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14 Oct 2014
Fabril’s coach talked to Radio Marca and analyzed the current poor form of the team. He also explained some specific cases with the players and his relation with Víctor Fernández.

 Deportivo B ended matchday 08 at Tercera only three points below the pit. On Monday The coach of the team, Manuel Mosquera, was interviewed by Radio Marca. He explained the current situation lived by his squad and assured that things will improve as Fabril are recovering players. He also explained the situation with midfielder Samuel Piette and his relation with the first team. The following is a summary of the things said by Mosquera.

“It isn’t worrying, what happens is that people always ask me how is possible that Fabril aren’t winning at Abegondo. Well, it isn’t winning due to several reasons, the main one is that we have been bad, and there’s a reality there, because without considering the game against Bergantiños, game in which there was an improvement and we deserved to win, in the rest we weren’t fine.”

“I noticed a lot of nerves in the first home game against As Pontes. What I can see is that people at the stands want to see Fabril winning and I don’t see anyone expecting a defeat. I see the public clapping and the lads know that all the rivals play faster at Abegondo. And I told my players that they are performing for Deportivo B, the shield of Deportivo. I believe that the team is doing fine, but not everything is aligning to see us winning.”

“I understand people, this is Deportivo B, and truly everyone believes that Deportivo B must be up at the standings and I accept it, but later there’s the daily work. The lads are giving everything and the priority is that the lads always give everything. They never gave up in any of the games played so far and that’s the most important thing, because the improvements comes with the game and with what they do on the pitch. I’m happy with the lads and they were upset after not winning the last game. Still we lost two games, against Cerceda and Órdenes, and if you look carefully there are big clubs there with us, like Pontevedra and Cerceda, side that with yesterday’s victory is a little far from us.  Sometimes is useless to be in a position that doesn’t correspond to you, because it can help you to look where you are going. It also helps the players to see that things aren’t always easy.”

“I say to the players that they should fill the bag with what they learn. These lads are used to easily win games at other levels, to have clear careers in the leagues and later they come here to face these problems, and I believe that this situation helps them to be better, however no one likes to be down there.”

“The average age at the team is twenty and this is good, but it has advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is the experience and to commit punctual errors during the games and this can be improved. A young lad is each day more experienced, that’s why I’m calmed. If we would have defeated Bergantiños then we would have been the first place in matchday 04, but they scored the equalizer at the last minute and ended ninth. Everything would have been easier, because the morale of the team would have bene different. Besides it was the third straight game without winning at home, and that situation creates a pressure over the players, which is bigger with young players.”

 “I am an optimistic guy, but when we talk of Fabril we must be realistic. You can be optimistic, but without selling tales. What I say is that Fabril is improving in giant steps and we need to remember that we still need to recover several players. We will improve more as soon as things stabilize. We must remember that Víctor [Fernández] had to count with several players, we are here for that, and I believe that the improvement will be real when we can have more people to train. We must be patient and wait.”

“As Pontes were better than us in the first game at Abegondo, Cerceda were better than us too. If they are better then they are better. The first couldn’t beat us because we were lucky and the second won as they were better. Since that point we have competed and are growing up, we are just missing to increase the number of players. What happens is that Deportivo lived a tough summer and we need to assess the work done by the club, at times it seemed that a player was at the airport and then he was leaving. Richard [Barral] and Ernesto [Bello] did a great job in a crazy summer, and all of us that are below need to respect it. In the end we had to give several lads to Víctor [Fernández] and the true is that this is the identity of this club, little by little we have been gathering our players and little by little things are settling down.”

“We have four players out, so we have seventeen players available. The ideal thing would be to have twenty-two. Of this number twenty should be field players plus two keepers, and if there are injuries then you train with eighteen. Well, there have been weeks in which we have trained with twelve or thirteen. It’s a situation that we must accept, because neither we can sign players just to reach a number. I am a coach that never demands anything. I have the players that I have. We neither will sign seven players to have twenty-two available. What we need to do is to sign players that can, minimally, match what we already have and the best is someone that can improve what we already have. And you should know that the market is difficult, even for Depor B. What we need is more points and more number of players during the sessions, because we have the skills and they are giving everything for Deportivo.”

“He has been unable to act after playing in the summer with Deportivo.”

“Álex Pérez will be available in December.”

“Iago broke his nose the other day and will probably spend fifteen or twenty days without playing.”

“I have as many information as you. At the club we have little information. The last thing we knew at the club is that he had problems to leave the country. The case of Sam is something that all, Ernesto, Richard and Fernando Vidal, understood as a fantastic signing. He’s a player that, been only 20, has been international with Canada in nine opportunities and looks promising. Even Víctor [Fernández] told me that Benito Floro phoned him and said that we should take care of the lad, because he’s a pearl.”

“We were close to having him available, his residency was almost done, then we played two friendly games and he suffered a shoulder injury. Since the residency was pending we decided to send him to Canada to fix it, we have information until that point. He’s in Canada and it seems that there are problems to leave. He should have been here on last week, but hasn’t arrived yet. I talked to Ernesto on Thursday and it seems he has problems to leave the country. We are willing to see him, because he’s wonderful. He played in Ferrol with the first team and people told me that he was the best. He’s a little midfielder that’s strong and that’s a pearl. He already trained with Víctor and he liked him a lot. The pity is to face the structure of a country. If it’s necessary then I will go to Canada and I will fix his papers [he laughed]”

“Our current players were at the shadows of Romay, Aarón, Sidibé… They were under their umbrella as these players knew the league. Last year there was a problem with this change in the generation and this year these players have assumed the situation since the first moment. I’m talking of Remeseiro, Cañi, Dani Iglesias… they no longer are waiting to see if they can get minutes, now they are the ones having the minutes. They are making a great effort, but sometimes the results aren’t good.”

 “The first team is the one that needs to be always perfect, the one you need to help at any time. All the instances of the club have been focused there. Since Tino is the president he has tried to make the club feasible and we need to understand the starting point, only then we can start analyzing what’s happening to Deportivo and why is the current last place. They started in a difficult point and is trying to settle down the situation, but in football there are no mathematics. I believe their signings are pretty good and you will know it when they bring the results. I don’t agree that Depor made bad signings for been the last place. Depor B have suffered more with this situation, but the club is also pending of Fabril. The president always asks me how things are going. Richard and Ernesto are always asking me if I need something.”

“The lads should learn, it isn’t a matter of presenting a starting eleven in order to win the game at any cost. No. The goal is that everything in the future of these lads should be good. I told the lads that Fabril shouldn’t be the team where they will end. Fabril should be a tool to belong later to Deportivo, and if not then to be a good professional at other club. I teach the players to give everything at Fabril in order to belong later to Deportivo and if not, then to be a good professional outside the club. Fabril should be a tool. Fabril is not a goal, but a step. Anyhow you should give everything playing at Fabril.”

“During the pre-season I talked to him every day and the relation is good. What happens now is that they train in the mornings and I barely see him in the afternoon [Fabril always train in the afternoon], so the last time we talked was two weeks ago. We talked when Cardoso and Remeseiro were picked by the first team. He always ask me who deserves to join the first team according to his necessities.”

The Juvenile team playing at División de Honor has very interesting players. Actually, in matchday 02, I already had picked Óscar [García], who can play at both wings, he’s dynamic and I also picked Fandiño, a centre forward that worked hard that day. He’s scoring goals at División de Honor. And also picked Pancho [Cotos], a very important player. There are others like Miguel Real [Juan Carlos’ brother] and there are also important players at defense, but I neither can ruin the work of José Ramón [Juvenil A coach]. I try to be balanced, because I neither can pick seven players from Juvenil A. The other day I picked three and now I probably will have to pick more.”




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