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30 Sep 2014
The players were feeling screwed for losing the game at the last breath, while Deportivo’s coach was insisting that the setbacks at the end of the match, with three men injured, were the key factors to suffer a new defeat.

Coach Víctor Fernández was feeling sorry for Depor’s fate in this game, “I don’t know if it was a good game, but during the last twenty minutes it was a race road, because it was the sum of disgraces having two injured players that had to be replaced and another one that couldn’t be changed, who was Postiga. We played the last 14 or 15 minutes with ten men and until that point we did the merits to claim the lead, but once again we received an unfair and undeserved punishment.”

“We missed aim to define the opportunities that we had and later, when the game was open, the result could have fallen to any side, and at that point we were already playing with ten men and were misplaced. It turned to be a hard punishment. Cuenca and Fariña requested the substitution and it was harmful to stay with Postiga in, he suffered a muscle problem and stayed in order to not leave us with ten men. It killed us as we have risked with the entry of Toché and with Fariña trying to be plugged on the left wing. We were unbalanced. Not even close we deserved this result.” He added.

He continued complaining of the situation with the injured players, “For me the key is the three injured players, two were replaced and the third stayed as the substitutions were already made. It conditioned us to play that way after the changes that we had. Another thing is the virtue of Almeria for looking for the goal in the last stretch of the game. The team was broken within the last twenty minutes, before it was really compact.”

The Galician coach assured that Depor tried to protect the tie after suffering the setbacks, “Our intention within the last fifteen minutes was to hold on the result, trying to seek for the goal in a free-kick, we didn’t want to assume unnecessary risks, because at that moment it was really hard to win it. Possibly the draw was the reward we could get, however we suffered the punishment of the defeat, but the clear thing is that it didn’t happen for assuming unnecessary risks.”

Despite losing three straight games, Fernández is content with the attitude of the team, “If I’m proud of something is of the disposition to work by the team, the will to seek for the game and fight against the adversity. If we can presume of something it is our strong will and our positive attitude to face the competition, what happens is that our team has been hardly punished by adversity and fate. Maybe I watched another game and we deserved to lose, but we surpassed the rival in all the statistics. We did the right things to win, but since we lost we cannot justify the result.”

“We need time and results. If you make a balance of the latest games then you will realize that we did more merits than points and this is a matter of adding points though you can do less merits. That’s my judgment after what happened within the last two games. It’s hard to surpass this, but I anticipated this and already told the group that this season is requesting an extraordinary mental strength, and in this sense a day will come in which the ball will hit the post and will go in, the day will come in which the rival will make fourteen shots and we will win the games We will win games in this way too.” He added.

The Aragonian coach was also listing the things missed by Depor, “We had options, but there was a moment when we missed precise crosses and we need to improve our last pass, but the team is willing to win the games. All I can say is that we need to continue working and gain the mental strength to bear this season, because it will be like this all season long.”

Finally, Víctor Fernández explained the status with the injured players, “I don’t know if the situation with Isaac [Cuenca] will prevent him to take part of the game with Sevilla, neither with Fariña. It was the third game in eight days for both of them. I’m more worried of the situation with Postiga. I guess the other two are doubtful, but don’t want to think of it. [Juan] Dominguez will continue to be off and I don’t know what will happen with Lucas. We must be patient and look forward, because things will surely change.”

Luis Fariña was explaining that he’s fine, “The knee is fine, but within the last two weeks I have only trained for two days and it affected me. I was tired and felt with cramps, so I decided to give the chance to another partner. I didn’t feel fine in a physical sense. Let’s hope I would be able to train at the top on this week. I know that my body wasn’t fine on these weeks, but hope to train at the top and want to be available against Sevilla.”

About the game, the Argentine playmaker said that, “We are feeling hurt. I believe that in the first part we had enough chances to close the game, but we failed to convert the chances and we paid a high price at the end. I imagine the public is upset, mainly as we didn’t concrete the many chances that we had.  We had many chances in the first part and we paid the price at the end. This group needs to be strong in order to add more points in the coming matchdays.”

Luisinho said that Depor should have seized the scoring opportunities had throughout the game, “We had many scoring opportunities, in the first part we had one of two chances that should have ended in goal. And later suffered an unexpected outcome. We lost the game because we didn’t seized the chances that we had. At Primera any side missing to score is lead to lose and it is what happened to us. Anyone missing to score is predestined to lose.”

Laure was feeling sorry for losing this match, “We are feeling hurt. We need to remain strong and I believe the team presented a good version today, but misfortune was against us. Truly in the first half we have controlled the game, in the second it was more open and there were chances for both sides, and in the last minute he released a shot and went into the top corner.”

The Madrilenian defender was sending a message to the fans, “We must thank them for the support and, especially, we’re telling them that we’re going to give everything. We’ll keep fighting and tomorrow we’ll start to work in order to improve. We all knew it was going to be tough and must continue pushing. We all were conscious that we were going to suffer and I believe that, with the merits that we had, we have less points of what we deserve, but this is too long and only a few matchdays have bene played. If we keep doing the right things, then I believe the points will come.”

Álex Bergantiños addressed the media on Monday and he denied that Deportivo is in crisis, “This changes very quickly, if that goal wouldn’t have been scored then we would be saying that it was a good result. It’s not true. It was a tough week and truly we are failing, but at some moment it will turn in our favour, so we need to be calmed and cannot be talking of crisis.”

At UD Almeria, coach Francisco Rodríguez admitted that his team was really lucky to pick up the victory, “Deportivo had enough opportunities to have scored the goal, so my team would have been pretty content with only a draw and we are very happy after picking the three.”

“The players must be congratulated. We have achieved the reward that we were looking for. In the second half the team grew up and reached the final stretch having options and we clinched it at minute 90, so we are satisfied. The team is reinforced with the result and we are satisfied. Deportivo have a good team with quality players, so logically they will leave the last places too.” He added.



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