17 Oct 2014
Luisinho conceded an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; the Portuguese player analyzed the situation of Deportivo before the match against Valencia. He said that the team needs some luck and also to be more regular.

 Q: Was this your more complicated week since joining Deportivo?
A: It was a week in which there has been a lot of things, mainly the last match against Sevilla. There was some concern inside the changing room, which is normal, but now we are looking forward to Valencia and want to get the three points.

Q: Is there nervousness at the changing room due to the need to end the poor run of results?
A: We know we cannot fail anymore. Losing against Valencia, though nothing will be lost, means that things could get complicated. We are focused in ending the losing streak, but we know we will have many difficulties. We must be prepared for that, because we are at Primera División.

Q: Is there anxiety for what could mean a bad result?
A: We cannot think that everything is lost. We know it's a tough game, but we must be confident and positive throughout the ninety minutes.

Q: Were you choked by the change of league beyond what you were expecting?
A: We knew we were going to face many difficulties, because the demand is greater at Primera División compared to Segunda. That doesn’t mean that we are despising Segunda, there are also a lot of quality there, but it's different because we cannot fail so much. Last year we failed and we still had room, because others also failed. At Primera they don’t fail and the mistakes are costing us points and we are hurting ourselves.

Q: Do you have the feeling that the results have punished you too much?
A: The team has responded in some games. We were fine against Almeria and against Celta, but we didn’t add points and we at least deserved a point. We didn’t get it. Maybe we're lacking some luck and will have to look for it. To be lucky and win a game could change things. We need this victory for the team to earn confidence, morale and self-esteem.

Q: Is the team missing to have more continuity during the games?
A: At Primera División we must be focused from the first to the last minute. We're missing that. We are fine in the games, but we still missing regularly throughout the ninety minutes. At Primera you cannot relax because it’s very intense.

Q: Do you think there will be many changes at the lineup on Sunday?
A: There may be changes because the team is not winning. I understand the part of the coach: he has to do something to win. He is the decision-maker, but more importantly, we are all in the same boat.

Q: Will the style remain unchanged?
A: It's also possible that there may be some change. We know that at Primera División we all have to defend and not just the back four. We have to help each other, because we know that in this league there is a lot of quality at the top teams. It’s possible that there may be some change in order to have another motivation at the team.

Q: Is it hard for you to assimilate the new playing philosophy?
A: It could be. We still missing that, but the league has just begun. The most important thing of what we had last year was the defensive line, it was very difficult to score against us. We have to go out there, we must defend first and then attack, having boldness too, because in this league we must have it to win games.

Q: What to expect from the fans on Sunday?
A: From the fans we have no complaints, because they’re always at our side. It’s normal to show displeasure because they always support, both outside and at home. Dissatisfaction is normal, but I think it will be on our side in this match. We have to try to bring some joy.

Q: ¿Are you relieved thinking that the from this point the calendar will be softer and that you will face rivals from your league?
A: Now we’re going to face more affordable games, in quotation marks. We know that there are no easy games, but these are from our championship. The break of last weekend was good to us in order to think a little more about what happened. We are now ready, but it’s not time to talk, we must show that we can improve, we have a good team and really the last place is not for us.




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