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21 Oct 2014
Deportivo returned to winning ways and the media was satisfied with the performance of the team and the revolution implemented by coach Víctor Fernández; the papers in Valencia were complaining of the referee.

Deporte Campeón: Finding the way. Deportivo showed yesterday that Sevilla’s game was a punctual thing, something that should not happen again, and found its way to what it should be as a team. Intense, aggressive, supportive, well positioned, without allowing the corridors that sometimes are highways, pressing, almost without errors. It played the best game of the season and won with justice.

Victor Fernandez and his men had been working very hard at Abegondo for two weeks. He had announced changes and it was like that. Since the goal until the attacking line, the team ostensibly mutated regarding the setback at the Sanchez Pizjuán. You cannot ask for more, neither from the team nor the coaching staff, because everyone did what they had to do. Deportivo were lost but yesterday found the way. Now it must follow the same path, seamless, with the same faith they have shown in a key moment of the tournament. Alberto Torres

La Voz de Galicia: Depor earn self-confidence. The game didn’t seem to be the most conducive to the reaction, but when the blackest picture was falling the best version of Deportivo came out, team that surprisingly gave a big hit to a Valencia aspiring to the top positions. Hustling, successful in attack, solidary in defense and with the necessary amount of luck needed in desperate situations, Depor was faithful to the promises made in the last hours about that a change was necessary and reflected it in its most convincing performance, which produced the first victory at the Riazor, clinching a clean sheet and, especially, rearmed a very hurt self-esteem to start planning the scape from the pit.

All these shades could be incarnated in the figure of Lucas Perez. The Coruña-born player was anxiously awaited by everyone (fans, teammates and especially the coach). He started shy in his first game as a Deportivista but finished the first half with a great goal that reaffirmed he exercise of convincing performance by Deportivo against Valencia, much more aggressive without the ball and quick in attack, aided by the mobility and dynamism by Cavaleiro, star of all moves of danger. The Portuguese acted as a theoretical centre forward, but it was actually a partner to Cuenca, Fariña and Pérez, the creative line in attack. Wilk provided greater solidity to midfield with the ball and the speed brought by Luisinho and Juanfran at the sides offering solutions both defensive and in attack. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: Another Depor is possible. There is life after Sevilla. Deportivo demonstrated it yesterday, and what a way to do it. Beyond the final result, a 3-0, it really competed and made it clear that if tries it can fight with almost all the rivals, including Valencia, one of the big ones of the competition. It won by harassment and demolition, leaning on the speed in attack and the strength at defense.

Strength and punch, in that order, are the new weapons, discovered just in time by Víctor Fernández to reinvent Depor and build up a team, what it always must be. It was needed after the absurdity at the Pizjuán. The reaction was urgent after such humiliation. It was urgently required. The break was perfect to the Galician team to set the counter to zero and show another side after two weeks of continuous meetings, declarations and good intentions. The words, this time became facts. There is life. There is hope. And most importantly, there’s a team. Another Depor is possible. Eugenio Cobas

AS: Depor breathe air and Valencia lost their first game. When things were becoming worse it appeared the best Deportivo. It was the bottom club, the one with more goals allowed and was carrying four straight losses. Facing an undefeated Valencia, side that was seeking its best start in league history and that hasn’t lost at the Riazor since 2003. Well, with that picture, Victor Fernandez opted to revolutionize the starting eleven making six changes and it came out perfect. Nuno, who returned to Riazor twelve years later, watched helplessly as 'his' Depor gave him a lesson and conceded three goals, only one fewer of the mark allowed in the preceding seven matchdays. Luis de La Cruz

Marca: Cavaleiro and Lucas Perez revolutionized Depor. The award came when Deportivo needed it the most. The Galician team reacted after four consecutive defeats and added the second win of the season against a Valencia that was surprised by the momentum of Cavaleiro and Lucas Pérez. The verve of the Portuguese and the Galician, the most active ones in the attacking line, printed energy to the group of Victor Fernández and restored some of the coach’s lost credit in recent weeks.

The planned revolution brought by Victor worked out. The coach made a successful reading of the situation and remedied it with a bold gamble based in the attack and the association. Risk is the smartest thing when you have nothing to lose. And that was what the Aragonian coach did. Daniel Lifona

El País: The bottom club rebels against the undefeated. The undefeated mark of Valencia died at the Riazor against an opponent that was hosting them with the label of bottom club. It finished with a big score that clears the smoke on Nuno’s aspirations and hopes of who could point to the top. Beyond their outstanding start to the season there’s the requirement of a tournament that doesn’t allow doubts and punishes the stumbles in favorable scenarios. In a league where the title bar is in the environment, or above the ninety points, an unexpected fiasco against teams that are inferior on the paper ends affecting any desire to reach that level., because the score is first and then the sensations. In previous away games the team already left doubts, at the Riazor it felt clattered and deservedly.  Juan L. Cudeiro

Superdeporte (Valencia): Big slip of Valencia at the Riazor. Deportivo was better and had the wisdom to win, plus the luck and the referee at their side. It was the opposite for Valencia, team that offered its worst picture of the season. The scoresheet was opened with a defensive error that supposed a ghost goal by Gayà that didn’t appear to be legal; the second goal was a blow for Nuno and, in the previous move to the final 3-0, there was a clear penalty of Fabricio over Rodrigo that Estrada refused to watch. Anything good from the game? The lesson has been learned, hopefully. P. Calabuig

Las Provincias Valencia): A lesson for the future. The lessons are given by one side and the other side should learn from it. If Valencia are intelligent, in spite of the overwhelming defeat at Deportivo, it will benefit from the blush caused by the landslide against the last place in the league. The first conclusion is that the team is not invincible, the euphoria needs a balance and there will be bad moments. The two-week break in the league helped Depor to get oxygen and Valencia, with its international players around the world, to lose their identity. The road was already twisted with the injury of André Gomes, who remained at home, and with the stomach problems of Diego Alves during the warming up. Two twisted gestures.

At the Riazor they still think that twenty years is nothing and the penalty of Djukic blocked by González is an offense etched in fire. In Galicia, yesterday's victory is a pain in a desert, but enough to get out of the last place and resurrect. Nuno is a bold technician. Smart. And he’ll draw positive conclusions of yesterday’s heaviest defeat. He knows, perhaps, that the first one that can be wrong is the coach. The lessons are given and learnt. Valencia's future will show if they have learned. The solution, in a week, with the visit of Elche to Mestalla. Héctor Esteban



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