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30 Oct 2014
Depor’s captain will continue playing with the first team until the end of the season, but now the Canarian has a different role as he’s more involved in the decisions made by Víctor Fernández.

Last weekend Sportpaper AS presented a report in which it was affirmed that the club had asked Manuel Pablo to retire now and become a coach assistant. According to the paper Depor’s captain would be the second coach behind Víctor Fernández.

On Tuesday, the Canarian man addressed the media and admitted that he has been asked to be more involved with the coach, but at the same time denied that he was going to retire now. So, his new role is to be a player and a consulting resource on the pitch for the coach.

“It was a thing that was proposed thinking more of the future. I will keep playing until the end of season, what’s true is that, maybe, I will be closer to the coach. Before, when the coach was talking with the players that were normally performing, I was a little farther. I wasn’t involved, now I should be closer to the coach.  Now I have more communication with the coach and I feel comfortable.” Manuel Pablo explained.

“Before I wasn’t approaching to the coach to tell him: why don’t we try this? It was something I would have never tried. But now they told me to not be afraid. I always respected the work of the coaches and only gave my opinion when they asked. Now we are more in contact trying to search for solutions.” He added.

The right-back explained that he is still hoping to play on this season, “I don’t know who had the idea. They told me the idea and that I shouldn’t be afraid of making a step forward. I still have to end the coaching course before been an assistant. I will remain as a player until June 30; later we will see. I still training same, trying to convince the coach to allow me to play. “

The 38-year-old player is currently living his 17th season at Deportivo. The Canarian man was only 22 when he joined Deportivo in the summer of 1998. He was signed together with Argentinean striker ‘Turu’ Flores but more or less was considered a ‘bonus’ in this package deal. The defender, together with Diego Seoane and Diogo Salomão, are the only three men at Deportivo that haven’t played yet on this season.




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