleared to corner-kick (15’).

That was going to be a picture repeated throughout the game, because Depor’s defense was playing in an advance position and suffered a lot before the quick moves of the visiting team, and with Los Rojiblancos playing with very fast players on the sides, then the impression of been living at the edge of chaos was constant.

It was then that the game changed, though it was only for a few minutes. Because Almeria were now dominating, while Depor were looking like the broken team that played the first half against RC Celta. However, it was just a mirage as the locales were going to live their best moment in the game between minutes 25 & 30.

Deportivo created two clear chances. In the first Juanfran assisted Cuenca at the right corner of the box, then the winger tried to cross visiting keeper Rubén Martínez with a drilling attempt, but he missed the target (35’).

Three minutes later Medunjanin released a corner-kick at the right side, Fariña missed the ball at the far post, but it hit the chest of the Argentine man and the ball went into the path of Sidnei, who released a powerful low shot that hit the far post. Depor were really unlucky to not score a goal in any of those two plays.

In the following minutes the game returned to the same path, with Depor stuck at midfield and with Almeria looking dangerous in the counterattack. At minute 39, the Andalusians had a new clear chance. Again Edgar started the play with a strong shot from the left wing that Lux deflected, the loose ball went into the path of Thomas, but his header missed the target (39’). Depor were lucky to not suffer a goal in this play.

The half ended with Postiga missing the target through a header after collecting a cross in a new corner-kick of Medunjanin (42’). Fariña completed the 100% of his passes in this half, but he only made twenty touches. The reason was that Depor were focused on the sides and the Argentine wasn’t breaking the rival’s defensive line by the centre.

Depor continued having big problems at defense, it enjoyed of the best chances, but it never left the feeling of been a solid team. To make things worse the Galician outfit received a hard punishment at the end with a very lucky goal and with three players dealing with physical problems. Again Deportivo dropped the points at the last moment.

The second part began in the same way: the Galicians were trying to have the initiative, but lacking depth and the worst part was to continue committing errors at defense. The visiting team was looking better within the first ten minutes, mainly as they were seizing the bad passes of Depor. It was recovering the ball at the edge of Depor’s area, but they lacked aim with a couple of shots that went wide.

At minute 55, Depor had their first approximation in the half, Sidnei assisted Cuenca and he ran on the left wing and released a drilling cross that Postiga missed inside the box. The locals needed to refresh the attacking line and Víctor moved the bench as Cavaleiro replaced Juanfran. The Portuguese added more presence inside the area, but it was still missing aim.

The big chance in this half for Depor came at minute 63; it was a corner-kick on the left released by Medunjanin that was sent into the box, Postiga connected a perfect downward header that was saved by the keeper (63’). Another lucky play that favoured the visiting team as Rubén barely deflected the ball at the goal line.

The second substitution at Depor was the entry of Toché for Cuenca, the latter was dragging a muscle problem. That was the factor that was going to define the game, because three Depor’s players picked injuries within the last twenty-five minutes.

The draw was now 4-4-2.  But the game didn’t change: the Galicians were having big problems to contain the wingers of Almeria. At minute 71, a cross by substitute Wellington wasn’t clearly by Lux and in the end Laure had the send the ball to corner-kick.

Fariña was the second player that was dragging a physical problem, he was replaced by Canella. With the move Luisinho advanced his position. Postiga was the third player with a muscle injury, he didn’t want to leave the pitch as there were no more changes and as he didn’t want to leave the team with one less man.

Still, Postiga had the last two chances for Depor, the clearest one was a bad pass by the visiting defense in which he couldn’t resolve the one-on-one action before Rubén (80’). Almeria didn’t have the best chances in the game, but their virtue was to always push. The entries of Thievy and Wellington just made worse the bleeding by the sides.

To the point that Depor were at the mercy of Almeria within the final ten minutes. At minute 83, Thievy scored a goal after collecting a deflecting save by Lux, but it was ruled out due to an offside. And the Andalusians were going to score the goal in the last play, just when it seemed the game was going to end scoreless.

It was a very lucky action, Depor lost the ball at midfield, Ramón Azeez released the counterattack and assisted Edgar Méndez, who released a shot that was deflected by Laure, the shot turned into a perfect volley that was impossible by Lux entering by the left-top corner. There was no time for a reaction.

A very hard hit against Deportivo; firstly for been the third straight loss and later for allowing a last-minute goal in a game in which the Galicians had the best chances. Almeria seized their best opportunity, but the true is that they were more regular throughout the meeting. The three players with physical problems at the last stretch of the game were also factors for the defeat.

For the second straight opportunity, Depor dropped points at the last minute. The Galicians are now at the edge of the relegation zone after only adding four points in six matchdays. On next Sunday, there’s a difficult challenge as the team visits Sevilla CF (Sánchez Pizjuán, 12h00 CET).

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Laure, Sidnei, Lopo, Luisinho – Álex Bergantiños, Medunjanin – Juanfran (Cavaleiro 60’), Fariña (Canella 78’), Cuenca (Toché 70’) – Postiga
Almería: (4-2-3-1) Rubén Martínez – Ximo Navarro, Dos Santos, Trujillo, Dubarbier – Azeez, Thomas (Soriano 70’) – Edgard, Verza, Jonathan (Wellington 58’) – Hemed (Thievy 80’)
Goal: 0-1: (90+2’) Edgar Méndez
Referee: José Antonio Teixeira Vitienes. He showed yellow card to Laure (2’), Trujillo (32’), Ximo Navarro (40’), Dubarbier (62’), Rubén Martínez (85’) & Lopo (90´)
Venue: Riazor (19,843)
Other statistics: Ball possession (56% - 44%); Attempts to score (4 – 7); Total shots (8 - 15); Shots on target (1 - 6); Saves by the keepers (5 - 1); Corner-kicks (6 - 5); Offsides (5 - 3); Fouls committed (14 - 18); Passing accuracy (81% - 72%)




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