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28 Oct 2014
The coach and the players are content with the point as RCD Espanyol did enough to have deserved the victory. Lucas was feeling sad with his injury, while Depor’s trainer was welcoming the first spark of luck on this season.

Víctor Fernández admitted that Espanyol was better, but also emphasized the defensive performance made by his team, “The merits are for Espanyol, from minute one they put a lot of pressure over us. They were supported by the fans and that was the main factor in the game. We never met the ball, neither had references to make combinations. I want to emphasize the second straight clean sheet. Definitely a point that means a lot and that will have a higher value if we add the three points at home against Getafe.”

We spent the time making a game of sacrifice. It was time to chase the rival and the ball, so we were focused in defensive tasks. I want to emphasize the sacrifice and the defensive performance before a team that, maybe, due to the opportunities that were created, deserved to win the game. The last conclusion is that we had the luck that was missed in previous games, as example at Granada or at our field against Almeria. Anyhow we had that spark of luck that we missed before.” He added.

He continued saying that Depor finally had good luck in a league game, “I always said that luck will be redistributed at some point. The day of Almeria we could have won the game with clarity, this for the opportunities that we had and at minute 91 they scored a goal and we went out empty handed. In Vigo it happened the same. This is going to be redistributed throughout the competition. We can only seize this positive inertia.”

Finally, Víctor admitted that his team didn’t match the same level of the previous game, “Truly we didn’t have the same game, but at least showed the strength, sacrifice and constant effort to contain the avalanche of the rival. Yes, we didn’t have the same volume of game shown against Valencia, but all the games are different. So, I insist this point means a lot to us.”

Fabricio was the hero in the game with his saves; he commented that, “Truly the team suffered more of what was expected; it was a suffered point and in the first half we were too thick and had problems in the output of the ball. They also out an intense pressure and have very good players. It was a suffered and deserved point.”

“We are happy with the point and continue working and improving. Espanyol made things difficult to us. They were winning the secondary plays and it influences at the moment of having the ball. Now we must try to follow the same lane” The Canarian keeper added.

Juanfran Moreno surprised everybody when he told to Radio Cadena Ser that Lucas Pérez is a very important player to Deportivo, “Lucas is important to us, it can be said that there's a Depor with Lucas and a very different Depor without Lucas.”

About the game, the Madrilenian player commented that, “Evidently our game was bad compared to the one made on last week. We were too thick with the ball, but were serious at defense. A clean sheet means to add and we are content as this point tastes great to us. I prefer to pick points playing badly than losing the game having a great performance.”

Lucas Pérez only lasted eighteen minutes on the pitch after picking a knee injury; he commented his sensations after the game, “I felt the strong hit and talked to the doctors. I told the doctor that I was feeling a lot of pain and he asked me to try. I tried ad couldn't walk, so I asked for the substitution. “

The A Coruña-born player was feeling sorry for facing so many injuries in this start of season, “I never faced injuries before and don't know what's happening now. I hope the doctors will be right and that I could be available on Friday. The feelings are bad after what I lived within these two months. Right now I'm feeling bad. We will see the things in A Coruña.”

Haris Medunjanin admitted that Deportivo needed some good luck and the saves of Fabricio to pick up the point, “I believe we suffered a lot today and truly it isn't possible to always repeat the same performance saw against Valencia. But we rescued a point thanks to the great performance of our keeper. These things happen in a game and I believe we must defend well. With some good luck we picked a point.”

Luisinho was a starter again and he commented that, “It was a difficult game. We knew it was going to be tough as Espanyol play good at football, so for this reason the point is great for us. A point is a point. Espanyol were putting a lot of pressure and we suffered a lot. Our offensive effort wasn't good, and the point is good. Now to think of Getafe. The goal was the clean sheet and we achieved it.”

Pablo Insua was saying that they are satisfied with the point, “We practically didn’t have opportunities, later we were fine at defense and Fabricio made very good interventions. In the end we added a point that tastes like gold. On next week we have a great chance to add the three points and increase the value of this point.”

The centre-back also admitted his responsibility in the action that almost cost the goal to Depor, “It was my fault. I didn’t have the needed information and truly it was my fault. The rival was on the ground and I was afraid of scoring an own goal, so I decided to secure the ball with the keeper.”

At RCD Espanyol, Sergio was feeling powerless for not adding the three points, “My team did the possible and the impossible to add the three points. Their goalkeeper is partially responsible for this, but we created a lot of opportunities and it was more for us for not been able to seize the chances.”

“I’m glad and sad at the same time. The team gave everything and our people should have enjoyed it. The players can go out with the head high, because there’s a communion when we play at home. The whole team gave everything in order to not notice the absence of Sergio García.” He added.

Ex-Depor Colotto was feeling sorry for missing the victory, “We couldn’t win the game, either for Fabricio or for our lack of effectiveness. Depor changed compared to the game against Valencia. They played fine then and today added a new point. Like it or not they have changed the negative dynamic and let’s hope they could continue pushing up. We have made our work today, having a protagonic role and creating chances, but were unable to seize them. We were clearly superior.”



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