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19 Oct 2014
Depor’s coach announced many changes at the lineup and he’s convinced that Deportivo will show a different face compared to the game against Sevilla. Valencia’s coach is the sensation in the league and expects for a tough meeting.

Nuno Herlander Simões Espírito Santo is the sensation in Spain after the solid start of Valencia CF at La Liga. Nobody was expecting too much from this unexperienced coach, after all his coaching career was reduced to a couple of years as a goalkeeping coach and another two seasons as the head manager at little Rio Ave CF in Portugal.

To make things worse his arrival to Valencia CF wasn’t welcomed by the fans after Juan Antonio Pizzi was fired without a solid explanation. Actually, Nuno was the favourite coach in the bets in order to become the first fired manager in La Liga. But in only seven matchdays he radically changed the picture as his team has played attractive football and is currently fighting at the top of the league. He was even named as the coach of September by the LFP.

Before becoming a football coach, Nuno had a long career as a goalkeeper, he played in four Spanish clubs including Deportivo; actually his arrival to the Galician club was famous for been the first transfer completed by “super agent” Jorge Mendes. The operation cost €1.8 million plus the transfer of Serbian Branko Milovanović.  Still, he was always the second keeper at the Blanquiazul team during his two stages at the club and it was very well known that he didn’t have a good relation with Javier Irureta, for this reason he only made eight appearances with Depor (4 in liga and 4 in Copa Del Rey). This is his first meeting against Víctor Fernández.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s morning; he talked for 34 minutes with reporters. The first thing in the agenda was the Copa Del Rey tie facing Malaga CF, “Sincerely I haven’t though yet of what it means. We still have many weeks for that game. Certainly I would have loved to face a more near rival, but we got a Primera side and will face it with professionalism and trying to pass the round. I would have loved to face a more inferior rival and a closer trip. It’s a pity to play against them in liga too, because it means to lose motivation among the players and even among the fans. It means two straight games at our field and I don t know if they are ready to make an unexpected payout for making two trips in less than 72 hours.”

He also said that the importance of the Copa Del Rey will be marked by the physical status of his players and the situation in the league, "All competitions must be faced with rigor and professionalism and respecting the history of this club, which has always had great performances in the Cup. We cannot rule out anything, but the Cup is regulated by the physical state of the players, the situation at the standings and the League has the priority. The Cup is very interesting when you get to the final or if by the way you face a big club that brings profits due to the television and the tickets sells."

The Aragonian coach was praising the level of Valencia and even described it as the revelation of the season, “Fundamentally Valencia is a team in a good streak; they are at the top of the wave and have a positive inertia. It’s a team that’s very well defined; the signings covered the departures in a very positive way. This team only leaked a few goals, only four so far, and remains undefeated. Their attackers are also having a positive inertia. This is an effective team that knows to work hard and to cut the game of the rival; especially they are intense and very vertical. Until now they are the revelation of the season. It’s the team calling the attention as they are in a position that nobody thought was going to be for them at this point. “

He announced massive changes at the lineup, “We will see a lot of novelties with the men. What you will see on Sunday is something we have worked on this week; it’s about small associations, order at the lines and a collective performance of eleven men on the field. Nothing will be improvised. Yes, we are talking of a lot of changes, but won’t say how many, because I don’t want to give a number. There will be changes, plural. We will make changes in all the lines. In all: defensive organization, midfield organization and offensive organization. Since Monday I clearly know what I will do, though I didn’t expect for the casualty of Postiga. It was a pity to see him stepping out on Wednesday.”

What the coach announced is that Lucas will be a starter, “Lucas has brought a big joy to me. Watching him training yesterday I asked: Are you really only 50% ready? My God! When you can be at 100% then you alone will win the games for me! It means he has an extraordinary capacity and brings personality to the team. He’s a winner and a positive guy. Sincerely I didn’t know who Lucas was before. I have saw matches with Rayo and looked an extraordinary player and didn’t understand why the lad was going to Ukraine, Turkey or Greece and suddenly I met him at Depor. We haven’t enjoyed him, only twenty seconds during the trainings. Now I want to enjoy him on the competition and knowing that he’s only 50% ready then it brought a big joy to me. If you ask me if he’s ready to play on Sunday then the answer that I see him ready to play. He will play as a starter. That’s for sure.”

The Zaragoza-born coach said that he expects a drastic change compared to the game against Sevilla, “If the team doesn’t compete against Valencia then I will surely be very worried. If the team competes then I will understand that what happened against Sevilla was exceptional. We have admitted that the team has competed in all the games, but only in some frames. We also have made more merits than points and also had a disastrous game against Sevilla. It’s something we want to bury once and for all. We must fight with our weapons, never giving up, been intense and competitive. So, I would be worried if we don’t have that way of facing the competition.”

“There are two clear points to me at Deportivo. One is that, inside the changing room, we know what we are, who we are and what we want. If we know that then we’ll remain calm. Fortunately the desperation hasn’t been installed at the squad as we are only at matchday 07. It’s an important step to achieve what we want. The other certain thing is that we need the support of our fans and all the Deportivismo, because together we’ll be stronger. It’s something I can sense on the street. Honestly I believe there was self-criticism and football always gives you a chance, now we have our chance on Sunday. ” He added.

Víctor is upset, because Insua skipped one week in the trainings and neither played with U-21 Spain, “Pablo Insua has very good defensive qualities. He’s a guy that’s always focused, serious, really young, though he needs to understand better the profession. He needs to improve his body and it was slaughtering what they have done to us at the national team, because Celades [the U-21 national coach] didn’t even phone me to learn about the physical state of Insua and he was picked after been off for a month and after only making three trainings with the group. We weren’t able to seize this week with him and he neither played with the national squad, but he has worked at the top on this week. He made an effort in order to find other ways and join the trainings on Wednesday’s evening, which demonstrates his interest. He told me that he’s fine and he’s ready to complete. I won’t tell you if he will play, but the true is that he’s ready to play.”

He was repeating the idea that Depor needed to reset some concepts and also admitted his responsibility for the past debacle against Sevilla, “We had that black spark of the game against Sevilla and the only thing that solves the situation is to win. The players are working hard and we must also admit that we were doing some bad things. I wasn’t able to motivate the team for the game against Sevilla and face the competition as we did in other games, because until now I cannot reclaim anything to the group. We all need to be self-critic, including me. What we need to do is to fix all the bad things and rethink the tactic. We have repeated things, some of them from the A, from the most basic thing.”

There was a question regarding the situation of Bruno Zuculini, who isn’t part of the plans at Valencia F after been pretended by Depor, and also about Javi Fuego, who was also chased during the summer, “All I can tell you is that the interest in them was real. I know what has happened and have sawn some things in this case. Javi Fuego was a player presented by the technical secretariat and I also liked him, but the true is that Valencian never showed interest in getting rid of him. They were more pending to sign Enzo Pérez. In the other case [Zuculini], I don’t know how Manchester [City], his agent and the player himself managed our interest, but the point is that we showed a strong interest. Now we can only wish him good luck at Valencia.”

The final part of the press conference was related to the possibility of been fired after suffering four losses, he responded that, “I perceive there’s a terrifying fear on here. I know there’s a lot of fear, that if six or seven coaches have been fired after the relegations and I know there’s fear. If you don’t lose the perspective inside the club then you cannot have fear. Fear leaves you to be crippled. What we need to remember is that we won’t achieve the permanence at matchday 06, 20 or the 30. We neither can certify a title or a promotion. “

Valencia’s coach addressed the media on Saturday’s noon; he was confident with his team after the confirmation that André Gomes is out injured, “I trust all the players at the squad. The men that are playing are doing a phenomenal job and the ones entering are resolving the games. My confidence is high in all the players at the squad.”

He was commenting the state of the injured players, “André isn’t at one hundred percent in order to help us, but we have more options. We have many alternatives to resolve the problem, either keeping the system or the option with other kind of players. Neither Lucas Orban is coming; he suffered a knock and we considered that he isn’t ready, he’s willful, but we prefer to not risk.” About Negredo, the comment was, “We consider that the best thing is to not have him. We’re sure that, soon, he will be available and Alvaro will soon join the team.”

The Portuguese trainer is also confident regarding getting a positive result, “We are going to A Coruña with determination. We know pretty well the rival. These two weeks in the break have been better to Deportivo than to us, because we had many international players. Still, we are convinced we are going to make a good game.”

The ex-Depor keeper was also talking of his former club, “It’s a special club to me for the time I spent there, also for the people, but football is like this. Later you continue with your life and now it is a rival. People must understand that my goal is to compete and try to win the game. I met a lot of people there. Some of them are no longer at the club, like president Lendoiro and others. Tomorrow I will embrace them and later will focus in our game. The present is Valencia and I’m delighted.”

He’s expecting a tough meeting at the Riazor, “We are going to meet a very different rival. I am waiting for a more competitive and organized Deportivo, surely it will be a better team compared to previous games. It’s going to be a complicate game.”

Finally, Nuno commented the chance to tie a previous mark with Emery regarding the number of points after eight matchdays, “If we can leave our fingerprint or tie an historic mark, the better, but it isn’t changing our goal… our goal is to leave the Riazor with 20 points.”



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