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26 Oct 2014
Depor’s coach wants to keep the same intensity shown in the last game, but also wants to witness improvements. He celebrated the fact of having almost a full squad available. Sergio emphasized the importance of playing at home.

Sergio González Soriano is a very well-known face for Deportivo’s supporters. In 2001 the former midfielder arrived to Depor from RCD Espanyol and cost €18 million, the highest price paid by Depor for a single player (the club paid the same amount in the signing of Diego Tristán in 2000).

And the Catalan man made history at the Deportivo during his nine years at the club, he won two titles and scored a goal in the Centenariazo game against Real Madrid. In the end he made 294 appearances at Primera wearing the Blanquiazul shirt, the fifth highest number in the history of the club only behind Fran, Mauro Silva, Manuel Pablo and Donato.

After his stage at Depor, Sergio played for Levante UD and retired in 2011 then he was the coach of Espanyol B in two different stages and during the summer was named as the coach of the first team replacing Javier Aguirre. Therefore he was one of the five coaches that were debuting at Primera on this season and now he faces the active coach with more experience in the league, because this is the game number 525 for Víctor Fernández at the elite.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon; he talked to reporters for 22 minutes. He was pretty happy for having almost the full squad available, “All of them are available; the doctor told me that all of them have the medical okay with the exception of Diogo Salomão. The rest are ready to play and will complete one more session before the trip.”

“It has been hard to make choices, because for the first time on the season only one player isn’t having the medical okay.  So, I have to choose between 24 men. I prefer to have the problem of abundance rather than been facing deficiencies and absentees. The roster for the game will be special; I even have the chance to include more players if I have doubts with the physical situation of some players. I have the chance until the last-minute to pick 19 or 20 players. We will spend three days out and some men will have later a party in Madrid [The LFP awards of the season 2013/14]” He added

Then the Aragonian trainer announced that he will probably repeat the lineup that defeated Valencia CF, “It’s difficult to have changes, because we are coming after a great game against Valencia and I believe that everyone deserves the chance of the continuity. Therefore there won’t be any problem. Later the only one that left the game after picking a knock was Cavaleiro, but he has trained with normality. I could end making one change, though I don’t think it will happen. The continuity is part of the process searching for the improvement and progression.”

There was a question regarding the state of Lopo, who didn’t complete the last part of Friday’s session, “No, Albert is fine. Today the training was scheduled in order to distribute. They could choose between working at the gym and later have a massage session, and others can activate themselves with the foot-volley and later have a massage session. In that sense Lopo is fine. He made a special work, but not for been limited.”

Fernández said that the key to the game is to have the same performance of the past clash against Valencia CF, “We have to play together and well. Everyone has to defend, everyone has to attack, as we did against Valencia and let’s see how far we can go. I will be surprised if we don’t have the same performance and if we aren’t a competitive team trying to win the game. I send the same message than against Valencia: the only thing I will be surprised is if we can’t compete. I’m sure that, against Espanyol, we will compete again.”

“We need to have a similar performance compared to the last game, it’s to demonstrate to ourselves and the world of football that we’re a team that’s progressing and that we’re a team that almost ended the phase of construction. We’re now in a phase when we have more alternatives. I have all the players available and it means that I have more resources and alternatives. The team is coming after winning and it will be important to reinforce that impression facing a difficult rival, Espanyol have been one of the teams with the better performance at home, a very physical team and intense. We need to be a team knowing to play this kind of game keeping the lane of Valencia.” He added.

The coach went beyond that and said that Depor are still capable of doing a better job, “The message is that we can still do it better. We can improve in a collective sense and several players can still make a better job individually. I am convinced about that. I believe that this individual and collective improvement will be translated into a better game and better results. We did it greatly against Valencia and we must try to do the same during more minutes. We have room for improvement. I’m truly convinced about it.”

He said that Depor must learn how to live with the feeling of fear that’s surrounding the club, “I understand that this feeling exists for what happened within the last years. I would also have those feelings, but as a professional we must be away from that feeling. We must remain moderate and serene in the defeat and later must be moderate and prudent in the victory, always knowing that each Sunday is an exam and that you need to improve.”

The Zaragoza-born coach was asked for the reasons in the change of attitude at the team and he responded, “There are many factors and it cannot be summarized in only one. You cannot summarize everything focusing in tactical adjustments or in having these players or the others. There are many other factors. Yes, there will be a seal, because we will win games playing good football. We will win games because we knew how to defend the rival and latter attack them. It’s something non-negotiable, but there will be factors conditioned the performance of the group. As example it was the first time with Insua and Sidnei playing together. It was the first time we had a different playmaker like Lucas. There are different factors that can have an impact in the style.”

Then he explained that any player, including Juan Carlos and Seoane, could have options to play the games, “The rosters are open to anyone. It means the day one player is out it won’t mean that that player won’t have chances for the next game. The rosters are open to all the players and we have demonstrated it.”

About the rival, Depor’s coach commented that, “Espanyol is a team with a great defensive structure. It’s the thing that calls the attention. It’s a great defensive structure having dangerous ways to attack by the sides, both at the left and the right, with a very dangerous player like Luis García. I don’t know if he will play. I know him after been his trainer for two years. They are intense in the pressure and have patience waiting for the rival’s error. So, we cannot fail into that provocation as they wait to assault you. We need to make a smart game in a tactical sense.”

Finally, there was a question regarding the possibility of having future coaches at Depor’s current team, this since several ex-players, like Sergio, are currently coaching at Primera, “I like a lot the inquiries of Álex. I like to talk a lot with him and he asks me several things. It made me remember Berizzo and I perceive there’s a soul of coach inside there. Also Manuel Pablo asks a lot of things. Haris [Medunjanin] and Laure too. There are people with concerns regarding the matter.”

Espanyol’s coach addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He started explaining that his team must learn how to survive without Sergio García, “To be able to count with Sergio García is a luxury for us, but tomorrow the team must make a step forward. We all want him to be there, but without him we still have a good team and the fact of making a good game will depend of the names in the roster.”

“He tried to be available for the game and his feelings were positive during the training session, because his recovery process is advancing in giant steps, but the true is that it was too soon and we didn’t want to assume risks. There are other partners wishing to have their opportunity.” He added regarding the issue.

Sergio didn’t want to explain if the team is going to change the draw due to the absence of the striker, “We have the 4-4-2 and the 4-2-3-1. I have both options in my head and must decide which one will be the one used. The ones playing in the position of Sergio García and the rest of the group must demonstrate their quality in order to be at the starting eleven.”

The Catalan man emphasized the importance of been playing at home, “The best part is that we play at home again. The team runs like an animal on here and it’s the important thing. It’s our main weapon. Depor are a good team, because after two or three games without finding the way now it seems they have found it. But if we match our level then we have a lot to say about it.”

“We must be strong at home. All the challenges that we are facing in La Liga are passing through adding the points at home. From that view we are only worried of making a good game tomorrow. We face an important battle against a strong Depor, but to play at home means a plus for us.” He added.

Finally, the ex-Depor man recognized that this is a special game for him, “Just thinking about Deportivo makes me smile. I feel a special love for the club, its people, the players, the city… everything is positive. It will even be more special when we travel to the Riazor, on here I will be more calmed for been at home, but over there it will be different.”



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