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03 Nov 2014
Second straight victory for a Deportivo B that is back into the fight for the first places. Big game by Miguel Cardoso with a goal and an assist. Coach Mosquera repeated the lineup for the first time on the season.

First derby in A Coruña after 54 years. Coach Manu Mosquera was recovering Korean winger Kim Woo Hong- He decided to repeat the lineup of the past game, something that was occurring for the first time on the season.  Samuel Piette, Álvaro Queijeiro and Álex Pérez were the players out for injury reasons. Juvenil A attacker Pancho Cotos was a starter for the third straight opportunity.

The draw was a 4-2-3-1. David Gómez was the keeper, Adrián Martínez was performing on the right-back position, Jorge Fernández played on the left, the centre-backs were Iago López and Róber Suárez. Santi Taboada and Ángel Fernández were the centre midfielders, Juan López was the right winger, Pancho Cotos was the playmaker, Miguel Cardoso attacked from the left side and Dani Iglesias was the centre forward.

Recently promoted club SD Silva had a strong start in their returning campaign to Tercera. They won three of the first six games, but later only picked one of the last fifteen points in dispute, reason why they are approaching to the drop zone. Coach Javier Bardanca had the casualties of Marcos Suárez, Michi Castro and César. Ex-Depor Sergio Cardelle and Gabi Peneleas were starters in the game.

Coach Manu Mosquera said after the game that people shouldn’t think that this was an easy meeting for his players, the true is that Fabril left the impression that it wasn’t a complicate game. And it’s that Depor’s lads dominated the actions the major part of the time, led by a great Cardoso. Perhaps the only problem is that they lasted until the end of the first time in scoring the first goal, after that things were under control. Silva only created problems at the end of the game, though their late goal was quickly cancelled by Cañi. They also faced injury problems as the three changes were caused for physical problems.

Deportivo B had a strong start with two clear opportunities within the first five minutes, in the first Dani Iglesias had a one-on-one action before local goalie Manu Leis, but he couldn’t resolve the play (2’). Three minutes later Pancho Cotos hit the crossbar after heading a cross from Jorge.

Things became calmer in the following 35 minutes, both teams had problems to create scoring opportunities. The game at midfield prevailed and it was the moment of Ángel Fernández. The centre midfielder was one of the best players in the game and was constantly stealing the ball from the rivals.

Dani Iglesias continued to be a threat for the locals, though the opportunities to score were scarce. The excitement returned for the final five minutes in the first part. Silva had their best chance in this frame of the game with a solo-play of Gabi Penelas and in the stoppage time Fabril scored the first goal.

It was a collective play started at the edge of the area that ended with Juan López assisting Santi Taboada, who scored the goal with a drilling shot from close range. It’s the first goal for the centre midfielder with the shirt of Deportivo. At this moment in the game the locals were suffering the first casualty for injury reasons as defender Jorge Rebollo had to leave the game.

If the first half was for Ángel, the second was for Cardoso. The Portuguese winger showed his class and participated in the two goals scored in this frame of the meeting. Silva continued to suffer injuries and another centre-back, Miguel Sánchez, had to be replaced. Centre midfielder Diego Uzal ended performing at the centre of the defense.

Silva were still trying to digest the situation when they allowed the second goal, it was a volley by Cardoso shooting from the edge of the area. The 20-year-old player is the top-scorer at the team as this was his fifth goal in the tournament.

Fabril were living a comfortable scenario and didn’t suffer until the final minutes, Mosquera even made an offensive change introducing Marcos Remeseiro for Taboada, move that delayed the positon of Juan López.

There was a slight hope for Silva as the locals had some opportunities within the last ten minutes. Gabi Penelas was close to score heading a corner that was saved at the goal line (83’). Then, five minutes before the end, substitute Xoel González collected a cross from the right and scored from close range.

But the reaction ended there, first Kim and Cañi entered into the game and the latter was going to score the last goal only one minute later. The big actor in the play was Cardoso, who eluded three rivals to assist the winger and he scored with a crossing attempt.

Cañi has scored two goals within the last two games, and both coming out from the bench. Fabril had a chance to score the fourth goal, again with Cañi, but this time the shot from inside the area hit the woodwork (88’).

Nice presentation for Fabril with three goals scored and two opportunities in which they hit the posts. For the first time on the season Depor B have clinched back-to-back wins, reason why they are back into the fight for the first places (four points below the promotion zone). Big game by Miguel Cardoso with a goal scored plus an assist. On next Sunday the team returns to Abegondo in order to face relegation-troubled Cultural Areas (17h00 CET).

Comments by Manu Mosquera: “It seemed easy, but we knew it was going to be hard to play on here. The important thing is that we were aggressive within the first minutes, something we have improved. It’s important to get a second straight win and the team needed this. We said before that the team was improving and it is like that. The feelings was that we needed to improve the fact of scoring goals, it was a pity to allow that goal and we must improve this. We are satisfied and content, but it wasn’t easy. If we will end among the first four places at the end of the season it is something we should demonstrate on the field.”

Silva: (4-2-3-1) Manu - Cardelle, Rebollo (Migueliño 36’), Miguel (Xoel 58’), Carlos Rey - Kata (Naya 61’), Gabi - Uzal, Movilla, Marcos Gómez - Matías.
Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) David Gómez – Adrián, Iago López, Róber, Jorge – Ángel, Taboada (Remeseiro 78’) – Juan López, Pancho Cotos (Cañi 86’), Cardoso - Dani Iglesias (Kim 86’)
Goals: 0-1: (45+1’) Taboada, 0-2: (59’) Cardoso, 1-2: (85’) Xoel, 1-3: (86’) Cañi
Referee: Adrián García Rodríguez. He showed yellow card to Uzal, Movilla & Juan López.
Venue: Meicende (300)




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