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07 Oct 2014
From the apologies of Laure to the explanations of Víctor Fernández, the defeat in Seville is leaving a scar at Deportivo. Even president Tino Fernández had to come out and assure the coach won’t be fired.

Coach Víctor Fernández was worried due to the poor impression left by the team in the second half, “Sevilla were superior in the second half, there was no response after the third goal, but what truly hit us was the second goal. We cannot go to the rest with a 2-1 disadvantage. The goal was a free-kick in which we gave the back to the ball. It hurt us and later we lacked reaction; we didn’t have the morale and the mental strength to bear the pace imposed by Sevilla. Their victory is undisputed and what worries me is the lack of aggressiveness and intensity in the final 45 minutes. We didn't even commit fouls.”

The Aragonian coach was asked if the team should ask apologies for a new poor presentation, and he responded that, “When you give everything then you don’t ask apologies; when you go out of the game with pride it is because you reached the point you could and gave your best. That’s my opinion.”

Still, he was asking for calm despite Depor is already the last place at the standings, “The only thing I say is that it was a hard defeat. What we cannot do is to fall in desperation, because this is too long. The fight of Sevilla will be the fourth place and ours is the fourth place coming from the bottom. So we cannot compare the situations. The true is that you have to leave a better impression of what we did today.”

Finally, Fernández explained what Depor must do in the coming two weeks, “Now the important thing is to recover the injured players. We’ve important players that are injured. We need to clean the head after a very tough week and surely not all the rivals will be like Sevilla. We neither will play all the games at the Pizjuán, so the way to face the rest of the season will be very different.”

Laure was feeling ashamed by the performance of Depor and asked apologies to the fans, “There was a moment in the 1-1 in which the team was fine, but the 2-1 killed us. I believe we have to be more competitive and it was more for our own inaccuracies. We ask apologies to the fans. With this intensity we are going nowhere. We need a reaction now.”

Later, calmer, the Madrilenian defender explained at Radio Galega what happened in the game, “We must look forward and these fifteen days will be good to us. The 1-1 brought some hope, but the 2-1 hurt us. We missed spark in the second half and also many things. We could have done a better performance. We cannot miss intensity. We were defending too separated and we need to close the lines. The second goal came in a difficult moment, before the rest, and those are difficult moments that define a game. Deportivo isn't at its best moment. We need to clench the teeth and learn how to suffer.”

Midfielder Álex Bergantiños was the other player that faced reporters; he admitted that the players are feeling affected, “These are tough moments and we are allowing too much goals. The team is broken, but we need to be strong and not sink. These are tough days. The environment is negative inside the changing room. It’s a tough moment.”

“We cannot concede so many goals. The break is coming and it should serve us to analyze what’s going on. If they score goals because they are superior then you assume the situation, but it cannot be in avoidable situations. I believe we must cut this situation. A team like us, located at the low part of the standings, cannot allow so many scoring opportunities.” He added.

President Tino Fernández, who never talks to the media after the games, accepted to talk to Radio Onda Cero on Monday’s noon and he talked of the errors and also had some strong words for the players, “We are guilty on this, all of us, the club, the coaching staff and the players. It seems that sometimes the electricity is gone, it happened to us before at Segunda División. It seems that sometimes we are defending with the eyes, and you cannot defend just looking at the rivals.”

He also assured that the club isn’t thinking of firing Víctor Fernández, but also criticized the attitude of the team, “We are not thinking in firing the coach. We will assess the situation and believe we have enough coaching staff to survive. We cannot lose the perspective. It’s also true that we didn’t have luck in the games and neither with the injuries. We want to transmit a message of tension to the fans, but also of tranquility. We cannot be desperate, because a win can mean a big impulse in this league. We must remain calm, but also understand that some things must change. I am not worried for only having four points, but for the tendency. Yesterday I saw a team that didn’t compete for the first time. It cannot happen to hear chants every week asking for more courage. Even yesterday in Seville. It is happening, there’s a problem of attitude and intensity. With the 25% of my attitude we will be 6th or 7th at the standings. My attitude and the one of the board of directors. I will talk to the team's captains. We have enough days to work on this."

At Sevilla CF, coach Unai Emery was pretty content with the current situation of his team, “The 16 points are bringing an impulse. We have an important mattress of points to reach our goal on the season. We now have time to work, to end forming that idea of a team. We need all our people on all the zones, at defense, at midfield… Arribas hasn’t entered yet and we must work with him during these days.”

The Basque coach was also praising the game of Deulofeu and his three assists, “We are clinching what we want and are having patience. He needs to keep growing and is improving having humility. Wanting to play more, he isn’t losing the patience and brings things whenever he plays.”

Vitolo scored the fourth goal and he was saying that this big win should clear the most recent doubts, “Beyond anything the important thing was to see the team winning. Besides, we made a good game. We were coming after losing at the Calderón, after a draw in Croatia, and if there were doubts, then today all of them were cleared.”

Stephane M'Bia scored a brace and clearly explained how easy was to achieve the victory, “I am very content. We were having fun on the pitch, the team won and the fans enjoyed. We must follow the same path. The important thing is that the team has sixteen points and we are up there.”



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