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16 Oct 2014
Playmaker Lucas Pérez could debut this weekend with Depor; actually he has been tested in the possible starting eleven, but he admitted to not been totally fit to play. He also believes that Depor must remain calm despite the situation.

Lucas Pérez addressed the media on Wednesday; the Galician player is available for the meeting against Valencia CF and was even tested in the possible starting eleven, though he admitted that he’s missing match fitness, “I’m hopeful to debut, but more content for the recovery after the relapse. It’s a relief to be part of the group and also to be available for the coach. I talked to the doctors and the true is that we must remain calm. “

“The scar was too green and that’s why we decided to stop for a while, but there wasn’t a new injury, it was only a precaution. I will have to talk to the coach and the true is that I need to get a better shape, because I have been with the group only for two weeks. I’m 40 or 50% ready and I need more time. For me it was strange to suffer these two setbacks, because since landing at the first team of Rayo Vallecano I never lived this. Now I am at Deportivo, the team where I always wanted to be.” He added.

The Galician player believes that Depor must try to change the negative impression left in the last game, “The true is that I felt affected for what I heard, the true is that we didn’t play good football and neither the attitude was the proper one. It was only a game and the team is willing to change that impression on Sunday. I hope we will never talk again of Sevilla and neither of a lack of attitude.”

About the rival, he said that, “I believe they will be up there fighting for the first places, they made important signings and are even missing Negredo, a great player that everybody knows. They are coming here for the win. After Celta, it can be said that Valencia is among the big ones that I will like to face. Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia are also entering into the group [He laughed]”

Lucas is convinced that Depor will improve and analyzed the reasons for the poor start in la liga, “The coach is looking for the key, he’s new and there are new players, and it’s difficult to find the solution with only a few training sessions. The intensity of the group and the will of the players tell me that the team is going up.”

Later the playmaker said that the fans shouldn’t be worried as the tournament is only starting, “I believe it’s precipitated. We are only at matchday 07 and what will we do at matchday 30? To not go out? This situation is difficult, been the last place, but I think that we were unlucky. In the game against Celta, Sergio stopped the penalty at the last minute then Almeria scored the goal at the last minute, with the ball hitting a partner and also the crossbar. If that hasn’t happened then we would have six or eight points. Now we are the last place, but the true is that the team isn’t looking things grey, instead we see it white.”

“It’s to precipitated, because only eight matchdays have been played, if there’s nervousness at matchday 07, then what we will do at matchday 30? We should look at the example of Rayo Vallecano; their first rounds in the last two years were poor. They were always down and if you would have given them two more matchdays then they would surely have ended in Europe. And each year they change 12 or 13 players, so it’s the path to follow.” He finalized.



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