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25 Oct 2014
Attacker Iván Cavaleiro talked to Carlos Fernández from Deporte Campeón; the Portuguese player admitted that he had problems at the beginning of the season, but that now he feels adapted and motivated at Deportivo.

 Q: How are you?
I think I was a little out of shape, my morale was low. I turned 21 on Saturday and then I thought that things had to change, because otherwise it would not take me anywhere. I went to the field quieter because, when things are done naturally, then it’s better. And fortunately, things went well.

Q: Why your morale was low?
A; Perhaps for the team's results, by the situation at the standings.

Q: What made you change?
A: I live with my uncle and he talks a lot with me, he tells me it's important to keep the head in place. We had a long conversation on my birthday; he told me that football is like this, there are good and bad days. It made me change my mind. I think it's very important to have closer the ones you love and he has been really important to me on this year. My mother and my brothers have been here too.

Q: You openly confess that you're shy.
A:  I'm a little embarrassed and don’t like to talk to the press. In my daily life I don’t like talking. In the field is another story. I speak with the colleagues and with the ball at the feet.

Q: How you are at Deportivo?
A: I'm feeling good, now more motivated. The team has goals and I’m here to help. With the group I'm very well, is very close, I feel at home and I hope to continue with that mentality.

Q: Your position on the field has changed compared to previous encounters.
A: Yes, but in the national team the tactic is the same, 4-4-2, and I do the same functions. The team was able to defend well, attack well. I like to play at the centre of the attack.

Q: At the national team you have coincided with CR7. What about that?
A: Fine with him. He’s very good, among the best in the world.

Q: You exchanged the shirt with him at the Riazor
A: Yes. For me he’s an idol. The younger ones look at him. He wished me good luck and also for Deportivo this season.

Q: You did a complete game, but without a goal. Obsessed to find the net?
A: There isn’t anxiety to score. It’s clear that a striker likes to score, but the important thing is to achieve the permanence and I have to think about the collective, not me. It is the same to not score goals if the team wins.

Q: What’s the meaning of the victory?
A: It brought new encouragement to the team, a new motivation. We are now focused on winning at Espanyol. We are motivated and convinced.

Q: How did you choose Deportivo?
A: Before knowing they were interested in me I was watching the games, because Silvio Nélson... they were here and I wanted to see Depor clinching the permanence. Last year I played with Pizzi and Silvio, and both spoke highly of the club and I gladly accepted.

Q: Have your expectations been met?
A: Yes. This is a very good city, I adapted it very well to Deportivo. The team mates are wonderful companions.





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