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12 Oct 2014
Midfielder José Rodríguez addressed the media on Saturday, like the rest of players that talked on the week he also admitted the bad performance in the game against Sevilla CF. He said that the team anxiously waits for the next meeting.

Juan Rodriguez was the last player that addressed the media on this week; like the rest he was admitting that the last game was terrible, “We are waiting for Sunday and see if we can end the bad streak, because we are living a bad moment. There aren’t nerves and neither pressure, though it’s true that the last game was the worst on this season and we are sad as the previous games were neither good. Let’s see if Valencia can come now and if we can do things better.”

The Valencian player admitted that Deportivo need to improve its intensity and attitude, “The whole group already talked to the coach and we are training harder in order to be better in the game. Truly we aren’t doing things right, because the coach asks for intensity and the attitude in non-negotiable, the problem is there.”

The midfielder was remembering that, last year, he faced similar problems at Real Madrid Castilla, “Last year we lost seven straight meetings, truly t isn’t the same situation than been at the first team of Deportivo, but it’s similar. At the time we all talked and said that we should give more, and we moved forward with compromise. In the end we almost achieved the permanence, things weren’t so bad.”

He later said that the team must accept the current situation, “Right now we are where we are. I don’t know if it’s fair, but we are the last place and must accept it. Truly we all are new and need to start fixing things, to not commit too many errors, because we pay a high price at Primera División. In the last game I was content for been at the starting eleven, but sad for losing and the important thing on here are the points.”

Finally, Rodríguez isn’t scared for been facing in-form Valencia CF in the next game, “It could be good or bad, if we go out with the same attitude that we had at the beginning of the season, as we did two good games, then surely things will be good to us. We want the best for the team and the fans. We want to win and offer a victory to the fans, because they deserve it.”



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