25 Oct 2014
Polish midfielder Cezary Wilk conceded an interview to Xurxo Fernández from La Voz de Galicia (partially in English and the rest in Spanish) He gave his impressions after his first game as a starter playing at Primera División.

 Q: At end of last game you said to be literally "dead". You ran seven miles and a half, recovered a lot of balls and was fine with the pass (84% success). Was your best game at Depor?
A: The whole team was great. I ran a lot because that's my job on the field. When others have more quality then you need to run twice, to fight more. It is normal. I'm not as good as the rest having the ball so I have to work on other aspects: running, fighting... But no, I didn’t do a perfect match, much less. I still have to improve a lot.

Q: Well, the public ended content.
A: It works like this and we all know it: you make a good game and are the best in the world. You make one bad match and you don’t worth playing at Primera División. We must grow gradually, to make the bad days become less bad and the good ones better. It's the same with the team. We played a good match against Valencia, but it doesn’t matters anymore. On Sunday we play again and it’s about to keep the level. The good thing is that now we’re moving on motivated and confident towards the next game.

Q: You were the partner of Medunjanin, what about the combination?
A: It's one of the best with whom I've played. We are not talking about a player who is going to face and surpass four or five opponents. We're talking about someone who can move the team, playing with one or two touches. And that's football for me. The other day Real Madrid played on here and all the players had that ability. He has it. I think we understand each other very well. He’s a fantastic player with a great touch of the ball and has a great vision on the field. With someone like that, my job is to have someone at his side to reach the zones he can’t.

Q: During the summer did you hear in Poland the rumours about a possible exit?
A: Of course I heard rumors about my possible exit. And I read it in the newspapers too. But that´s also football. I'm 28 and I know how it works. I strive always to the maximum and if that's enough for my team, then fine; if a time arrives when it isn’t enough, then it would be time to leave. And life is still the same. I worked very hard to overcome my injury and it was a joy to hear the coach saying that he was counting with me a week before the competition started.

Q: But it has been hard for you to be a starter
A: I insist that this is normal. How many players are on the team? 23? 24? Who doesn’t want to play? Well if you have to be on the bench or at the stands you just can work harder and expect to be at the team the next day. You need to be patient and stay focused. And if you get the chance, then it’s time to give one hundred percent to seize it.

Q: Now, would it be a surprise to be on the bench?
A: There’s the phrase in football saying that you're as good as your last game. And it cannot be truer. That game was played some days ago and now we have to work in the training sessions to see the coach wanting to give me another chance. The training sessions are a daily fight for a spot.

Q: Is there enough team for Primera?
A: Of course there is. We have a very good team. A new team. It has changed everything and there are many young people. But they are people with great quality and the coach can choose from several types of players according to his idea.

Q: A team so young that the last captain was only 21.
A: Pablo [Insua] has spent several seasons on here. He has earned the opportunity. He was the captain on the field, but in the changing room the captains are still others. People with more experience. He was the chosen one on Sunday ad we won. So it must be a good choice.

Q: A year ago you said that your dream was to play at Primera.
A: And the dream has come true. But now I want more. Playing against the best and win.

Q: Is it as you expected?
A: Yes. The only thing I couldn’t imagine is the big difference between two teams and the rest. I watched Madrid's game from the stands and flipped. They were playing a different thing, some amazing football.

Q: Well, you still have to go to the Bernabeú
A: Yeah, but I have been saying for a while that this is football. And in football, anything is posible.




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